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About 300 years ago in Edo, Japan, when Tokyo was still a coastal town, and nature was greener, one could catch all kinds of fish from the neighboring waters.

Fishermen built their livelihood on sea bream, mackerel, prawn, and clams. They went out in their boats, fished, and sold their catch. The market flourished.

In this game players take on the roles of fishermen, trying to get rich from the wealth of the sea. Which player will be able to sell the most fish? …

In a galaxy far, far away, ruthless Space Admirals compete to earn the respect of their commander - the Dark Invader himself - by destroying everything that comes into range: starships, meteors, planets...

Do you have what it takes to rise up the ranks and take command of the Dark Invader's Fleet?


  • 49 Planet Cards
  • 45 Destruction cards
  • 15 Secret Mission Cards
  • 1 Dark Invader
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Your goal is to score more points than the others by destroying Planets, capturing Moons, destroying your opponents' Destruction cards, and completing your own Secret Missions. …

In Infinity Gauntlet: A Love Letter Game, 1 player is the Mad Titan Thanos, attempting to gather the 6 Infinity Stones and use them to gain ultimate power. Meanwhile, 1-5 other players assemble heroes to fight back against Thanos, thwart his plans, and save the universe!


  • 16 Hero Cards
  • 3 Thanos Cards
  • 1 Life-tracker Card
  • 6 Reference Cards
  • 9 Power Tokens
  • 2 Sliders
  • Instructions


  1. Choose 1 player to be Thanos. The others are heroes players.

  2. Give each player a reference card and return any extra reference cards to the bag. …


  • 15 hand-shaped cards
  • Insructions

3 Games in 1

  • Clowning Around

    Match the characters on the cards finger tip to fingertip.

    If you match a clown to another clown, you get an extra turn I

  • Mad Rush

    Race other players to match the character images as fast as you can.

  • Hide and Seek

    Search the grid to see if you can find the five people on your hand. Can you remember where you saw them last?

Game 1: Clowning Around

For 1-5 Players

Object of the Game

Get rid of your cards before any other player. …


  • 45 cavern cards
  • 6 creature cards
  • 2 Black Dragon cards
  • 1 key card
  • 18 gems
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The wicked Black Dragon has captured six magical creatures from all over the countryside, imprisoning them in his lair with his powerful crystal magic.

Your mission is to free these creatures, using the Black Dragon's own crystal magic against him. Should you succeed in freeing them all, you can then attempt to trap the Dragon in his own lair.

Collect treasures along the way to aid you in your quest, and you may emerge a wealthy champion! …

After a long journey, you have finally arrived in a new land. You immediately start building and developing your city.

My City is a legacy game. This means that the game will change and evolve as you play. You and your fellow players will all have your game boards, which you will redesign in every episode. Each series of three episodes forms a chapter.

And for each chapter, there is a sealed envelope containing new rules and a variety of materials that make it easy to change the game as you go along. In 24 fascinating episodes, you will experience the rise and the history of your city from its very beginning through industrialization. …

A Stratego Story

Break the deadlock in the final days of war. Victory will hinge on the actions of a handful of men - and we women spies... Go head-to-head as you secretly select soldiers with different abilities to engage the enemy.

Each of you will have the opportunity to sabotage your opponent's missions - using careful deployment; clever deduction and surprising deception.

With every enemy soldier you identify, with every advance you rebuff, you'll tighten the noose, infiltrating further into the enemy camp and taking the Double Agent a step closer to capturing the enemy flag! …


  • 60 population cards
  • 40 Raxxon cards
  • 6 character sheets
  • 1 game board
  • 60 action tokens
  • 1 Raxxon token
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

In Raxxon, the players are a team of city leaders in a world on the cusp of the zombie apocalypse. Evacuation protocols have been activated.

The federal government, strapped for resources due to the infection's spread, has paired your team with officials from Raxxon Pharmaceuticals. Raxxon's ample resources are necessary, but can they be trusted?

Players work as a team and win or lose together. To win the game, move all healthy population cards from the population to the evacuation pile before the city is overrun or Raxxon gains enough power to take over. …

Wacky Races is a fast-paced racing game for up to six players. Get your iconic racing team across the finish line first, by hook or by crook!

However, you'll have to deal with changing road conditions, your fellow Racers' special abilities, and the dangerous Traps laid by Dick Dastardly.

The mischievous villain and his mean-spirited partner in malice, Muttley, are never far behind. Players will use combinations of Movement cards, their Racer's special abilities, and the randomly created roadway terrain to try and stay ahead of the pack, avoid the Traps, and win the race! …

This section defines certain game terms contained in this rulebook, the haunt booklets, and the various cards and tiles.

A game term is in bold the first time it appears. adjacent: Tiles are adjacent if they share a side. Diagonal is never adjacent.

adventurer: Each player controls a character called an adventurer. Adventurers include the traitor and the heroes after the haunt begins.

adventurer card: There are six adventurer cards in the game, each with two different adventurers (one on each side of the card). An adventurer card shows the adventurer's name, portrait, traits, and other information. …