Once per turn, the Electrician may add (or remove) a wire token to a component on her tile for free. She also starts the game with the most health of all the adventurers.


Hie Surveyor starts with 2 tiles at die beginning of the game and can hold 4 in hand. He can also give tiles to other players on his tile or an adjacent tile for free at any time.


The Knotsmith may spend actions to repair the rope belonging to a player on his tile or an adjacent tile by 1 point of wear per action. …

This section explains each ability and its effect in detail.

Elder (1)

The Elder takes the "Quill" ability card from the supply and places it faceup next to his character card. The Elder is no longer the leader of his clan. The new leader of his clan is the character with the highest number.

Assassin (2)

The Assassin forces any player to suffer two wounds. Then, the Assassin gives the dagger to that player.

Harlequin (3)

The Harlequin chooses any two players. Then, he secretly looks at each of their character cards and returns them facedown to their respective owners, being careful not to let anyone else see them. …


  • 1 Playing Board.
  • 34 Maze Tiles (12 of them printed on both sides)
  • 24 Treasure Cards.
  • 4 Playing Pieces
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Search the Labyrinth for your magical objects and characters by carefully moving through the constantly moving maze.

The first player to find all of their objects and characters and then return to the starting square is the winner.


Before playing for the first time, carfefully move the maze and the character/object cards from the stamped board. Shuffle the maze cards well and then place them face upon the board to create a random maze. …


  • 16 tiles
  • 8 dice


Lay out all tiles side-by-side in ascending order.

Game Play

  1. Roll all available dice.

  2. Keep all the dice of one value.
    • You cannot select a value of dice that you have already set aside.
    • If you cannot take a set of dice, you have failed to take a tile and you must stop.

  3. Stop or roll again.

    If you choose to stop, you add up the value of all your dice (worms have a value of 5).

    1. If it equals or exceeds the value of one of the tiles in the center AND one of your dice contains a worm, you may take that tile. …

ZINGO ! is a fun and interactive matching game that brings fast-paced excitement and learning to the classic game of Bingo!

Players eagerly await their chance to slide the ZINGO !

Zinger and reveal new tiles. The first player to cover all the spaces on his/her ZINGO! card is the winner!

ZINGO! tiles and cards feature both images and words, making this game great for pre-readers and early readers alike.


  • 72 double-sided ZINGO! Tiles
  • 6 Two-Sided ZINGO! Cards

Parent's Guide

ZINGO! provides a rich opportunity for hands-on learning. With its zany Zinger and fast-paced matching, ZINGO! helps young children build image/word association, vocabulary, and matching skills through an engaging and fun play experience. …


  • Game board
  • 48 Asset cards
  • 95 Trade tokens
  • 26 Large scoring chips
  • 5 Player boards
  • 45 Building tiles
  • 150 Population markers (wooden discs)
  • 20 Status track markers (wooden cubes)
  • 1 First player marker (wooden crown)
Game Board

The main playing area is divided into seven regions which are distinguishable by their color and by the map borders that separate them; Europe & the Mediterranean, the Far East, India, North America, the Caribbean, South America, and Africa.

Each region has cities with connections to other cities, a Shipping Track, and a place for a stack of cards. …

This delightful game is simple and easy to play, even for children who can't read. Fun pictures help kids understand the rewards of doing good deeds as they climb up the ladders and the consequences of naughty ones as they slide down the chutes.


  • Gameboard
  • Spinner with plastic arrow
  • 4 Pawns with plastic stands

Object of the Game

Be the first player to reach "Winner" square #100.

The first time you play

  1. Punch out the 4 pawns from the cardboard sheet. Put each pawn into a plastic stand. …


  • 1game board
  • 85 tracks
  • 35 city cards in 5 colors
  • 6start markers to mark the track networks
  • 6 locomotives as scoring markers
  • 1 starting player card 1game rules


  • Place the game board in the middle of the table.

  • Place 1 track as a barrier on the red double-line 1 on the scoring track. The barrier marks the game end.

  • Place the remaining 84 tracks next to the board as a supply for all.

  • Each player chooses a color, places the start marker in that color on the table before him, and places the locomotive in that color as a scoring marker on the engine house. …

Now Boarding is a cooperative, simultaneous-play game for 2-5 players. You and your fellow pilots must coordinate your efforts to pick up and deliver passengers, improve your airplanes and access new flight paths.

But make sure your passengers are satisfied! If you can deliver all of your passengers before you receive 3 complaints, all players win. If you get too many complaints, you'll be out of business.

Air travel has always been an exciting endeavor, traveling across the continent in style at 30,000 feet. To do that, you'll have to understand the pieces of your growing aviation empire: …


  • 1 plastic game unit with POP-O-MATIC
  • die roller
  • gameboard
  • 16 plastic playing pegs
  • 4 rubber gameboard feet.

Object of the Game

Be the first player to move all four of your colored pegs around the game board and into your FINISH line. During the game, try to send your opponents' pegs back to HOME.


  1. Each player selects 4 pegs of one color and places them in the matching color HOME. If only two people are playing, each can play with two sets of pegs if desired. …