• 1 flight board
  • 8 ship boards
  • 60 adventure cards
  • 64 cosmic credits
  • 144 spaceship tiles
  • 4 numbered tiles
  • 40 white figures
  • 8 alien figures
  • 8 rocket markers
  • 36 battery tokens
  • 56 goods blocks
  • 1 two-sided card with rules
  • 2 dice
  • 1 timer
  • Instructions

Course of the Game

The game consists of three rounds. In each round, the players begin by rummaging through the Warehouse, trying to grab the best components and build the best space ship. …

The Story of Valeria

After a few years of relative peace, the Kingdom of Valeria is once again under attack from legions of undead, goblins, and many more nightmarish creatures.

The King of Valeria has valiantly stood against evil in the past, but in his old age he lacks the strength to protect our great kingdom.

Without an heir to succeed the king the citizens have begun to panic. Valeria needs a new ruler.

As one of the reigning Dukes, you are in a modest position of power, respect, and wealth. Assuming the throne as Valeria's new ruler is your destiny. …

In the midst of the greatest conflict humanity has ever known, victory will be claimed by the military that can overcome their enemies in every battleground. Do you have the skills to lead your nation's best and bravest in the Air, Land, & Sea? …


  • One Fancy Box
  • 60 Character Cards
  • 30 Battle Plan Cards
  • 4 Class Cards
  • 4 Health Counters
  • 28 Ration Cards
  • Rulebook


Ever wondered what babies were up to when others are not around? Locked in the never-ending cosmic battle for ultimate baby power of course!

In this deckbuilding strategy card game, you build your army of babies and fight against your friends for the title of the most powerful baby army!

Recruit babies to expand your army of cute, epic, and various creepy looking babies. Whittle down your opponent's health until you are the last one standing. …

The shamans from several different tribes all come together for their yearly reunion. But this time is different: in the first night, everyone shares the same ominous vision. In their dream, an oracle appears announcing a long drought.

All tribes are affected and are in grave danger! Only the best shaman will be able to prevent the drought. To find the best shaman, the oracle challenges them to a contest to put their powers to the test: they have to find mystic symbols and cover them with oracle stones according to specific rules. …

In CUBIST, you and your opponents are architects competing to build a grand and inspiring new Modern Art Museum including its interior sculptures or "installations". Aptly enough, your building materials are cubes, or more precisely, dice!

On each turn you roll two dice and place them in your studio as raw materials for your cubist sculptures. From there you position these dice to complete commissioned installations for the museum.

Dice with identical numbers can be stacked on top of one another to give your sculpture elevation and grandeur. Dice with adjacent numbers go next to one another to construct unconventional footprints of modernism. …

Thirty years have already passed since the Roman legions left Britain. The Picts and Scots have gained in power and are pushing inland.

To save Britain, Vortigern has asked you and your brother Horsa that you leave Saxony with your tribes and help protect Britain. Over the years he has become a little greedy though and does not pay you enough.

It is time to take matters into your own hands and take what is rightfully yours! You have good enough maps, strong fighters, and boats. There are so many towns, villages, monasteries, and estates waiting to be pillaged! Who will gain the most fame and fortune? …

Tame the American Continent! The Civil War is over! America strives to connect sea to shining sea with iron horses and steel rails, opening the vast untamed lands to millions of adventuresome citizens weary of war.

This strategic railroad game extends from the muddy Mississippi to the coast of California. Each player takes the role of the President of a Railroad, building across the vast plains, high mountain ranges, burning deserts and dense forests of the Western US, crossing the Continental Divide! …

Choose your ball, eye the pins and let it rip! Will you score that elusive strike? and can you bowl your way to a perfect 300 game? With Sid Sackson's bowling solitaire you can try again and again!


  • 20 cards (numbered 0-9 twice)
  • a score pad
  • Instructions


First, shuffle the twenty cards. Then lay out ten of the cards face-up in a triangular layout representing ten bowling pins (see image below).

The remaining ten cards are placed face-down in three piles of five, three and two cards respectively (see image below). These three piles represent your bowling balls. …

Welcome to Elevenses for One - a game for one player who must load their Tea Trolley with all the accouterments required for a splendid morning tea before the clock strikes 11!

You are Grosvenor, the maid to Lady Agatha Smythe, one of the wealthiest landowners in the district.

She is holding a gala High Tea at 11 o'clock - but, oh dear! You only have 15 minutes to get ready and where is that sugar? You mustn't be late, the madam's reputation is at stake! …