You do not have to read through all the ingredient books. You only need to read the sets that are in the game, and only when new books are put onto the table.


Cost: An orange 1-chip costs 3 coins.

Bonus: None. A 1-chip in the pot has no particular function other than filling the pot by 1 space. It is the least expensive chip in the game.

Crow Skull

Set 1

Cost: A Blue 1-chip costs 5 coins, a 2-chip costs 10, and a 4-chip costs 19. …


  • 24 Ships in Four Colors
  • 1 Relic Ship
  • 20 Gray Ore Tokens
  • 30 Orange Fuel Tokens
  • 24 Alien Tech Cards
  • 32 Colony Tokens in Four Colors
  • 8 Territory Counters
  • 20 Dock Covers.
  • 3 Field Generator
  • 3 Field Generator
  • 4 Scoring Rockets
  • 1 Victory Point Scoreboard

Object of the Game

Gaining more influence over the Alien Frontier (measured in Victory Points) than your opponents by building colonies and controlling territories.


Unfold the game board and place it on the table where it is accessible to all players. Place the scoring track board in a convenient location and place a scoring rocket of each color on the 0 line. Assign one player to keep track of the victory points throughout the game. …

In this game, you take the roles of adventurous dwarfs living reclusively in caves where you dig for ore and rubies and furnish caverns to become living and working areas.

You need ore to craft weapons to undertake expeditions in search of adventure and loot. Rubies are a valuable and highly flexible good: you can trade them for other goods and landscape tiles at any time.

Outside your caves, you will look after your sustenance by felling trees, raising farm animals and doing some agriculture. …


Artificer: this discount applies only to artifacts, not Places of Power or Monuments.

Transmuter: some of the non-gold essences you take can be the same as those you turn in. If you have fewer than 2 essences in your pool, you may not use this power.


Athanor: this artifact has two powers. The first is used to build Elan on it (which may be taken during the Collect step if desired). The second requires turning in 6 Elan from this artifact to convert any number of some essence, all the same, into that number of Gold. …


  • Game Board
  • 8 Hero Character Cards
  • 8 Hero Miniatures
  • 4 General Character Cards
  • 4 General Miniatures
  • 100 Minions
  • War Status Board
  • Deck of Darkness Spreads Cards
  • Deck of Hero Cards
  • Deck of Quest Cards
  • 12 Tainted Crystals
  • 5 Magic Gate Tokens
  • 12 Dice - 3 per color
  • 7 Status Tokens
  • -42 Life Tokens

Object of the Game

Players win by defeating all 4 Generals.

Players lose if any of the following occurs:

  • Any of the 4 Generals move into Monarch City
  • If a Darkness Spreads Card identifies minions to be placed on the board and you do not have enough minions to meet the requirements of the card.
  • The last of the 12 Tainted Crystals is added to the board.
  • If 5 enemy minions are in Monarch City at any time.

The King's Champion: While the players win or lose as a group, there is also an overall winner that is hailed as the legendary King's Champion. …

Welcome to the Colossal Arena! Today, for your amusement, eight fierce creatures will battle each other in a five round tournament. You have come to the arena to wager your hard-earned gold on these gladiators in the hopes of winning a fortune.

Bet early and bet often to back your favorite creature, because wagers are worth less and less as the competitors are eliminated. In the end, only three creatures will survive...will they be the ones you backed?

In Colossal Arena, 2-5 players take on the role of fans at the colossal arena wagering on monstrous gladiators. The fan who leaves the arena with the most gold at the end of the tournament is the winner! …


  • Gameboard
  • 6 Plastic Car Pawns
  • Pink and Blue "People" Pegs
  • 3 Mountains
  • 1 Bridge
  • 7 Buildings
  • Label Sheet
  • Spinner Base, Ring and Dial
  • Stack of Play Money, Bank Loans and Pay Raises
  • 25 LIFE Tiles
  • 24 Spin to Win Tokens
  • Deck of 54 Cards
  • Banker's Tray
  • Spin to Win Strip
  • Story Sheet
  • 5 Special Coins

Object of the Game

Travel the path of LIFE making decisions, building a family, earning money (and paying some out too), buying homes and collecting LIFE tiles. Have the highest value at the end of the game and win. …


  • 4 boards printed on both sides
  • 1 plexiglas center-piece
  • 4 plexiglas, ricochet robots in different colors
  • 4 square tokens in the robots' colors
  • 17 round target chips
  • 1 sand clock (approximately 1 minute)
  • 1 rule sheet


Before playing for the first time, carefully detach the tokens and chips from their cardboard frame.

  • Join the four boards with either side up, holes toward the center (there are 96 different ways of doing this). Fix in place with the center-piece. Place the sand clock beside the board.

  • Distribute the 4 robots randomly on 4 spaces of the board not marked with a target symbol. Slip a corresponding colored square token under each robot. …

Race Effects are represented by symbols received from Boost cards, Machine Parts, and Challenge Spaces.

  • If at any time you receive a group of multiple Race Effects A, you can resolve them in any order, but you must resolve all of them before you can do anything else (you may not omit unwanted Race Effects).

  • Sometimes you will see multiple groups of Race Effects shown on a card separated by a slash B. In this case, select one group and resolve all Race Effects within the selected group. …

A warm spring breeze flows through the Scottish valley as the birds begin to sing and the snow slowly melts away.

Your precious village is slowly uncovered and the stones that define your territory begin poking through.

The earth is soft and the stones could easily roll just a bit into your neighbor's village, granting you the extra space your clan needs. After all, no one will notice, right ?

Suddenly , an arrow whizzes past your ear! It seems that your neighbor had the same idea and is now pushing stones to enlarge his territory. …