Two Kahuna - ancient sorcerers of the Pacific - want to find out who is more powerful. To this end, they compete to bring as many of the twelve islands as possible under their control. Both players build bridges between the islands of the South Seas.

When a player has established a majority of the possible bridges to an island, as a sign of power, the player places a Kahuna token on the island.


  • 1 Game board depicting 12 islands interconnected by dotted lines
  • 50 Kahuna bridges (25 black and 25 white)
  • 20 Kahuna tokens (10 black and 10 white)
  • 24 Island cards (2 per island)

Object of the Game

Three scoring rounds are played. When scoring takes place, you receive points if you have claimed more islands with Kahuna tokens than your opponent. …

Each player oversees the building of his city-state. Temple, theater and oracle, a harbor with ships, vineyard with vintner, and many more must find space on the greek peninsula.

Players must move fast to get the best land for themselves while blocking their opponents from good building spots.

As building is expensive, players seek to save money by using the natural resources of the peninsula. Players also seek to organize their building in an order that allows building for free.


  • 22 game board tiles
  • 4 shrines
  • 5 amphore
  • 4 player storage boards
  • 120 building tiles
  • 60 landscape cards


Before the first game, carefully remove the game board tiles, building tiles, and shrines from their frames. Put together the 4 shrines from their 2 parts (see above). …


The following material is used for the basic game:

  • 1 game board with the round circuit of Monaco
  • 6 dice symbolizing the 6 car gears
  • 1 black die to determine car damage or other unpredictable events
  • 1 instruction book containing the basic rules
  • 10 Formula 1 cars in 5 colors symbolizing 5 different racing teams
  • 10 dashboards
  • 10 "gear stick" pieces
  • 10 markers for car wear points (WP)

Object of the Game

Formula D is a car race. The aim is to win a race (of one lap) and be the first to cross the finishing line. There are all sorts of risks involved and you have to anticipate what will happen during the course of the race. …

Welcome to Paperback! You are a group of novelists trying to complete paperback novels for Fame! The player with the most Fame at the end of the game wins.


  • 17 wood Cubes
  • 11 Dividers
  • 66 Letter Cards
  • 8 2c Vowels
  • 20 Two-Letter Cards
  • 11 Attack Cards
  • 50 Starting Deck Cards
  • 28 Fame cards(Wild)
  • 6 Common Cards
  • 5 Player Powers
  • 6 Theme Cards
  • 4 Award Cards


Give each player their starting cards for their deck - These are the 1c K T,R,S,L and N cards and five of the 2c Fame cards. …

Welcome to the world of the entrepreneurs. In Factory Manager, each player has a factory and tries to earn as much money as he can during the game. Thus, at the end the player with most money wins.

To do so, a player must plan carefully, effectively use his workers and acquire the best machines and robots, and operate his factory efficiently. A player must also keep track of his factory's energy consumption and watch the ever-rising cost of energy, so that running his factory does not cost too much.. …

Some spaces on the Racetrack feature Challenges. These spaces provide various Race Effects if a certain requirement is fulfilled. Some Challenges are represented on the Challenge tiles, which can be placed on the board during setup. The following rules apply to Challenges, unless stated otherwise by a specific Challenge:

  • If a Challenge requires that you discard something, but you don't have the necessary resources, you cannot generate the associated Race Effect(s).

  • When moving your Inventor Pawn multiple spaces, you cannot pause at Challenge spaces to execute them along the way. Exceptions to this rule include Glaciers and Crowds, which are automatically activated immediately when your Inventor Pawn enters that space. …


  • 75 Influence Cards
  • 2 General Action Cards
  • 25 Role Action Cards
  • 8 Role Tokens
  • 50 Coins
  • Rulebook
  • 25 Role Dividers
  • 2 Dividers


  • Take the 2 General Action cards and place them in the center of the table.

  • Separate Role Action Cards into 4 piles by type. Choose 5 Role Action cards to play with by randomly taking 1 from each of the Finance, Communications and Force piles and 2 from the Special Interests pile.

    These are the only roles that will be in play for the game. Only include advanced roles if all players are experienced at the game. For your first game we suggest using: Banker, Politician, Guerrilla, Director and Peacekeeper. …


  • 9 Position Cards
  • 71 double-side Image Cards


  • With 3 players: 30 Image cards are removed. The other cards make up the draw pile.
  • With 4 players: 20 Image cards are removed. The other cards make up the draw pile.
  • With 5 players: 10 Image cards are removed. The other cards make up the draw pile.
  • With 6 players: all of the Image cards make up the draw pile.

Shuffle the image cards making up the draw pile.

Place 9 of them on the table, making a 3x3 square as shown on the example to the right. The youngest player starts. …

Who will best furnish the palace windows with stunning panes of stained glass?


  • 9 Factory displays
  • 4 palace boards (1 of each player color)
  • 32 pattern strips (8 of each player color)
  • 4 glaziers (1 of each player color)
  • 8 markers (2 of each player color)
  • 100 pane pieces (20 of each of the 5 colors)
  • 1 scoring board
  • 1 starting player tile
  • 1 bag, 1 glass tower


The icon on top is not a space, but shows the color pattern on the opposite side of the strip.

  1. Place the Factory displays A with the orange-framed side up in a circle around the center of the table: …


To set up a game of Century, follow these steps in order:

  1. Shuffle the Point cards (Golem back) to form a deck A, then draw 5 cards and place them face up in a row to the left of that deck B.

  2. Place a pile of copper tokens equal to the number of players x2 above the first (leftmost) Point card C.

    Then place a pile of silver tokens equal to the number of players x2 above the second Point card D. …