• 80 game cards featuring 4 fun activities and exciting action cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Came

Get rid of all your cards by building sets and playing action cards.


  1. Check out your Zigity cards. There are three types of cards in the game: set cards, free cards, and action cards.

    • Set Card

      Build sets using the items in the corners.

    • Free Card

      Use free cards to help build sets.

    • Action Card

      Change the order of play, make another player draw cards, or avoid drawing cards. …

You're on a treasure hunt in a magical place called Cariboo Island.

You'll take turns matching letters, numbers, colors, and shapes to unlock doors and hunt for treasure. As you find treasure balls, place them in the tumbling tidepool.

Once you've found the last treasure, the special Cariboo treasure chest will pop open, and it'll be time to play again.


  • Cariboo Island game board
  • six treasure balls
  • two sets of cards (beginner & advanced)
  • one key
  • and a treasure chest
  • Instructions

Cariboo Beginner

Object of the Game

Work together to find all six treasure balls and open the treasure chest! …


  • 16 pawn cards
  • 59 number cards
  • 26 action cards
  • 8 SORRY! cards
  • 1 reminder card
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to flip all your pawn cards to HOME.


Each take all 4 pawn cards of one color. Lay them out in front of you with the START side showing. Put any spare pawn cards to one side.

Shuffle e the rest of the cards. Give each player 5 cards, facedown. You can look at your own cards, but keep them secret

Put the rest of the cards facedown in a pile in the middle. This is the draw pile. Once you're playing, start a faceup play pile next to it. …

PICK TWO is the always-changing, ever- rearranging crossword game. Players draw letter tiles, building their own personal crosswords as fast as they can. Whenever players use all their letters they yell "PICK TWO" and everyone draws two more tiles.

The catch? These tiles must now be added to your crossword. The best part? You can always change your crossword by rearranging letters and even words to use up your tiles.

When the center pile of tiles is gone, the first one done wins the round. …


  • 40 Fart Cards
  • 4 Baked Beans Cards
  • 4 Cabbage Cards
  • 5 Light A Match Cards
  • 1 Silent But Deadly Card
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The object of the- game is to be the first player to discard all his cards.

Before you Play

There are 10 different types of farts in the deck. Each fart type has four colors (blue, yellow, red, purple).

There are additional special-play cards. Silent But Deadly, Baked Beans and cabbage make players pick up extra cards. Light a Match negate the effects of the "Pick Up" cards. These cards will be better described later in the instructions. …

RUNES & REGULATIONS is a turn-based strategic card game with suburban flair. Players take turns casting Spells and summoning Mythical Creatures.


  • 39 Spell Cards
  • 24 Rune Cards
  • 50 Creature Cards
  • 17 Regulation Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 15 Shrub Tokens
  • 1 Spinner
  • 4 Fences
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to collect five mythical creatures on their lawn wins!


To start, each player must set up their Fence, which will hold their Runes. Good Fences make good neighbors!

The area in front of your Fence is called your Lawn. Throughout the game, you will SUMMON Creatures onto your Lawn. Your Fence and your Lawn combined make up your play area. …


  • 5 Inventory Mats
  • 40 clan meeples
  • 1 game board
  • 19 Action Tiles
  • 8 Art Cards
  • 4 Art Tracking Cubes
  • 44 Progress Cards
  • 20 Resource Markers
  • 84 Victory Point Tokens
  • 5 Setup Cards

Object of the Game

You are the driving spirit behind an early nomadic human tribe. You will watch them accomplish great things as they grow up and travel across the land. Guide them well and they will thrive, grow in number, and produce artwork.

Guide them poorly and they will take too long learning how to do simple tasks, and their options will be more limited. The player who manages their tribe best, wins! …


  • 1 board
  • 36 floor cubes with pips in 6 different colors
  • 4 special cubes
  • 1 wooden pawn (the mayor)
  • 6 small colored cubes without pips
  • 17 rooftops
  • 2 pouches
  • 60 cheques
  • Instructions


The real estate business of Neustadt is crazy about building: The City Council has just approved the recent zoning map, and the Filthyrich banks awards millions of Euros in loans. Two rows of houses with a maximum of four buildings each shall arise between the rivulet Haul and the Main Road.

The meadows on the other side of the Haul shall remain as a recreational area for the new residents. But in view of the large profits speculators and building tycoons have totally ignored the public demands and start to build three rows of houses instead of the permitted two. …

The construction of the temple dedicated to Sobek is in full swing. A whole economy has set up next to the construction site: there's a new market, and the feluccas sailing up and down the Nile are constantly bringing goods of all sorts.

Competition between merchants is naturally fierce and some are prepared to become corrupt beyond reason in order to amass glory and riches. Mainly the riches, in fact...

You too are part of the local merchants' guild and are prepared to do whatever it takes to beat your rivals... …


  • 7 12-Sided Dice
  • 1 Location Book
  • 1 Map Board
  • 1 Boatswain Board
  • 1 First Mate Board
  • 1 Cooper Board
  • 1 Gunner Board
  • 1 Quartermaster Board
  • 1 Lookout Board
  • 1 Pad of Ship Scribe Sheets
  • 1 Pad of Player Sheets
  • 209 Cards
  • 132 Tokens
  • 11 Markers
  • 7 Pirate Standees
  • 1 Ship Standee
  • 8 Standee Stands

Object of the Game

In Forgotten Waters, players are the senior crew of a pirate ship embarking on a shared adventure.

Together they will all serve under the same colorful pirate captain, and work together to successfully complete that captain's adventure. …