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Base Speed: The standard number of movement points a wizard has for his turn (usually 3). He can move one square per point used.

Carried Item: An item card in a player's play area that represents an item his wizard has available for use or is currently using. While carried, the item counts toward the player's hand size and is not an object. If dropped, the item is represented on the board by a marker and becomes a dropped object (which counts as an object).

Colored Base: A player's wizard figure fits into the hole in the center of the base, and a treasure marker may be placed into its tab when picked up. The color of each base represents a different player.

Crack Token: A cardboard token that marks that an object has sustained lasting damage. An object that suffers 3 damage at a time suffers one crack. Some objects cannot suffer cracks, while others are destroyed after accumulating a certain number of cracks.

Door: A type of object that can exist on the border line between squares. Some doors are already on sector boards, while others are represented by markers placed on the board. Doors can be locked or unlocked.

Energy Card: A type of Magic card that can be used to boost a wizard's movement or spell.

Game Board: Collectively, all of the sector boards that form the labyrinth.

Home Base Square: The square on a sector board in a player color that indicates which wizard the board belongs to. It also indicates the wizard figure's starting location and where to place enemy treasures to obtain victory points.

Life: A limited resource that measures how much damage a wizard can suffer before dying. A wizard's life starts at "15" and can never go above "20". A wizard dies when his life is reduced to "0" or lower.

Life Tracker: A dial used to track how much life a wizard has. The dial is turned to a different number when damage is suffered or healed. The dial goes from 0-20.

Maintained Spell: A Magic card placed faceup in a player's play area. It represents a spell currently in effect that was cast by that player's wizard. While maintained, the spell counts toward the player's hand size. If the spell ends, the player discards the card.

Object Marker: A cardboard token representing the location of an object on the board. Objects can be mobile or immobile. Some object markers represent an object drawn on the board that is destroyed.

Portal: Indicates a location where movement off the edge of the entire board leads somewhere other than the directly opposite side of the game board. Portals are represented by a pair of markers of the same color. A wizard who enters one portal exits the other portal of that color.

Sector Board: One of four boards used to build the labyrinth. Each board has a map on each side composed of 25 squares. One side is the classic map and one side is the new map. Each board has one home base square at the center in a player color as well as two treasure starting squares.

Magic Card: One of many cards that represent energy, items, and spells that players use throughout the game. There are five types of Magic cards: attack spell, counter spell, energy, item, and neutral spell.

Schools of Magic: Represented by an icon on the Magic cards and used to build the Magic card deck for each game.

Spell: A Magic card of the attack spell, counter spell, or neutral spell type. Some spells can be maintained or boosted.

Spell Duration: The length of time a spell lasts. There are three durations: instant, temporary, and permanent.

Spell Range: The range that a spell's target must be in from the caster. There are four ranges: self, adjacent, within Line of Sight (LOS), and anywhere.

Stunned: A state indicating that a wizard or creature can move or attack, but not both. The number of stun tokens a player has represents being in this state and its duration.

Treasure Marker: A cardboard token representing the location of a wizard's treasure on the game board. Each player has two treasures in his color. An opponent's treasure is called enemy treasure. Treasures cannot be damaged.

Victory Point: A reward in the game for placing and keeping enemy' treasures on your home base square as well as killing enemy wizards. A player with 2 victory points wins the game.

Wizard: A plastic figure (on or off its colored base) representing a player's position on the board.

Wizard, Transformed: A plastic figure (on or off its colored base) representing a player's position on the game board. The figure represents the transformed wizard in this new form.

Wall: A type of object that exists on the border line between squares. Some walls are already part of the sector board, while others are represented by tokens placed on the sector board. At the ends of each wall are columns that are part of the wall. Outer walls, which lie on the edges of the game board, cannot be damaged.

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