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  1. If you make a suggestion, you may name one or more of the cards that you hold in your own hand. This way, you can gain information or to mislead your opponents.

  2. You may make a Suggestion and an Accusation on the same turn.

  3. You may make only one Suggestion after entering a particular room. To make your next Suggestion, you must either enter a different room or, sometime after your next turn, re-enter the room that you most recently left.

    You may not forfeit a turn to remain in a particular room. But if you're trapped in a room because your opponents are blocking the door(s), you must remain there until a door is unblocked and you can move out of the Room

  4. You may make a Suggestion that includes a Suspect or Weapon that's already in your Room. When a transfer is necessary, leave the item(s) in the new location after the Suggestion is made.

  5. If yours was the Suspect transferred you may do one of two things on your next turn: a) Move from the Room in one of the usual ways or b) Make a Suggestion for that room.

    If you decide to make a Suggestion, do not roll the die or move your token.

  6. There is no limit to the number of Suspects or Weapons that may be in one Room at one time.

Alternate Suggestion Method

All weapons are randomly distributed among the rooms at the start of the game, no more than one per room.

When you enter a room, your suggestion must include at least one of the room, a weapon in the room, or a character token in the room.

Your suggestion does not cause game pieces to move, unless the weapon you suggested is in the room with you. In that case, the player to your right moves the weapon to a room that doesn't currently have a weapon in it.

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