• 30 Cardboard feathers
  • 20 Cardboard coins
  • 6 Fabric Bandanas (with Velcro strip)
  • 12 Adhesive Velcro buttons
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

In Coyote, the players play the role of Indians. Each player wears a bandana around his head with one "feather". The goal is to guess the value of all the feathers without knowing your own!

If you can guess the correct value, you win! But usually, you'll win by bluffing. Whoever guesses wrong will be a true coyote!


Before your first game, carefully remove all 20 coins. Take the 12 coins with a picture of a coyote and attach one of the Velcro buttons to the back of each. …


  • 1 Game Board
  • 5 Player Boards
  • 162 Locomotives 52 Wooden Passengers
  • 6 Tracker Disks
  • 1 Hexagon
  • 15 Player Disks
  • 1 Round Marker
  • Instructions


1 Place the game board in the center of the table.

2 Place one Passenger on each city. Cities are marked with this icon:

3 Place the 6 Tracker disks and white Hexagon Tracker on their matching spaces on the counting chart on the game board.

4 Place the locomotives next to the game board.

5 Players choose a color and take the matching player board and player disks. …

Once upon a time, there was a happy ending: ".. and so, the valiant prince slew the evil dragon and saved the beautiful princess!"

But in the Land of Dark Tales, it's not always that way, and not everyone lives happily ever after. In the deep woods, you can meet disturbing creatures that reject the light, ready to deceive with enchanted items and powerful curses.

Choose your companions and servants with care, and use their intriguing abilities at the right moment, and live the plot of your own Dark Tales! …

The greatest origami masters face off for the title, using their magic to make origami creations really come to life! Can your knowledge of the art of folding paper impress the judges and earn you the title of "Best Origami Artist"?


  • 18 farm cards
  • 18 skycards
  • 18 sea cards
  • 18 savannah cards
  • 18 lawn cards
  • A slip of paper to make the Starting Player origami
  • Instructions


During the game, you will use a number of families equal to the number of players (e.g.: with 3 players use 3 families). You can freely choose which families to use, but take care to always add all the cards of the chosen families. …

In Glen More II: Chronicles, each player is the clan leader of a Scottish clan from the early medieval ages until the 19th century, looking to expand their territory and wealth.

The success of your clan depends on your ability to make the right decision at the right time - by growing barley for whisky production, by selling your goods on the various markets, by befriending clans in the scottish Highlands, or by gaining control of special landmarks such as lochs and castles. …


  • Game board
  • 400 cards with 3200 words
  • sand timer
  • 6 game pieces
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Explain words using other words, synonyms or opposites! Try to get your partner or team to correctly guess as many words as possible before the sand in the timer runs out.

You can move your game piece forward on the game board as many steps as your team had correct guesses, and the team that's first to reach the finish space wins the game!

Game Play

  1. Shuffle the word cards and place them in piles next to the game board. The players form teams of at least two people, and agree on the order the teams get to explain and guess. …


  • Game board
  • 400 cards with 3200 words
  • sand timer
  • 2 game pieces
  • instructions.

Object of the Game

The players form two teams.

The men form one team, and the women the other! Both teams will try to be the first to reach the finish space by explaining and guessing words correctly.

However, there's a catch! The men will have to explain women's words from women's world to each other, and women will have to explain men's words. Alias is full of excitement and fun! Can you find the right words? …

In FAMILY ALIAS you say things in other words! Explain words using synonyms, opposites and other clues and help your partner guess as many words as possible before time runs out.

Both the explainer and guesser get to move forward on the board as many steps as they got words right.


  • 300 "family" cards
  • 180 "adult" cards
  • 20 "WILD" cards
  • 1 sand timer
  • 8 player pawns
  • Gameboard with spinner base and arrow
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to reach the victory space wins the game! …

The year is 2876 on a far distant planet named Rennova. Humankind has emerged from their bunkers following the War of the Five Factions. Across the barren landscapes lie mountains of steel, fields of metal, and vast expanses of damaged robots.

To help rebuild Rennova to its once great glory, humans began constructing Salvaqers. With disagreements about how to restore the planet, war broke out again between opposing tribes.

In Two Robots, you take on the role of one of the five Salvagers. Your objective is to claim Rennova as your own. To do this, you can do one of two things. First, you may build two robots: one to keep up the fight and the other to maintain the factory to build more troops. …


  • 1 Paris Board
  • 1 Event Board
  • 4 Laboratory Boards
  • 8 Shock Dice
  • 144 Cards
  • 1 Captain Meeple
  • 1 First Player Creature Meeple
  • 16 Scientist Meeples
  • 12 Assistant Meeples
  • 42 Francs
  • 4 Ice Block Tokens
  • 16 Leyden Jar Tokens
  • 170 Material Cubes
  • 30 Monster Body Part Tokens
  • 4 Player Score Markers
  • 6 Bonus Objective Markers
  • 1 Bribe and Bump Track
  • 4 Event Markers
  • 12 Police Markers
  • 4 Player Reference Cards
  • 24 Alive Markers
  • 12 Plastic Connector Sets

Object of the Game

Abomination brings to life the world of Mary Shelley's immortal Frankenstein. Set in Paris, the game takes place twenty years after the events of the novel. You are one of several esteemed scientists invited to dabble in the immoral world of monster building, to continue the dark work abandoned by Victor Frankenstein. …