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  • Custom Game Board
  • 7 Kid Movers
  • 7 Personality Cards
  • 22 Rumor Cards
  • 23 Intrigue Cards
  • Custom Score Pad
  • Envelope
  • 6 Custom Items
  • 2 Dice
  • Rules

The Mystery

The children of Derry, Maine need a plan to protect themselves from Pennywise's next attack. It's up to you to join the Losers' Club and determine:

  1. Who Pennywise will abduct?
  2. Where he will take them from?
  3. What object will he use to lure them?

Who is at risk?

Where will they be taken erom?

What item will hire them?

Object of the Game

You win if you make the correct accusation as to which Suspect, Item, and Location are involved in the abduction.


Place all six Item Tokens and all seven Kid Movers in the center of the board. (Even if there are less than seven players).

1. Choose a Kid

Select the Kid you will be playing as and take the matching Personality Card.

2. Distribute Cards

Separate the Rumor Cards into Kids, Items, and Locations. Secretly take one card from each pile and place it into the mystery envelope.

Put the envelope off to the side. This is the Kid, Item, and Location involved in the abduction!

  1. Shuffle the rest of the Rumor Cards together and deal them all out face-down to each player so you all have an equal number of cards. If the cards don't divide exactly between players, place leftover cards face-up beside the game board.

    Everyone must keep their cards secret!

    Add mystery by placing the leftover cards face-down in the gameboard center. if you end your move in the center you may either look at any or all face-down rumor cards or make an accusation.

  2. Shuffle the Intrigue Cards and place them face-down beside the board

3. Take a Clue Sheet

Always keep your CLUE Sheet to yourself! Secretly cross off the Rumor Cards you have been dealt, any leftover cards on the table, and other players' cards you will see throughout the game.

Everyone rolls a die. Highest roller goes first, play then continues clockwise.

Game Play

On your turn:

  1. Move
  2. Ask A Question
  3. Mark Your Clue Sheet
  4. Make An Accusation

On your turn, move around the board and Ask a Question to try and find out what the other kids know by learning which cards they have in their hands.

When you think you know what cards are in the envelope, head to the center of the game board and Make An Accusation.

1. Move

There are two ways to move:

  1. Roll the Dice

    On every turn, roll the dice and move up to the sum of the two dice. If one of the dice shows a Question Mark, immediately draw an Intrigue Card.

    Then move up to the amount shown on the other die.

  2. Use a Secret Passage

    If you're in a Location with a Secret Passage (4 corner Locations), you may use it to move to the connected Location.

    Do not roll the dice if you use a Secret Passage.

Rules to Moving

  • You do NOT have to use your full move.
  • You may NOT re-enter a Location you left during that turn.
  • If you land on a space with a question mark, STOP MOVING and draw an Intrigue Card.
  • On your turn you MUST move out of a Location unless you were moved there during a Question.
  • You may move horizontally or vertically but NOT DIAGONALLY
  • If you enter a Location, STOP MOVING.
  • You may pass through, but NOT end on, a space occupied by another player.

Example: You are Beverly and you enter the Derry Sewer Entrance.

You ask a Question "Will Richie betaken with the Paper Boat in the Derry Sewer Entrance?".

Move Richie's mover and the Paper Boat into the Derry Sewer Entrance.

2. Ask a Question

Asking a Question helps you try to determine which three cards are in the envelope.

After moving into a Location, except the center, you may Ask a Question- name a Kid, an Item, and.the Location you are in. Move that Kid's Mover and Item into the //Location with you (if they are not already there).

Answering a Question

As soon as you've asked a Question, the other players try to answer it. The first to try is the player to your immediate left.

If that player has one of the named Rumor Cards in their hand, they show it to you and only you. If the player has more than one of the cards named, they select one (just one) to show you.

What if a player can't show me a card?

If the player to your left has none of the named Rumor Cards, then the next player to the left tries to answer your Question. And so on until you have been shown one card.

If no one can answer your Question, your turn is over. Leave the Kid Mover and Item token you moved where they are. The player on your left goes next.

If you were moved into a location as part of a question

If you were named in the Question and your Kid Mover was moved into the Location from somewhere else, you may draw one Intrigue Card immediately for the inconvenience.

If your mover was already in the Location, or a kid not controlled by a player was moved (less than 7 player game), then no card is drawn.

On your next turn, you may stay in that Location to ask a Question.

3. Mark your Clue Sheet

Check shown cards off on your CLUE sheet - this proves the cards are not in the envelope.

Once you've crossed off everybody's cards on your CLUE sheet you are ready to make an accusation to try and solve the Mystery.

4. Make an Accusation

When you think you've figured out which three cards are in the envelope, go to the center Location of the game board to Make An Accusation.

  • Say your accusation out loud: "I believe Pennywise will take Mike Hanlon from the Derry Back Alley with the Jack-in-the-Box".

  • Then, secretly look at the cards in the envelope.

Were you Right?

You win! Congratulations, you solved the mystery! Reveal the cards in the mystery Envelope to everyone.

Were you Wrong?

Oops! You've made a mistake and are out of the game. Secretly return the cards to the mystery Envelope - don't tell the other players which one you got wrong.

Keep your cards hidden and keep answering other players' questions. Do not ask further questions or make any further accusations.

What If Everybody Guesses Incorrectly?

If everyone makes an incorrect accusation, the game is over and the mystery remains unsolved. Take the cards out of the envelope and look at which kid was taken, from where and with what item.

Personality Cards

This card shows a unique power that is associated with your Character. This power can only be used once per game. After you use it, turn the card over.

Intrigue Cards

If you draw a "Play Immediately" card, follow the direction on the card. If you draw any other card, you get to keep it and choose when to play it.

You can play as many Intrigue Cards as you like on your turn. Discard all Intrigue Cards once they are used. Discarded Intrigue Cards can not be used again.

Roll too low to enter a room? stop on a "?" and grab an intrigue card!

If your roll is too low and you cannot enter a room this turn, aim to land on an Intrigue Space instead!

  • You don't need an exact roll to stop on an Intrigue Space.

  • When you land on an intrigue Space, pick up the top Intrigue Card and if it is a "Play Immediately" card, follow the instructions. If it is another card you get to keep it and choose when to play it.

  • Once you've used the card, place it on the discard pile.

  • If you're not using the Intrigue Cards, ignore the "?" on the die and on the board, and just move your suspect mover towards the next room you want to enter.

3 Ways to Draw Intrigue Cards

  • Roll a Question Mark

    You Must Draw A Card.

  • Land on a Question Mark

    You Must Draw A Card.

  • Moved to a location as part oe someone asking a question

    You May Draw A Card.

End of the Game

You win if you make the correct accusation as to which Kid, Item, and Location are involved in the abduction.

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