In One Night Ultimate Alien, strange beings from beyond have infiltrated your small village, bringing fearsome futuristic technology and an insatiable appetite for villagers and their livestock. Fortunately, your village has powerful inhabitants who have been tasked with saving it from the alien invaders.


  • 13 unique roles on thick, sturdy tiles
  • 13 role tokens
  • 10 player number tokens
  • 2 most vote tokens
  • Getting started guide
  • Rulebook

For players of other One Night Games

Alien includes changes from the original One Night Ultimate Werewolf*game, its sequel Daybreak, and One Night Ultimate Vampire. …

In One Night Ultimate Vampire, the sun has just set, and vampires have descended on your sleepy little town, slowly turning the villagers into even more vampires. Fortunately, the village has several residents with special powers, with most of them willing to help eliminate this fanged menace!


  • 14 Unique Roles on Thick Sturdy Tiles
  • 15 Role Tokens
  • 29 Marks
  • 2 Marks Boards
  • 4 Voting Tokens
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Rulebook

The Original Werewolf Game

In this game mode, your goal is to complete the central part of the garden board, which is comprised of 28 spaces around the starting tile.

This game mode does not use the spaces around the edges of the board. Decoration cards are not collected, character's abilities are not available, and player boards are not used.

As play continues, any time there are no legal moves available or one stack of garden tiles is depleted and you cannot continue the game with the help of a lantern, the game ends immediately. You have been defeated. If you are able to cover all of the spaces in the central part of the garden board, you have won. …

A battle brews In the night, while the citizens of Shady Grove, USA slumber. The world's greatest heroes team up to stop an onslaught of supervlllainy! However, these nefarious no-goodnlks are hidden In plain sight... as residents of Shady Grove. The heroes must find their secret Identities before It's too late!

In One Night Ultimate Supervillains players take on the roles of heroes or villains, each with amazing superpowers.

The vile team of Temptress, Dr. Peeker, Rapscallion, and Henchman #7 are intent on getting away with their crimes, while the members of the Super Club Of Overt Powers (SCOOP), are all out to stop them. …

In One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak, there's been an outbreak of werewolves in your town, and all of them have special powers. Fortunately, the village has all sorts of amazing roles to help them figure out who those werewolves are


  • 11 Character Cards
  • 11 Character Tokens
  • 2 Sentinel Tokens
  • 6 Artifact Tokens
  • Rulebook
  • Getting Started Guide

Playing with the Daybreak Roles

This section describes all of the roles in Daybreak, and also explains how they interact with roles from the original One Night Ultimate Werewof game. …

At the beginning of the XVII Century, merchant companies struggle to control the trading of spices from the wealthy East Indies. Can you gather the highest profit from the shipments, all while climbing to ever higher positions in the company?


  • 1 Game Board
  • 60 Shipment cards
  • 14 Harbors
  • 20 Merchants
  • 16 Missions
  • 5 Company rank markers
  • 5 Summary cards
  • The pirate's cove
  • pirate's ship
  • Rule book

Object of the Game

Your are a merchant in the Seventeenth Century. If you can maximize your profit on the lucrative trade shipments from the East Indies, you will be the winner! …


  • 120 Cards
  • Instructions


Each card has a shape made of 0-5 triangles.

The color of a shape tells you how many triangles it is made of: ones are blue, twos are red, threes are purple, fours are yellow and fives are green. There are four Z cards that represent zero triangles.


A Zangle is 2 or more cards that make the shape on another card. Must be a minimum of 3 cards in total. …


  • 400 game cards
  • Two 6-sided dice
  • Instructions

Basic Game

Object of the Game

To be the first to collect 5 cards by identifying images and correctly answering questions about the images.


Deal out 12 cards from one of the decks onto the game board in a 4x3 grid. Place extra cards on the "draw pile" space.Choose a player to go first.

Game Play

  1. Roll the Dice

    When it is your turn, you must roll both of the dice.

    • The colored die indicates the color of card you must choose.
    • The numbered die indicates which type of question you must answer.
  2. Identify an Image

    Select a card whose color matches the color showing on the die. …

Augusta Treverorum rose to be the biggest Roman city north of the Alps in the late Roman Empire. Founded in the times of Augustus, this town at the river Moselle was built up by generations of Roman architects to be the Emperor's residence and a world-renowned city in the early 4th century.

The remains of its most impressive structures can still be visited in modern-day Trier, foremost among which is the massive Porta Nigra - the "black gate". …


  • 1 Magical Dragon
  • 4 Cups
  • 4 Dragon Rings
  • 4 Crowns
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to collect three treasures from the dragon's belly and cure his belly ache.


Slide the left wing into the left hole on the dragon's back, and turn the wing 90 degrees until it is locked into place. Repeat with the right-wing.

Once the wings are in place, push the tail into the lower two holes on the back of the dragon until it snaps into place. …