Ancient battles were fought in organized formations. The leaders of bath sides directed their forces along the battle line to gain tactical advantages. Overwhelm the opponent in the center, break through one of the flanks, or hold the position until the time has come for a decisive move. How will you muster the battle line?


  • 60 Troop cards, in six colors each with the values 1 to 10:

    • 10 = Elephants,
    • 9 = Chariots,
    • 8 = Heavy Cavalry
    • 7 = Light Cavalry
    • 6 = Hypaspists
    • 5 = Phalangists
    • 4 = Hoplites
    • 3 = Javalineers
    • 2 = Peltasts
    • 1 = Skirmishers
  • Ten Tactics cards (white with different backs). …

Each player is a zoo owner. Players score points by attracting as many visitors to their zoos as possible. To accomplish this, they must collect matching sets of animals.

If a player manages to obtain many animals for his zoo, he will find it worthwhile to expand his zoo. Once all the enclosures are occupied, newly acquired animals must go into the barn. Vending stalls next to an enclosure guarantee a minimum number of visitors.

At the end of the game, a player loses points for animals they have left in the barn. The player with the most points wins the game. …


  • Game Board
  • 8 Agent Pawns
  • 1 Time Token
  • 1 Group Token
  • 1 Time Captain Die
  • 6 Action Dice
  • 40 Normal Shields / Skull Shields
  • 7 Time Shields
  • 7 Heart Shields
  • 7 Special Shields
  • 140 Resource Tokens
  • 30 Life Points (LP)
  • 24 State Tokens

Object of the Game

At the beginning of the scenario, you are at the T.I.M.E Agency base and you receive your mission briefing. It's then a question of you successfully completing that mission, ideally in a minimum number of attempts.

An attempt is commonly called a "run". A run equals a complete game, meaning the use of all of the Temporal Units (TU) at your disposal. …

Welcome to the snowy world of the Arctic Circle, where brave sledders race in a test of skill and endurance. Action is fast and furious and not all sleds may make it to the finish.

Huskies only have one setting and that is full speed! Hang on to your furs, the reins, your sled and anything else you can get hold of.


  • 8 Straights (Double Sided)
  • 4 Corners (Double Sided)
  • 2 U-Turns (Double Sided)
  • 1 Start (Double Sided)
  • 1 Finish (Double Sided)
  • 5 Wooden Sleds
  • 5 Sled Mats
  • 5 Center Swivels (''Fragor Edition Only'')
  • 5 Brake Markers (''Fragor Edition Only'')
  • 28 Brake Tokens (''Not in Fragor Edition'')
  • 5 Dog Decks (20 Canine Cards)
  • 20 Dent Cards
  • 20 Wooden Saplings
  • 1 "Big Paws" Token
  • 1 Rule Book


Set up a course by joining sections of track together (for your first race use the starter track 'The Nutcracker'). The tracks are always set up with the yellow flags on the left and the red flags on the right. …

You and your friends are in the car on your way to a well-deserved vacation. Your spirits are high as you talk about spending a few relaxing days on the beach and lively evenings playing games in your vacation rental. The last thing you need is for your car to break down ...

You find yourselves on a lonely road at the edge of the woods. Maybe call a tow truck on your cell phone? Not a chance, no coverage here.

It is already late, and a storm is brewing. The rain is getting heavier. It's starting to really pour. You leave your car to get to shelter. You discover a cabin in the woods. It looks run-down and possibly abandoned. Luckily, the door is open - you have found shelter for the night. …


  • 1 game board
  • 80 wooden houses
  • 4 principal firm cards
  • 20 carriage cards
  • 66 city cards for building routes
  • 30 bonus tiles
  • 4 summary cards
  • 1 game rules


  • Place the game board in the middle of the table.

  • Place the bonus tiles face up on the game board on the spaces designated for them. In each stack, place the tiles in ascending order, lowest on the bottom and highest on the top.

  • Shuffle the city cards face-down, place 6 cards face-up on the city card spaces on the board, and place the remaining cards face-down as a supply next to the board. …


  • 112 cards as follows:
  • 19 Blue cards - 0 to 9
  • 19 Green cards - 0 to 9
  • 19 Red cards - 0 to 9
  • 19 Yellow cards - 0 to 9
  • 8 Skip cards - 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
  • 8 Reverse cards - 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
  • 8 Draw 2 cards - 2 each in Blue, Green, Red and Yellow
  • 4 Wild cards
  • 4 Wild Draw 4 cards
  • 4 Blank Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to play all of the cards in their hand in each round scores points for the cards their opponents are left holding. The first player to score 500 points wins the game. …

Fluxx is an easy game to learn because it starts out simple-Draw 1, Play 1-and becomes more complicated little by little. Many folks find that the best way to learn is by jumping right into a game, but that usually works best if at least one player in the group has played a Fluxx game before.

So, if this is the first time for everyone, someone in the group needs to read these rules. But don't worry, after you've played the game a few times, everyone will understand! …

Bohnanza is all about planting, trading, and harvesting beans. Trade beans with the other players and plant them in your fields. That is great fun! And the more beans you have in your field, the more gold coins you get when you harvest them. If you have the most gold coins at the end of the game, you win!

The following rules describe the original Base-Game for 3-5 players, with the original bean kinds.

The three additional bean kinds - Cocoa Bean, Wax Bean and Coffee Bean - are only used in the variant for up to 7 players. …

Survey the galaxy to expand your Empire! Will you colonize nearby planets or take them by force? Produce resources for trade and research new technologies to build the best empire and win the game!

Eminent Domain is an empire building game in which your empire's abilities are based on a deck of Role cards. At the beginning of the game each player has the same deck of cards.

Every turn you must choose a role to execute and in doing so you will add one of those Role cards to your deck. When executing a role, you may Boost its effect by playing cards out of your hand matching the role you have chosen. …