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Challenging a Player's Word

When you spell a word, any or all of the other players can challenge the word. You can then agree that the word is not valid, in which case there is no further penalty and you can try one more time to spell a word.

If you insist that the word is valid and accept the challenge, consult the dictionary chosen during setup.

Plurals and conjugations are valid, as are words that would normally be spelled with an accent (such as saute).

Acronyms (words normally spelled with all capital letters, like NORAD) and proper nouns (names of people and places, like Marvin and Scotland) are not valid. Words that require an apostrophe (such as don't) are also not valid.

The player(s) who won the challenge should make a mark in the Bonus Points section of their score sheets - each mark is worth a point at the end of the game. The losing player(s) each gain a Penalty card.

If the word was found invalid, you can try again to spell a word. You may play new cards from hand (but do not resolve Action effects). This second attempt can also be challenged - if determined to be found invalid, you do not get a third chance.

If you do not spell a valid word on your turn, you must still buy a 0-cost card.

Note: if you gain a Penalty card in a challenge over a 'last word', you may not use that card in your own 'last word'.

Returning Cards

Six cards (B, C, R, F, X and Y) allow you to 'return' cards when resolved. If you return a core card (AT, ES, IOU or ?), place it face-up on the matching stack. If you return a pool card, place it face- up in the pool returns pile.

If you return a Special Penalty, remove it from the game.

Running out of Penalty Cards

The Attack cards (M, V and Z) or a lost challenge cause players to gain Penalty cards. In clockwise order from the active player, each affected player gains a Penalty, placing it in their discard pile. If the Penalty stack runs out, players no longer gain Penalties.

First Turn Words

On your first turn, you are guaranteed to be able to spell a word using all of your cards - OUTSET.

A Longer or Shorter Game

For a quick game, play until any player has banked five words rather than seven, then score the best three.

We especially recommend this when playing with five players (though you can also support larger numbers of players by combining two sets of Dexikon). For a longer game, play to eight words and score the best six.

You can also play to eight and score the best five - this encourages a longer game by giving an advantage to players who wait longer before beginning to bank words.

You can download score sheets with space for eight words from

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