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Gobblet combines the simplicity of tic-tac-toe with the excitement of being able to gobble your opponent's pieces. This multiple award-winning strategy game is easy to learn and fun to play!

Gobble up your opponent's pieces and get 4 in a row to win.


  • 1 wooden playing board
  • 12 red
  • 12 yellow
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to line up 4 Gobblets in a row.


Each player chooses a color and arranges their Gobblets in 3 nesting stacks of 4 Gobblets each (from the smallest to the biggest) outside the board. These stacks are called external stacks.

Game Play

Taking turns, you can play 1 Gobblet at a time following these choices:

  1. Add a new Gobblet from the external stacks and place it on any empty space of the board. You must play a Gobblet respecting the order of the stacks, starting from the largest piece.

  2. Move one of your Gobblets already on the board to any empty square on the board (it does not have to be an adjacent square).

  3. Move one of your Gobblets already on the board and gobble up any smaller size Gobblet in play (it does not have to be on an adjacent square).


Gobble up one of your own smaller pieces or one of your opponent's (it can be any smaller piece; it does not have to be the next size down).

If you add a new Gobblet onto the board from the external stacks, you must place it on an empty square.

Exception: if your opponent already has 3 Gobblets in a row on the board, you may gobble up 1 of the 3 pieces in this row with a bigger Gobblet taken from an external stack.


You can move any Gobblet on the board whether it is covering another Gobblet or not.

Lift it completely off the board to ensure that only one piece is moved at a time.

If you uncover one of your opponent's pieces, and this move reveals a line of 4 of your opponent's pieces; you lose unless you can place your Gobblet over a different piece in the same line of 4.

Once you touch a Gobblet on the board, you must play it.

If you place all 12 of your pieces on the board before the game is over, just keep playing with the pieces on the board until a winner or a draw is declared.

End of the Game

The first player to line up 4 Gobblets (regardless of their size) in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally wins the game.

The game is considered a draw if both players make identical moves 3 times in a row or by mutual agreement.

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