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  • gameboard
  • 6 character pawns
  • 6 furniture tokens
  • 7 white bases
  • 7 yellow bases
  • detective notepad
  • die
  • label sheet
  • instructions

Object of the Game

Someone ate the last piece of cake!

To win, be the first to figure out who it was, when they ate it, and what they had to drink!


  1. Place the gameboard in the center of all players.

  2. Set aside the white base with no label and the one with the crumbs.

  3. Turn the five white time bases facedown, take one without looking, and put it in the center of the gameboard.

    That is the time the cake was eaten!

  4. Mix the remaining six white bases, and randomly put a character pawn into each base. Don't look, but the character pawn with the crumbs on its base ate the cake!

  5. Place the character pawns onto their matching start spaces on the gameboard.

  6. Set aside the two yellow bases with no label.

  7. Turn the five yellow drink bases facedown, take one without looking, and put it in the center of the gameboard.

    That is what the person who ate the cake had to drink!

  8. Mix the remaining six yellow bases, and randomly put a furniture token into each base.

  9. Place the furniture tokens onto their matching pictures on the gameboard.

  10. Each player, take a detective sheet from the pad and a pencil (not included).

You can fold your sheet so no one can see it as you find clues and mark it up!

Game Play

You need to discover who ate the cake, at what time, and with what drink.

Roll the die to see if you can move characters, look under those characters, or look under furniture for dues.

As you find clues, you'll eliminate choices and eventually discover what happened!

The player who last ate a piece of cake goes first. Play moves to the left. On your turn:

1. Roll the Die

If you roll:

  • Yellow: Secretly look under any furniture token.

  • White: Secretly look under any character pawn.

  • A number: Move any character pawn up to that many spaces along connecting footprints.

  • If you end up on a yellow footprint , secretly look under the furniture token in that room.

  • If you end up on a white footprint , secretly look under the character pawn you moved.

  • If you end up on a black footprint , sorry, you don't get to look at anything! Your turn ends.

You cannot pass or land on other character pawns. You cannot end your move on the space where you started.

2. Mark your Sheet

You need to find out the time and drink under the bases in the center of the gameboard. Therefore, the ones you see cannot be part of the solution!

  • When you look under a yellow or white base, cross out the time or drink you see, if there is one.

  • Cross out each furniture token you look under.

  • Cross out each character pawn you look under UNLESS you find the crumbs! When you find the crumbs, you know who ate the cake!

Your turn ends, and the player to your left may roll the die.

End of the Game

Ready to Solve the Mystery?
  1. When you think you know who ate the cake, what time it was, and what they had to drink, make your accusation. You can make your accusation at any time during your turn.

    For example, you can say, "Colonel Mustard ate the cake at 5:00 with some water".

  2. Secretly look under the bases in the center of the gameboard and the base of the character you're accusing.

Are you Right?

  • YES! - You win the game!

  • NO! - Oops, you're out of the game. But keep the solution secret!

The others keep playing until someone gets it right. Or until only one player is left in the game.

To play again, remove the tokens and pawns from their bases, mix up the bases, and set up another game! It's a new mystery every time!

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