In Gem Rush, players take control of dwarves building a magical gem mine. The rooms in the mine are used to obtain gems, and then those gems are used to construct new rooms and score points.

There are two ways to play Gem Rush An Rush Mode, all players compete to be the first to a target number of points; in Crisis Mode, all players work together to score points within a time limit.

The rules are nearly the same for both modes, so rather than describing them separately, this rulebook gives a combined explanation of both modes, with special notes when a rule applies to only one mode. …


  • 21 Map Tiles
  • 4 Scenario Sheets
  • 5 Plastic Figures
  • 5 Character Cards
  • 5 Character S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Tokens
  • 4 Player Boards with 8 Connectors
  • 12 Pegs
  • 75 Encounter Cards
  • 3 V.A.T.S. Dice
  • 27 Enemy Tokens
  • 35 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Tokens
  • 100 Quest Cards
  • 14 Perk Cards
  • 2 Power Tokens
  • 54 Caps Tokens
  • 12 Trait Tokens
  • 34 Loot Cards
  • 25 Asset Cards
  • 11 Unique Asset Cards
  • 23 Agenda Cards
  • 10 Faction Tokens
  • 8 Quest Markers


1 Choose Scenario: As a group, choose which scenario you would like to play. For your first game, we recommend playing the scenario "The Commonwealth". Take the corresponding scenario sheet and place it above the play area. …

Return to the famous Sagrada Familia cathedral in Sagrada: Passion, the first of the three Great Facades expansions. This modular expansion revels in artistic freedom-add everything inside or handpick individual components to enhance your crafting experience.


  • 6 Rare Glass Boards
  • 6 Inspiration Cards
  • 6 Rare Glass Dice
  • 7 Private Objects
  • 6 Public Objects
  • Instructions

What's New

Inspiration Cards - special abilities that give each player a unique advantage

Rare Glass Dice - unique dice that represent any color when placed in a window

Rare Glass Boards - unique ways to obtain Rare Glass Dice; one board replaces a tool card and costs favor tokens to use …


  • 1 Season board
  • 1 Season marker
  • 5 Season reference cards
  • 2 updated Action cards
  • 4 new Action cards (5th player)
  • 1 Pretender token (5th player)
  • 12 clan figures (5th player)
  • 15 new Epic Tale cards
  • 6 new territories & 1 updated territory tile
  • 6 new corresponding Advantage cards
  • 9 Harbor tiles
  • 1 Deed tokens
  • 1 Macha's Curse token
  • 1 Fili token
  • 5 Banshee tokens
  • 1 King tile

Note: like Deed tokens, Harbor tiles are not supposed to be limited in number. If needed, use a different token to replace a missing Harbor tile.

This expansion consists of 5 modules that can be combined as you wish: …


  • 110 Scoring Combinations on 55 Cards
  • 6 Burgundy Dice
  • 6 Ivory Dice
  • 2 Shaker Cups
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first person to score 10,000 points or more by matching Dice you roll to the Dice pictured on the Cards.

What makes farkle around different

  • You don't have to remember scoring combinations and point values! It's all on the Card in play, you just have to rush like mad to roll the Dice and match it up!

  • Players are racing, one at a time, to win the points each round. You have to roll the Dice shown on the Card. If not, you Farkle and have to pass the Dice, hoping they get back around to you before someone matches that last Die! …


  • 20 Playing Dice
  • Common Die
  • 4 Dice Risers
  • Bubble Hub
  • 4 Score Guides
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the player with the highest score over 10,000.

What makes Farkle Frenzy Different

You only need 400 points to get on the score sheet. You only roll five Dice...your sixth Die is a Common Die used by everyone.

All players roll at the same time instead of taking turns! Because everyone rolls together, the game ends when the first player reaches 10,000 points or more. There's no one last chance to catch up! …

With the rising sun, the songbirds sing. They call to their mates and declare their territory. In this bountiful forest, only the loudest songbirds singing the most beautiful songs will claim the trees with the ripest berries and prime nesting spots.


  • 28 Songbird Cards
  • 10 Berry Tokens
  • 5 Negative Tokens
  • 1 Crow Card
  • 2 Score Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Each turn you will play one songbird with a specific volume (number) from your hand into the forest (play area).

You try to win a majority on columns and rows to gain delicious berries (points), but your opponents will be trying to do the same for the secret color they wish to aid. …


  • 81 cards
  • instructions


The game consists of a deck of 81 different playing cards, and 3 "stats" cards for reference only.

Each card has 4 shapes: balls, cubes, cones, and stars.

There is 1, 2 or 3 of each shape on a card. Each card also has a numerical value on it that ranges from 4 to 12.

There are 3 different ways to play Xactika. Start with PLAY TO WIN, if you want to shake it up try PLAY TO LOSE. When you've mastered both, advance to PLAY TO BID. Find the game that suits you best! …

As the tide changes on the island of Miaui (MEOW-ee), it's time for the fishing festival, a competition where the most skilled Miauian divers try to bring back the most valuable fish from the lagoon for the evening feast.

All kinds of fish are served at the feast, but beware the gooey jellyfish and the thieving seagulls!

During a round, players choose how deep to dive in hopes of catching the best fish. Divers who choose the same depth to pursue the same fish, leaving Kiti, the divine tiki, to choose who among them is most deserving of the catch. …


  • Lily Pad with 5 Levels
  • 12 Frogs (3 of Each Color)
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Score the most points by flinging your Frogs onto the Lily Pads!


  • Open the Lily Pad case and take out the Frogs. Each player chooses which color Frogs to play with. Set aside extra colors.

  • Put the Lily Pad levels together by stacking the lowest-point-value Lily Pad on the bottom.

  • Place the assembled Lily Pad on a level, steady playing surface.

Game Play

  • The player who can make the best Frog sounds goes first. If all players are equally great at Frog sounds, the owner of the game goes first! …