• 4 Player Boards with 15 matching pieces each
  • 4 Sliders to snap on the Player Boards
  • 1 Beast Movement Token
  • 12 Beast Cards
  • 6 Dice
  • 30 Insight Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Once again, Newt Scamander's magical beasts have escaped and are running loose in New York City. Players must work together to recapture and return 5 of Newt's beasts to his suitcase before they draw the attention of the non-magical community.

The players will lose the game if they let too many beasts escape or, if any of the players become stunned by a beast. …

You approach the cluster of nobles (and one or two not-so-nobles] that have gathered to hear the herald's proclamation.

"Since the king is old and has no heir, he has declared that the first noble to hold 10 precious gems will succeed him as ruler of this great land".

In a bold outburst, you step into the circle of people. "I will be the next king!" you announce

But the faces of the very nobles that you've oft feasted with don't agree. And so, you find yourself on the edge of a great feudal war. …

Two families of ducks are lost in the streets of your city! Please, bring back the ducklings to their parents!

All the rules of the basic version of "Welcome to" apply normally. However, in addition to these, you need to find, and bring back the ducklings.

To find a lost duckling, call on the neighbors on both sides of a hedge or a street.

As soon as you have 2 numbered houses on each side of a duckling, horizontally or vertically, circle the duckling. …


  • 55 Letter Cards
  • 3 Blanks
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Race to change the word in front of you. The first player to get rid of all their cards is the winner!


  1. Choose 1 player to be dealer and shuffle the card deck.

  2. Everyone agree on a 4-letterword to start (e.g., GAME).

  3. Search through the deck and place the letters G, A, M and E in the play area, as shown on the next page.

  4. Distribute the remaining letter cards as equally as possible between all of the players. …


  • 200 Poetry Cards
  • 90 Second Sand Timer
  • 2 Point Slates
  • NO! Stick
  • 20 Grok's Words of Love & Sad Cards
  • Instructions


It's good to be a Poet. It's good to be a Neanderthal. What isn't good is being both of those things at the same time.

As a Poet, you'd love to recite thoughtful prose like:

  • The mighty Woolly Mammoth makes a mockery of my tiny hairless body.

But as a Neanderthal, you're only capable of saying:

  • The most strong big thing with trunk and much hair make tun of my too small bald bones and skin. …


  • 139 cards
  • 58 tokens
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The goal of the game is to earn the most points by matching cards with other players.


1 Separate the Action Cards (square cards) by color and place them face down in three piles on the table. Turn over the top card from each Action Card pile and place them in the Play Area.

For your first game, we recommend searching through the three piles and putting "Be a T-Rex", "Flex your muscles", and "Draw a circle in the air into the Play Area. …

The local villages are infested with werewolves! The mayor with the fewest werewolves in their village at the end of the game wins!

As mayor of one of fhese villages, reduce your village's werewolf population using special abilities of your residents, including the Silver Amulet of Protection.


  • 2 Villagers
  • 4 Squires
  • 4 Empaths
  • 4 Bodyguards
  • 4 Rascals
  • 4 Exposers
  • 4 Revealers
  • 4 Apprentice Seers
  • 4 Seers
  • 4 Beholders
  • 4 Masters
  • 4 Witches
  • 4 Robbers
  • 2 Doppelgangers
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • Instructions


  1. Shuffle the deck, and deal five cards facedown in a horizontal row (a village) to four players (if there are fewer than four players, remove any extra sets of cards from the game). …

You and your opponents control terrifying forces-creatures long thought to be mere folklore-each seeking to destroy the others. Your minions and actions seek to wound your rivals so that you can seize your rightful place as ruler of a ruthless, darkness-choked world.

The one who proves himself the strongest when the ashes finally settle is the victor!


  • 60 starting minion Cards
  • 84 additional minion Cards
  • 84 action Cards
  • 60 Wound Cards
  • 24 Draft Cards
  • 31 Card Dividers (to help organize the cards)
  • 3 Extra Card Dividers (for promotional cards)
  • Rulebook


Shuffle all the wound cards and place them face down in a stack near the middle of the table. Count off cards from the top of the stack equal to ten times the number of players (i.e., 30 cards for a three-player game) and turn them face up, leaving them on top of the wound stack. …


  • 2 people sets (the Vulca and the Hoax)
  • 60 cards
  • two leaders
  • 3 dragons
  • 1 game board
  • 2 overview cards
  • Instructions


Lay out the game board. Pace the three dragons onto the (neutral) middle of the game board.

When playing the base game, one player takes the people set of the Vulca, the other the people set of the Hoax. d Each player displays the leader of his people face up next to the game board as indicated

Each player displays one of the overview cards next to him. …


  • 9 Role Card
  • 44 Hit Cards
  • 27 Action Cards
  • 40 Tokens
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

To be the player with the most numbers of points at the end of the required rounds of game. In each round if you are:


  • President wins when he eliminates ANY one of assassin in the game by placing the last hit card in front of that assassin.

  • President also wins when the draw pile runs out and the cards held by each player runs out.

  • When the president wins a round, he will get 2 points, and the Bodyguard (dead or alive) will get 1 point. …