Place tiles on the board to create a line connecting your player markers.

The more tiles the line passes through, and the higher those tiles are stacked, the more points you will score!


  • First Player Marker
  • 15 Player Markers
  • 15 Level Markers
  • 42 Tiles
  • Game Board
  • Score Board
  • Instructions


  • Place the game board and the score board in the center of the table.

  • Shuffle the tiles, keeping them face down, and divide them into three stacks of fourteen tiles. Place these next to the game board. Draw the top tile from each stack and place it face up next to the stack. …


  • 1 gameboard
  • 1 Dagger of Power
  • 2 two-sided boards
  • 5 Cultist pawn
  • 5 Offspring pawn
  • 5 Cult Power marker
  • 5 Command Clock
  • 4 tokens for each type of Component
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Each player is the head of a cult dedicated to the Grand Octopus. Each group of cultists must scour the university in search of the four components necessary to complete the ritual that will allow Him to return to Earth.

The first to succeed will invoke the Grand Octopus and thus have His favor. …

Warage is a turn based strategy card game with gameplay similar to a traditional role-playing game. Each player plays a hero characterized by race and class traits, which will grant the hero specific bonuses, abilities, and skills.

In the 1st Edition, you will find:

  • 4 races: Humans, Elves, Orcs, Angels
  • 3 classes: Warrior, Paladin, Mage

Warage is based on the clash of two or more heroes: a hero is created by choosing 1 race and 1 class card and can be equipped with weapons, armors, helms, spells and other items and abilites using the cards available in your hero deck. …

The fresh country air, romantic sunsets, a picnic on a meadow - many people are fascinated by life in the country. A feeling of home is in the air. However, there is more to the life of a farmer than just the genial country life - it also requires many hours of hard work to bring in a rich harvest.

In Eine Frage der Ahre, players take on the roles of these settlers, developing their land and building farms. Each cultivated field yields victory points; however, each round players may decide to forego these points and save up for their farms instead, which also provide victory points. …

As everybody knows, dwarves have beards and their king has the longest! So the King of Dwarves is a bearded guy who is even more bearded than the others ...


  • 39 basic cards
  • 14 special cards
  • 20 Quest tiles

Object of the Game

The player with the highest total score after seven hands wins the game.

A different scoring rule is chosen for each hand. The quest determines how many points are scored during the present hand.

Briefly put, the goal is to take tricks (each card or trick taken wins you points) OR to avoid taking tricks (each card or trick taken would then make you lose points). …

It's springtime! Time to restore your farm to its former glory! Lucky for you there's a regional farming competition going on! The trophy for this year's most beautiful farm will be given to the farmer who has the most Animals and Cornfields!

Will you win the competition?


  • 4 Farm cards
  • 15 Animal tokens
  • 6 Wolf cards
  • 12 Animal cards
  • 32 Pen cards, including 4 Starting cards
  • 1 Farmyard
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Expand your Farm, cultivate your Cornfields, and adopt as many

Animals as possible to win the competition! But keep watch for the Wolf who might chase away your Animals. Careful, your own Animals might wreak havoc on your Cornfields …


  • 1 Game Board
  • 109 Game Tiles
  • 30 Gems - 5 of each color
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect six different colored gems.


Assemble the game board and place it in the center of the playing area. Place the gems on each of their color-matching spaces on the board.

Do NOT place any gems on the solid circles around the board's perimeter.

Lay the tiles face down near the board, within reach of all players. Players take six tiles. Stand the tiles on edge facing you, so other players can't see your colors. …


  • 16 guard figures,
  • 1 Alexander figure
  • 1 game board,
  • 4 scoring discs
  • 55 cards
  • 65 Black Boundary Walls
  • 10 Red Boundary Walls
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Alexander moves with army his back and forth across the Persian Empire, conquering the land as he passes.

To bring peace to these newly conquered lands and to reward his generals, he gives them control of the new lands. The generals establish administration over the lands and levy taxes on the people living there.

Naturally, each general tries to acquire the most productive lands for himself. With more productive lands, the general can levy higher taxes, show his worth to Alexander, and win the game! …

Far, far away beyond the farthest mountains, there exists a rich and bountiful land yet to be explored. This region overflowing with riches is the ideal place to begin building a beautiful city.

To do so, you will need to gather resources to begin your first building, then add another, and another; until a magnificent city is brought forth! Do you have what it takes to be an ambitious and talented architect?


  • 1 game board
  • 29 Building tiles
  • 15 Objective cards
  • 20 Worker tokens
  • 60 Resource cubes
  • 1 First Player token
  • 1 Round token
  • 28 House tokens
  • 4 Victory Point pawns
  • 24 Coin tokens
  • 4 "60"tokens
  • 1 Gameplay aid
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

During each turn, place a worker onto the board. Gather the nearby resources and activate the neighboring buildings, or build new buildings. …

In LEGENDARY FORESTS, players take on the role of Dryads, imaginary spirits of the forest.

Your goal is to grow a planet with the most beautiful forest. Create a planet more beautiful than your opponents' to win the victory.


  • 1 Construction token
  • 125 World tiles
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Grow your Planet through the use of World tiles. Each turn, all players will take the same tile and add it to their personal Planet. Certain tiles will also allow players to place majestic Tree tokens. …