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Below you will find a detailed description of the special effect of each Planet card. Remember that each turn, only the Leader uses the special effect of the Planet card they played.

  • Once during the turn, the Leader can change the value of any die just before it reaches the Cataclysm icon.

    Although this card is revealed during step 2, the leader applies the effect right before any Cataclysm phase.

    If the Leader doesn't use this bonus effect before the end of the turn, the effect is lost. …


The Active Player draws X hexagons from the Hex Deck. They show them to all the players and choose one that they can place on the map following the exploration rules:

  • The hexagon must touch either the Landing Zone or at least 2 other hexagons.

  • The newly placed hexagon must match the landscapes of all other hexagons it is adjacent to (ex: mountain must connect to mountain, desert to desert, and so on).

  • The Active Player must be able to reach the newly placed hexagon with one of their units. A Scientist can only move to the new hexagon from an adjacent one.

    A Motorized Scientist can move up to X hexagons to reach the newly placed one. Only one unit must be moved onto the new hexagon. If no unit can reach the new hexagon legally, then this new hexagon cannot be placed. A wounded Scientist cannot explore. …


  • 1 Building board
  • 4 Landscape boards
  • 4 Production boards
  • Glass wheel Brick wheel
  • 4 sets of 15 Specialist cards
  • 40 Good tokens
  • 51 small Landscape tiles
  • 24 large Forest tiles
  • 93 Building tiles
  • 1 sheet with stickers for the Good tokens
  • 1 Start player goblet
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In Glass Road, you will produce glass over four building periods. Aside from glass, you will need to produce bricks and collect wood and clay to build buildings.

Only the value of your buildings will determine your final score and whether you will win the game or not. To accomplish this task, you will need the help of a variety of specialists. When choosing your specialists, try to anticipate which ones your opponents will choose to use your own more effectively. …


  • 16 Fountain Cards
  • 16 Tree Cards
  • 32 Animal Cards
  • 32 Elemental Cards
  • 32 Support Cards
  • 16 Blazing Elemental Cards
  • 12 Edge Cards
  • 32 Expansion Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Sylvion is a solo/cooperative game for one or two players in which you must first prevent the Ravage cards from inflicting too much damage, for if the forest's vitality falls below 0, you immediately lose the game.

Then, once all Ravage cards have been played (at the end of the Final Assault), you must ensure that the vitality of the forest must be at its maximum. …


  • 74 plastic miniatures
  • 1 Book of Skelos
  • 148 tokens
  • 2 double-sided game boards
  • 45 tiles
  • 55 cards
  • 9 dice
  • 4 hero sheets
  • 75 plastic gems
  • 25 plastic bases
  • 4 game aids sheets
  • 1 track sheet
  • 1 heroes rulebook
  • 1 Overlord rulebook


Conan is a miniatures board game for 2 to 5 players in which you join the famous barbarian in his adventures and relive his most glorious battles through an asymmetric and open gameplay system.

Each game pits two sides against each other: one player takes on the role of the "Overlord" and controls evil hordes to carry out his vile plans, while the other players embody different unique heroes who cooperate to achieve their goals. …

Attack Skills

  • Reach: A character with this skill still needs to have line of sight to attack an adjacent area.

  • Ambidextrous: This skill can be used only to perform Melee Attacks and cannot be used to perform a Guard action.

  • Constriction: A character with Evasive ignores Constriction's Blocking effect, but not the damage from the attack.

  • Precision Strike: When a character with this skill performs a Melee Attack, they automatically reduce the defender's defense power by 1.

  • Attack from Beyond: When using this skill, a character ignores penalties from unarmed attacks (see page 9) and cannot benefit from Melee Attack bonuses from weapons. …

Models x74 (Barbarian) / x106 (King*)

Each hero has a light gray plastic model used to represent them on the game board.

The Overlord's units are represented by dark gray models.

Double-sided Board x2

Each game board is double-sided and represents a battlefield for the heroes and the Overlord. Each board is divided into areas in which the models operate. Each scenario indicates which game board to use.

Rulebooks x2

Turn Track x1 …

Setup Differences for Two Players

Each player chooses a color and takes the toppings, die, and cutter/skewer of that color. The pieces for the unselected color are set on the table in easy reach (they will be used).

Randomly choose a starting player. The first player will alternate between the two players each round.

The first player is signified by placing the unselected color's die in front of him/her (ignore the 1st, 2nd, 3rd on the board). Set up the board as normal with all three colors. …

On a fateful night, Loki the Trickster stole Odin's Crown. The wrath of Odin the

Allfather was so great, he summoned his son, Thor the Thunder God, to retrieve this precious possession. In so doing, he also bestowed upon Thor his prized ring of power and authority, Draupnir.

Loki had hoped for the opportunity to also steal Odin's Ring and has now gathered an army to do so. But Thor too has rallied an army of his own and the help from many Nordic gods. …

Several years ago, scientists discovered a way to clone dinosaurs from viable DNA preserved within the fossil record.

After a few mishaps along the way, the process has stabilized. Today, It's the museums that have gone practically extinct, as shrewd Investors have turned those Initial dinosaur sanctuaries into bustling theme parks, true meccas for dino fans the world over.

In Dinosaur Island, each player takes on the role of a park manager at one of these premier destinations. You've been handed the reins to a burgeoning operation - bring the fantastic creatures of the Jurassic, Triassic, and Cretaceous periods forward Into the modern-day. …