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  • 2 people sets (the Vulca and the Hoax)
  • 60 cards
  • two leaders
  • 3 dragons
  • 1 game board
  • 2 overview cards
  • Instructions


Lay out the game board. Pace the three dragons onto the (neutral) middle of the game board.

When playing the base game, one player takes the people set of the Vulca, the other the people set of the Hoax. d Each player displays the leader of his people face up next to the game board as indicated

Each player displays one of the overview cards next to him. …

Special Rules

Instructions on the cards supersede these game rules. When a player brings a card with a special power into play, he reads out the text.

Remember: The texts on the cards are worded in such a way that they apply to the situation when they are played, with the player speaking to his opponent: "I" referring to the player and "you" to his opponent.

Card instructions "ignoring" other cards take precedence over all cards - except cards with a PROTECTED icon (see "Shields and Icons" above). When a card is ignored, its values, icons and special power texts have no effect. …

Base Speed: The standard number of movement points a wizard has for his turn (usually 3). He can move one square per point used.

Carried Item: An item card in a player's play area that represents an item his wizard has available for use or is currently using. While carried, the item counts toward the player's hand size and is not an object. If dropped, the item is represented on the board by a marker and becomes a dropped object (which counts as an object). …

This section contains several optional rules that players may wish to try. Players may use any number of optional rules, as long as all players agree on which optional rules (if any) they wish to use. Optional rules marked with the symbol were standard rules in previous editions of Wiz-War.

Uncluttered Minds

Maintained spells do not count against a player's maximum hand size.

Custom Spellbook

Before building the Magic deck, split the players into two groups. Each group receives one of the cantrip schools to start, and then each group takes turns drafting schools of magic until each group has drafted three more schools, whereupon each group shuffles the deck they have built. …

This section address rules not previously explained.

Hat Tokens

Hat tokens are placed on cards to identify which wizard is targeted by those spells. For example, if a permanent or temporary spell targets the red wizard, place a red hat token on that spell's card.

Players also place hat tokens on object tokens on the board when multiple objects of the same type (two rosebushes, for example) are on the board. The hat tokens indicate which player's spell created the duplicate. …

This section explains how players move their wizard figures, attack, and cast spells.


At the start of a player's Move and Cast phase, his wizard receives movement points equal to the wizard's base speed (normally 3) to use at any point during the phase.

Movement points are spent to move around the game board. By spending 1 movement point, a wizard can move to an adjacent square.

Wizards cannot move diagonally, nor can they pass through walls, locked doors (see below), or other objects that block movement, such as stone blocks. Wizards may move through and even end their movement in the same square as another wizard. …

This section describes the Wiz-War components in detail.

Sectior Boards

These sector boards are used to build the game board.

Each sector board shows a map on each side: one with a classic layout from the original version of the game, and one with a new layout created for this edition.

Plastic Wizard Figures and Colored Bases

The plastic wizard figures represent the players' wizards during the game and are placed on the colored bases to indicate which player controls which wizard. …


  • 5 Custom National Park Dice
  • Custom Travel Dice Cup with Lid
  • Custom Score Pad
  • Pencil
  • Instructions

What's the Same?

  • Play the National Parks Travel Edition of Yahtzee the same way you play traditional Yahtzee!

What's Different?

  • The dice! They feature fun park icons which replace the pips.
  • The dice cup can store all the components for easy travel.
  • Use this legend to help score.

Object of the Game

Roll dice for scoring combinations and get the highest total score.

Traditional Yahtzee Rules

On each turn, roll the dice up to 3 times to get the highest-scoring combination for one of 13 categories. After you finish rolling, you must place a score or a zero in one of the 13 category boxes on your score card. …

The Brave and the Desperate

Everybody wants something. Some are desperate to restore the world that existed before the fall. Some want redemption. Some want respect. There is desire in every heart, and a shard for every desire.

The Gnomads are not particularly tough, but they're fast, which makes them a flexible force when they stick together. They seek the shards which will keep their clockwork machinery ticking.

  • The Guild

    The Venerable Guild of Mages is older than the Empire itself. This group of elderly witches and wizards has spent most of the last century in the Guild's vast library, studying, debating, and advising the ruling class. …

Hey girl hey. Welcome to your guide for the night. The first thing we want to stress is that this is a JUDGEMENT-FREE zone.

We're all a little freaky, so let your guard down and roll your sleeves up because y'all are in for a wild grab a seat at the table because it's time to get messy...


  • 100 Truth or Dare Cards
  • 100 Never Have I Ever Cards
  • 100 Cards
  • 100 Best of the Best Cards
  • 100 Most Likely To Cards
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions


Shuffle each of the 5 decks separately and place them in the center within everyone's reach. …