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Star Wars Edition

It's the Clue game transported to the world of Star Wars. In this game, it's a period of civil war, and players have managed to sneak onto the Empire's ultimate weapon, the Death Star!

Be the first player to find out which planet Darth Vader plans to destroy next, which room the Death Star plans are hidden in, and which vehicle is the correct escape vehicle.

The cards revealing the correct planet, room, and vehicle are placed in the mission folder at the beginning of the game -- no one sees what these are until the end.

The player who correctly identifies what's in the folder wins!

CLUE: Game of Thrones

High treachery and betrayal are behind the two mysteries to solve in Game of Thrones Clue. Featuring a double-sided game board, players choose to solve the murder mystery in The Red Keep or in Meereen. WHO was responsible for plotting the murder?

WHAT weapon was used and WHERE did the crime take place?

The Walking Dead Clue Game

In AMC's The Walking Dead Clue edition, players return to Alexandria to find the guards protecting the walls have been killed and walkers are overrunning the community.

You must solve WHO killed the guards, WHERE in Alexandria they were slain, and WHAT weapon was used. Was it Negan in the Infirmary using Lucille?

The Big Bang Theory

You love The Big Bang Theory and you love Clue, but Colonel Mustard can only kill so many people with the candelabra. The Big Ban Theory Clue combines your two loves and puts a modern spin on this classic game.

As should be expected, someone has done something to betray Sheldon and hes not going to rest until he figures out who, how, and where.

Harry Potter Edition

Dark magic has been performed at Hogwarts. A fellow student has vanished from the famous School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and it is up to you to solve the mysterious disappearance.

Play as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or Neville and try to discover who did it, what spell or item they used and where the student was attacked. Was it Draco Malfoy with a Sleeping Draught in the Owlery? Move around Hogwarts making suggestions −− but, watch out.

Wheels on the board actually move to reveal secret passages, hidden staircases and even the Dark Mark. Think you've gathered all the facts you need? Go to Dumbledore's office to make your final accusation to win the game.

Discover the secrets of Hogwarts in this version of the classic mystery game. Enjoy new gameplay features and a moving Hogwarts game board.

Supernatural Collector's Edition

One of your favorite Supernatural characters has been possessed & is committing terrible deeds!

Now is the time for you to become the hunter and attempt to discover - WHO is possessed WHAT mystical object was used to open the demon portal, and WHERE the portal was opened!

Was it Sam with the Revolver in the Rocky Mountains? Or Dean on the West Coast with the Winchester Journal?

The Office Edition

Six employees, one team building Clue game, nine office weapons...Michael Scott has called six of his Dunder Mifflin employees into work on a Saturday. Upon arrival they discover Toby (Michael's nemesis from HR) dead in the lobby.

Along with Toby are instructions for a mandatory Team Building game of CLUE in which the office workers must compete. The prize being an additional week of paid vacation for the winner.

The employees must determine, WHO killed Toby, with WHAT office weapon and WHERE the crime occurred.

Was it Dwight with the World's Best Boss Coffee Mug in the Kitchen? Jim with the Dundee Trophy in Sales? Andy with the Nun-chucks in the Bathroom?

Clue Luxury Edition

Forget the murder of Mr. Boddy, the real crime here is not having the Clue Luxury Edition as part of your board game collection! True fans of this classic game will be thrilled by the exquisite craftsmanship on display here.

This elegant two-tone wooden cabinet with burled wood veneers offers a gaming experience unlike any other. Not only does it offer a deluxe storage box to hold components when play is over, but the glass playing surface gives a mesmerizing three-dimensional glimpse inside every room of the mansion.

This impressive cabinet also comes with plated die-cast mover bases and weapons and card as well as the famous solution envelope. Measures 17.75L x 17.75W x 4H inches. The most beautiful Clue game on the market. Two-ton wooden cabinet with burled wood veneers. Gold foil-stamped board with glass play surface.

3D view of every mansion room. Deluxe storage box keeps pieces organized. Shimmering, plated die-cast mover bases and weapons.

Clue Secrets and Spies

Can you prove yourself as the world's ultimate spy? Agent Black- CLUE's most notorious spy- is plotting, and it's up to you to stop him! Go undercover as an international agent to foil his schemes by completing missions and attending secret meetings.

Scan with your spy light to uncover a secret, or check your cell phone for a Spy Text that could help or hinder your game. Your assignments will take you all over the world, so stay ahead of the other agents and earn the title of Ultimate Spy!

Includes gameboard, 42 Activity cards, 6 Secret Identity cards, 15 Secret Meeting cards, 18 Mission cards.

The Classic Edition

The suspects you know, in the mansion you remember, with the weapons you love. Ages 8 and Up. 3-6 Players. Game board. 6 suspect tokens. 6 weapons. Deck of suspect. Weapon and room cards.

Confidential case file. Detective notebook pad. Die and riles.

Firefly Clue Game

River has been betrayed to the Alliance! Now with CLUE: Firefly Edition, help the Serenity crew to discover who is working with the Alliance, what they used to betray River and where on Serenity the kidnapping took place.

Was it Inara with the Med Kit in the Engine Room? Or Mal with the Leather Necklace in the passenger dorm? Solve the mystery and save River!

USAopoly the Legend of Zelda

In order to fulfill the prophecy and defeat Ganondorf, players must find out WHO possesses the power to defeat Ganondorf, WHAT item is required to defeat him, and WHERE he has established his hidden lair.

Clue Junior Game

It's the case of the missing cake in this classic "whodunit" game for kids. In this Clue Junior game, players are on a mission to discover who took a piece of cake, when they took it, and what they drank with it.

Players roll the die to see if they can move characters, look under those characters, or look under furniture for clues. As they find clues, they'll eliminate choices and eventually discover what happened. The game features classic

Clue characters such as Miss Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock, Col. Mustard, Mr. Green, and Prof. Plum, and also Dr. Orchid, a genius biologist with a sweet tooth.

Cluedo Board Game

Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black's been murdered in his mansion. Now it's up to you to crack the case. Question everything to unravel the mystery. Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Ransack the mansion for clues, ask cunning detective questions and leave no card unturned.

Solve the murder first to win. Ages 8 and over. Product Description Become the next Sherlock Holmes and put you detective skills to the test with Cluedo. The classic who-dunnit game is back with a modern twist and features new characters and a two-player version.

Reclusive millionaire Samuel Black has been murdered in his mansion and it's up to you to crack the case. Investigate everything to unravel the mystery and leave no card unturned.

Ransack the mansion for clues and ask cunning questions - Who did it? Where? And with what weapon? Solve the murder first to win the game.

CLUE: Dungeons & Dragons

Who Killed the Archmage? Was it Tordek in the Dragon's Lair with the Flaming Battle Axe? Or Mialee in the Dungeon with the Staff of Power? A group of heroic adventurers has been called to the Archmage's castle.

But one of those heroes isn't who he or she appears to be. One of the heroes is a doppelganger, a monster that can look like anyone. In the darkest part of the night, the doppelganger kills the Archmage, triggering a spell that seals the castle until the monster is caught.

Now, in the grand tradition of Clue, the six suspects must determine which one of them is the doppelganger: Regdar the Human Fighter, Tordek the Dwarf Fighter, Lidda the Halfling Rogue, Mialee the Elf Wizard, Ember the Human Monk or Nebin the Gnome Wizard.

The heroes try to figure out Who killed the Archmage, Where the crime occurred and What magical weapon was used.

Vintage Game Collection Exclusive Wooden Book Box

For generations, around the world, Mr. Boddy has met his end at the hand of one of six infamous suspects in this family game. As you search the mansion's nine rooms and secret passages, be on the lookout for those murderous suspects.

And watch out for those deadly weapons. The mystery changes every time you play. If you can collect the right clues and make the right deductions, you'll solve today's mystery and win.

This edition features a completely redesigned game board and cards.

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