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No Dice

Each player gets 9 moves on his turn. It costs 1 move to travel one space and 3 moves to make a guess, accuse a killer or travel down a secret passage to the other side of the board.

Speed Moves

You can move to any adjacent room or use a secret passageway.

Skeleton Key

In the center of the board, there is a skeleton key and players may use it to lock or unlock rooms. When a room is locked, a player can only unlock it with the skeleton key.

Intrigue Cards

When you arrive on the board space with the ? mark, the intrigue cards are activated. They provide an extra turn or allow to look at someone else's cards.

Fake Murder

After you draw 3 cards to determine how the murder happened, you draw three more cards (one of each type of card) and put them off to the side.

When you make a suggestion and nobody shows you a card, you may choose to look at one of the three cards for the fake murder, but only if you aren't holding any of the cards you suggested.

Killer Clue

One of the players is secretly the killer. If you are the killer, you must murder the other players one by one until no one is left to expose your original crime.

If you are an innocent suspect, you must determine who, where, and how the original murder was committed before you become the next victim.

Trading Cards

When you end your turn in a corridor, you may trade a card with the player to your right.

One Accusation

When you want to make accusation, all players can write down their accusation. Then they are all compared to the actual murder. If all players are wrong the murderer gets away and everyone loses else anyone who was correct wins.

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