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Rating: 6.1 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Official Site: Exploding Kittens Official Site

Created by: Matthew Inman, Elan Lee, Shane Small, Matthew Inman

Published by: (Self-Published)


Exploding Kittens is a card game like Russian Roulette. You'll have a deck of cards containing some Exploding Kittens. You play the game by putting the deck face down and taking turns drawing cards off the top.

The deck contains different cards that let you avoid exploding by checking at cards before you draw (see the future) , forcing your opponent to draw multiple cards (attack), or shuffling the deck, etc..

The game goes on and becomes more intense because fewer cards left means a greater chance of drawing the Exploding Kitten. When you explode, you lose. When you don't explode, you win and all of the other cards.

Retail Price:$22
Imploding Kittens
Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Nominee 2015

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Game Components

  • Deck of cards
  • Rules Booklet


Remove all the Exploding Kittens 4 and Defuse cards 6 from the deck.

Shuffle the remaining deck and deal 4 cards face down to each player.

Deal 1 Defuse card to each player so that everyone has a hand of 5 cards total. Keep your hand secret.

Insert enough Exploding Kittens back into the deck so that there is 1 fewer than the number of people playing. Remove any extra Exploding Kittens from the game.

Insert the extra Defuse cards back in the deck. …

Combos are any group of cards played at the same time. When you play combos, ignore the instructions on the cards and do the following instead:

Two of a kind

Playing Pairs (where you get to steal a random card from another player) no longer only applies to cards with no instructions on them, it now applies to any cards in the deck with the same icon in their corners.

Three of a kind

Exactly the same as Two of a Kind, but you get to name the card you want from the other player. If they have it, you get to take it. If not, you get nothing. …


  • 56 cards
  • box
  • instructions.


  1. Remove the Imploding Kitten 1 from the expansion deck, and all of the Exploding Kittens 4 and Defuse Cards 6 from your main game deck.

  2. Combine the 19 remaining expansion cards with the rest of the cards from the main game deck.

    Note: You don't have to play with all of the expansion cards. You can selectively insert your favorite expansion cards into any Exploding Kittens deck. …


  • 15 cards
  • Instructions


  1. Remove the Exploding Kittens (4) and Defuse Cards (6) from your Exploding Kittens deck as normal.

  2. Remove the Exploding Kitten (1) from the Streaking Kittens expansion deck.

  3. Combine the 14 remaining Streaking Kittens expansion cards with the rest of the cards from the main deck and shuffle the deck.

  4. Deal 7 cards face down to each player.

  5. Deal 1 Defuse Card to each player for a total hand of 8 cards per player. Keep your hand secret.

  6. Insert enough Exploding Kittens back into the deck so that the total number of Kittens is equal to the number of players - this is 1 more Exploding Kitten than normal because the Streaking Kitten Card allows a player to hold an Exploding Kitten in their hand without exploding! …

Hey, you Bought an Expansion Deck!

That means you'll need at least one core edition of Exploding Kittens (Original Edition, NSFW Edition, Party Pack, etc). to play with these cards (but you knew that).


  • 20 cards
  • Tower of Power Crown
  • Instructions

Playing With Other Expansions

Each Exploding Kittens expansion has specific setup instructions. If you're playing with multiple expansions, make sure all setup instructions are being followed.


  1. Remove all of the Exploding Kittens (4) and all of the Defuse Cards (6) from the deck. Also remove the Tower of Power Card (1) from the Barking Kittens expansion deck. …

This is how to play exploding kittens over video chat.

Each player will need:

  • Any Version Of Exploding Kittens
  • A Basic Understanding Of The Rules
  • Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Etc.

Object of the Game

Just like Exploding Kittens, your goal is to avoid being exploded by an Exploding Kitten.


Connect to your friends, and each player should take the following cards from a deck of Exploding Kittens:

  1. Remove the Exploding Kitten and 1 Defuse Card and set them aside.

  2. Shuffle the rest of the cards. …


  1. To start, remove all the Exploding Kittens 9 from the deck and set them aside.

  2. Now, look through the remaining deck and based on the number of players, use the following cards:

    2-3 players: Use only the cards WITH a paw print in the corner (44).

    4-7 players: Use only the cards WITHOUT a paw print in the corner (69). …

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