• 1 board map of New York transportation network
  • 60 plastic Taxis (15 in each color)
  • A few spare plastic Taxis in each color
  • 44 Transportation cards
  • 18 Destination Ticket cards
  • 1 scorepad
  • 1 pencil
  • Instructions

Object of the Came

At the end of the game, the player who scored the most points wins. You score points by:

  • Claiming a Route between two adjacent Locations on the board;

  • Successfully completing a Continuous Path of Routes between the two Locations listed on your Destination Ticket(s); …

Welcome to Ticket to Ride United Kingdom - a Ticket to Ride expansion that makes you relive the early days of the railroad adventure. It all began in England, back in the 19th century...

These describes the game play changes specific to the United Kingdom Map and assumes that you are familiar with the rules first introduced in the original Ticket to Ride. This expansion is designed for 2-4 players.

In 3 and 4 Player games, players can use both tracks of the double-routes. In 2 Player games, once one of the tracks of a double-route is taken, the other one is no longer available. …

You are a covert alien operative on a secret mission to find the Ovoid and control it when the universe collapses. Your most potent weapon is your ability to bluff, misdirect, and deceive.

Chaosmos is a hidden information strategy game where you explore planets and gather weapons and equipment to find the Ovoid and hide it from your opponents.


  • 10 Planet Hexes
  • 6 Wormhole Tiles
  • 4 Asteroid Fields
  • Chaos Clock and Cosmic Pool
  • Void
  • 10 Alien Sheets
  • 10 Alien Miniatures
  • Alien Screens
  • 76 Equipment Cards
  • 5 Tip Cards
  • 10 Planet Envelopes
  • Envelope Box
  • 4 Combat Dice
  • 18 Hypertokens
  • 4 Base Tokens
  • 80 Landing Flags
  • 16 Planet Effect Tokens
  • 10 Upgrade Tiles
  • 3 wormhole tokens
  • 48 chaos tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You win the game if you have the Ovoid card in your hand when the Chaos Clock reaches zero. …

Along time ago, in the Ruhr valley, a young shepherd made a campfire in a pit to warm h imself. His campfire seemed to burn much longer than usual. The next day, he discov- ered shiny black stones amidst the ashes, which were still glowing and burning.

The boy told the farmer who employed him about this and together, when the work in the fields was done, they dug in the Pinge for these black rocks. The deeper they dug, the more nasty pit water appeared, making the digging increasingly difficult. …

It is the summer solstice, and the techno-enchanters scour the sacred woods hunting for treasures. Each enchanter hopes to gather the treasures tied to their birth-sign, while trying to obstruct the efforts of the opposing sign.

The enchanter who can bring the most fame to his birth-sign will be awarded with victory by the Enchantress Queen!


  • 12 characters; front
  • 25 treasures
  • the Enchantress Queen
  • 52 vision cards
  • 18 enchantment cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Each player represents a "techno-enchanter incognito" tied to one of the five birth-signs of the fairies: Flambeaux, Lichtenborn, Angbat, Aquate and Terranova. …


  • Game board
  • category cards
  • game dice
  • dice cup
  • label sheet
  • brain
  • movers
  • folders
  • writing pads
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You and your teammate each write a list for the same category, hoping to make matches which advance your movers to "Brain Central" in the middle of the path.


Place the Like Minds label on the dice cup. Place the letter labels-A through F-in any order on one game die. Place the numbers-1 through 4-- in any order on the other die. Put the dice into the dice cup. …

Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less

-Madame Marie Curie.


  • 300 Fear Cards
  • 4 Scarecards
  • 4 Wipe-off Pens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first player to score - you guessed it -13 points. Players earn points by successfully ranking other players' fears.


Give each player a Scarecard and a wipe-off pen. Shuffle the cards and place them in a stack in the center of the table. …


  • 4 Pirate Playing Pieces
  • 4 Playing Piece Stands
  • 1 Number Die
  • 1 Direction Die
  • 16 Cannonballs
  • 12 Treasure Chests
  • 40 Pirate Cards
  • 1 Plastic Game Board
  • 4 Treasure Maps
  • 4 Wipe-off Markers
  • 1 Ship's Bow
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first pirate to collect three different-colored treasures (you cannot collect your own treasure).


  1. The game components are stored underneath the game board. Carefully pick up the plastic game board and cardboard platform to retrieve the game components.

  2. Place the cardboard platform inside the box base, then rest the plastic game board on top of the platform with the hatches facing up so that they can swing open in the direction of the bow. …


  • 6 Tokens
  • 24 Invention Cards
  • 16 Chance Cards
  • 16 Community Chest Cards
  • 12 Headquarters
  • 2 Dice
  • Money Pack

Object of the Game

Move around the board buying as many inventions as you can. The more you own, the more rent you'll be able to collect from other players.

The game ends when the last invention is purchased Then the player with the most money wins!

What's different about Ms. Monopoly?

  • Women make more money than men

    Who you are is up to you' But Ms. Monopoly is offering women a higher payout at the start of the game and more money when passing GO. …

Let's work together to rebuild our community!


  • Gameboard
  • 6 tokens
  • 16 Project cards
  • 40 Contribution chips
  • 44 Chance cards
  • 2 Dice
  • Label sheet
  • Money pack

Our Shared Goal

Socialism is about cooperation. As fellow citizens and community organizers, we pledge to:

  • move around the board and revitalize our town by contributing to one another's projects... unless we can steal projects to get ahead! …