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3-player Variant: Dummy Bids

If you want your 3 player games to have a little bit more negotiation, you can add a dummy player. At the beginning of each round draw 2 cards from the stack and place $3 on the islands shown. Then discard the cards.

If you draw a Tourist during this phase, discard the Tourist and continue drawing until you get a card with an Island on it.

2-player Variant: Dueling Pilots

The two player game works differently than the normal game. There is less negotiation, but a higher focus on the bidding in the game. The changes to play are as follows:


Setup the game as normal for a 3-6 player game, with the following exceptions:

  1. Deal each player 4 cards instead of three. In this game, 4 cards is your hand limit.
  2. Place the Last Round card on the bottom of the deck, ensuring there will be 9 rounds
  3. The Goods Tokens stay off the compass island during setup.

Phase 1: New Round Card

No Change. Cards are resolved as normal.

Phase 2: Bid for Captain

The auctioning and payment system works differently for two players than it does other player counts. The player who was not the Captain last round becomes the bidder.

The bidder selects three tokens and places them on the compass island. The bidder then states how much they would pay to deliver these three goods.

The other player (the former captain) may:

  1. Allow the bidder to pay the bank, and the bidder will become the Captain for this round.

  2. Pay the money to the bidder and become the Captain for this round. When this happens, you must swap the three goods on the islands for the other three goods. This will reverse what goods are to be delivered this round.

Phase 3: Negotiation

Players do not place bids next to islands. This phase is skipped.

Phase 4: Fly

The Captain flies the goods as normal. However, the other player does not get to talk during this round. When the Captain lands on an island, the Captain AND the other player are able to cash in cards. Tourists are still cashed in as normal.

Phase 5: Collect Contracts

A player may discard 1 Contract before drawing their hand. Your new hand size is 4 cards.

Scoring: This is done as normal. Most money wins!

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