Arcadia Quest is a campaign game for 2 to 4 players, in which each player controls a Guild with three unique Heroes. These Guilds compete against each other and against the obstacles in the game in order to accomplish a series of scenarios that will lead them to ultimate victory against the Vampire Lord Fang.

Players are able to choose the path their campaign takes, navigating through six out of eleven available scenarios, so each time the campaign is played it can have a different configuration of scenarios. The feats accomplished by a Guild in each scenario can grant it a significant strategic advantage in a following scenario. …

In the city of London, a team of forensic experts are sent out to crack the unsolvable cases. Homicides, robberies, and the unimaginable crimes will not go unpunished. Proof of evidence and motive is key to locking the suspect behind bars. Find the hidden clues in the crime scene to uncover the trail to the truth.


  • 12 Location Boards
  • 4 forensic Boards
  • 1 Evidence Board
  • 40 Character Cards
  • 40 Evidence Category & Special Item Cards

Chronicles of Crime requires a free app, which you can download from Store or Google Play. You only need the app installed on one phone or tablet to play. It's impossible to play without the app (once downloaded, the app doesn't require any internet connection during gameplay). The language can be changed within the application.


  • 1 main board
  • 100 wooden discs
  • 20 wooden pawns
  • 25 white tech resource cubes
  • 40 CEPs: big, purple wooden discs
  • 1 CEP Market Price marker: big, red wooden disc
  • 1 Global CO2 Pollution Level marker
  • 1 Decade counter
  • 1 Round counter
  • 30 two-sided project tiles
  • 5 Forestation power plant tiles
  • 5 Biomass power plant tiles
  • 5 Solar power plant tiles
  • 5 Recycling power plant tiles
  • 5 Cold fusion power plant tiles
  • 10 Coal power plant tiles 10 Oil power plant tiles
  • 10 Natural Gas power plant tiles
  • 8 Regional Agenda tiles
  • 18 Summit tiles
  • 26 Lobby cards
  • 13 UN Goal cards
  • 7 Company Goal cards
  • 6 Event cards
  • 50 coins
  • 1 starting player tile


Place the gameboard on the table. Each player chooses a color and takes: …

In Elder Sign, 1 to 8 players take on the role of investigators struggling to combat one of the Ancient Ones-vast, powerful creatures that dwell in the space between dimensions.

The investigators face adventures in and around the museum where the Ancient One's imminent return has been causing a number of bizarre events.

Through these adventures, the investigators acquire rewards. The most prized resource that can be gained is an Elder Sign, which is used to seal away the Ancient One and win the game. …

There are over a million different animal species on our planet. The theory of evolution attempts to explain the cause of this incredible biodiversity.

Charles Darwin formulated a theory of evolution by means of natural selection. His theory posits that animals that are better adapted to survive in an environment are more likely to pass on their traits. Over thousands of generations, this has led to the variety of species we find on our planet.

In the game Evolution, players adapt their species with traits to survive in an ever-changing ecosystem. Food is scarce and carnivores run rampant. Your choices will determine the fate of the world's species: which will survive, which will thrive, and which will disappear from the planet forever. …

The game is played as two or three simultaneous competitions, each with its own scoring system. In each competition, you are trying to lose points. You play five rounds, or until one player reaches a score of zero in one of the competitions.

But it's not a race to see who can get to zero fastest. It's a game to see who can most effectively balance the different goals.

Your final score is given by your highest-scoring competition. The player with the lowest final score wins. …

High-stakes bidding on million-dollar race cars. Frantic bets placed in secret as the cars race around the track . And to the victor, the biggest payout of all.

In the world of motor racing, the margin between victory and defeat can be a single moment: a steep banked turn, tires screaming and spitting out smoke, and the downforce, pressing you down in your seat and keeping you on the track as you make your move inside to pull ahead.


  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board
  • 6 Race Car Pawns
  • 42 Regular Speed Cards
  • 6 Speed-8 Speed Cards
  • 6 Power Cards
  • 6 Driver Plaques
  • 1 Pad of Score Sheets


Place the game board in the center of the table on either side. (Each side has a unique track). …


  • Playing board
  • 109 cards
  • 12 British town discs
  • 9 French town discs
  • 12 fortification discs
  • 18 British village cubes
  • 18 French village cubes
  • 2 Siege strength
  • 1 British siege location marker
  • 1 French siege location marker
  • money
  • 2 Player Aid cards per language
  • rulebook

The Board

Each player has a series of named spaces on his side of the board which are used to hold cards. At the start of the game each player will shuffle and place his initial draw deck face down in the Draw Deck space.

Your location cards should be placed in your Available Location Cards space. They do not need shuffling as you will be taking cards from here as a result of settling and winning sieges. It is recommended that you sort the cards into alphabetical order to make it easier to find the required card. …


  • 6 Folders
  • 6 Clip strips
  • 1 Answer pad
  • 20-Sided die
  • 48 Category cards
  • Timer
  • Die-rolling board
  • 6 Pencils

Object of the Game

Quickly fill out a category list with answers that begin with the same letter. Score points if no other player matches your answers. To win the game, score the most points.


Separate the category cards into 6 sets of List #1 through List #16. Each set has 8 cards.

For all 6 folders, do the following: slide a set of category cards under the left clip, an answer sheet under the middle and right clips, and a pencil into the middle holder. …

888 - London - Whitechapel. The night covers the gloomy alleys with a veil of darkness. Jack is moving in the shadows... The finest investigators of the gaslight age have gathered here to catch him before he uses the darkness to slip away for good.

The trap is slowly closing upon him... But Jack is cunning. He is in fact impersonating one of the investigators... Will the others unmask him?


  • 1 game board picturing the Whitechapel district and divided into hexagonal areas (or hexes). The right section of the board features a turn counter section. …