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You and your friends all make a living selling goods among a chain of tropical islands. Sounds great, right? Well, there's a problem: none of you are successful enough to buy your own seaplane, so you all pitched in and bought one together.

This means each day you all pile into the same plane to make all of the day's deliveries - but you don't have enough time to make them all. To make matters worse, the plane is in such disrepair that the instrumentation is broken.

The compass is demagnetized, and the windshield is covered in cracks, duct tape, and the remains of a few unfortunate seagulls. So the captain might as well be flying blind...


  • 6 Good Tokens
  • 1 Captain Tile
  • 12 Island Tiles
  • 1 Compass Island
  • 15 Direction Tokens
  • 81 Contract Cards
  • 9 Round Cards
  • 6 Small Money Screens
  • 145 Coins
  • 1 Minute Timer
  • Instructions


Each day the players auction off the Captain's seat. The player who becomes the Captain is in charge of flying the plane for the day, but cannot make any deliveries of his own.

The other players bribe the Captain to fly to certain islands in order to fulfill their contracts. This will earn them cold hard cash.

When it is time for the Captain to fly, the Captain must close his eyes, pick up the good tokens and attempt to land them on an island for a successful delivery.


  1. Place the Compass Island in the middle of the table. Point north in a particularly noteworthy direction (like an Easter Island statue, a suit of armor, or that cute gamer you are hoping will notice you).

  2. Place the 6 islands with one good icon on them in a circle around the compass. These islands will form the inner circle and should be close to the compass island.

  3. Then, place the islands with two icons on them in a ring around the first islands. These islands will form the outer circle.

  4. As a rule of thumb, you should make sure that no island is within 6 inches of another, but feel free to put as much distance in there as you want. Be creative. Nature never makes things easy.

  5. Get the Round Deck ready:

    1. Find the Last Round card and take it from the stack.
    2. Shuffle the remaining 8 cards.
    3. Draw 2 without looking at them.
    4. Shuffle these two with the last round card and place them at the bottom of the deck.
    5. Place the other six cards on top.
    6. The Last Round card should then be one of the final 3 cards, but you don't know which.
  6. Get the Contract Deck ready:

    1. Shuffle the deck.
    2. Deal each player 3 cards. Players keep their hand secret during the game.
    3. Deal 3 cards face up in a row away from the islands.
    4. Place the rest of the deck face-down next to the row of contract cards.
  7. Give each player a Money Screen, where they will hide all of their wealth during the course of the game.

  8. Give each player $10 in coins.

  9. Place the 6 Good Tokens on the Compass Island.

  10. Give the Captain Tile to the player most recently on an airplane.

Setup Diagram for 3 Players

Game Play

The game takes place in a series of rounds.

Each round has the following phases:

  1. New Round Card
  2. Bid for Captain
  3. Bribing
  4. Fly
  5. Collect new contracts

Throughout the game, players will compete to fulfill contracts. There are two types of cards in the contract deck: Island Contracts and Tourists.

Island Contracts are used by passengers in the plane and shows what Island the plane needs to land on for the player to get paid.

It will also show the amount of money that the contract will pay upon success.

The contract will also have a symbol on it. Players will collect cards of different symbols in order to gain bonuses at the end of the game.

Tourists are used by the Captain, and pay $1 for each island the Captain lands on.

Phase 1: New Round Card

Flip over the next round card, discarding the one from the previous round. Each round card has a certain action, which will be performed now. The actions are:

Add $2 next to each island that has this compa- ny on it.

Remove $1 from all islands.

This shows it's the last round of the game. The Captain gets one additional dollar for each contract fulfilled this turn by another player.

Phase 2: Bid for Captain

Players now bid for the role of Captain, on the first turn of the game the player who was most recently on an airplane starts the bidding. On further turns, it is the player to the left of the current Captain.

The starting player must start the bid at any value, including zero. The bidding then goes clockwise, and each player must either raise the bid or pass. Once a player passes, they cannot re-enter the bidding.

Once all but one player has passed, that remaining player becomes the Captain for this round, pays their bid to the bank and takes the Captain tile. No player can win the bid for captain twice in a row, if a player was captain last round then they are made to "pass" during the current round.

Phase 3: Bribing

The Captain flips the timer. This round lasts for 1 minute. At this moment, the Captain must stop talking and cannot speak until the timer runs out. After the timer runs out the players immediately move to the next round.

During this phase, players try to bribe the Captain. Their goal is to have the Captain fly the goods to the islands they need in order to get paid. This round is free-form, and there is no turn structure.

To bribe the captain, place any amount of money next to the islands of your choice. Coins should be 1" away or more.

(Not ON the island) Placing money next to an island gives the Captain incentive to fly to that island, because the Captain collects any money next to an island if they deliver a good successfully. Y

ou are not able to give the Captain money directly, and all bribes must be placed next to an island. Once you placed money next to an island, it cannot be picked up again!

Phase 4: Fly

Give each player 3 Direction Tokens, except for the Captain. Make sure all the good tokens are on the compass Island. Before the flight, the Captain may reveal any Tourist cards they wish to score this turn. Only the Captain may reveal Tourist cards.

Now the Captain takes on the difficult task of actually flying the plane. The captain takes one flight for each player in the game. So, in a four player game the Captain will fly four times. A flight takes the following steps:

  1. The Captain places their hand on a good token of their choice.
  2. The Captain lifts the token two or three inches into the air.
  3. The Captain closes their eyes and places their hand over their eyes. (And no cheating!)
  4. The Captain moves the token of their choice and attempts to drop it onto the island.

A good has been successfully delivered if the token is completely supported by the island tile and is not touching the table. The good also must match one of the goods shown on the island.

If the landing is successful, then these things happen:

  • The Captain takes any money next to the island
  • For each tourist the Captain has played, collect $1 or $2, depending on the card.
  • Any other, non-Captain, players who have a Contract Card for that island will gain the money shown on the card. After you receive the money, place the card behind your player screen - the symbols will become important at the end of the game.

Important: The Captain doesn't get to turn in any contract cards that they gave. The Captain can only collect bribes or get cash for Tourists.

If the token was not successfully delivered, then the Captain should set the token aside. In general, that good cannot be delivered again this turn. However, the Captain does have one Second Chance that they may use.

Second Chance:

Once during this round, the Captain may return a good to the compass island to be delivered again. They must discard a completed contract card from behind their screen.

If they do this, then they can attempt that delivery a second time. They can only do this once per round, and they will lose that contract card so it won't count towards their end game bonuses. You must attempt to deliver the same good, but it does not necessarily have to go to the same island.

Direction Tokens:

Non-Captain players are unable to talk until the last delivery is attempted. The other players may discard one of their Direction Tokens to say exactly one word during a flight. Limited to 3 per flight.

These Tokens are the only ones given for each delivery attempt, so use your words wisely. The central compass tile can be a good way to give your Captain directions if he or she's drifting off course.

(Or, if you're a bit dastardly, you might be want to give them the wrong direction) Sometimes players can't keep their mouth shut, and there is a penalty for doing so.

For each word a player says for which they can't discard a Direction Token they must pay $1 to the bank. After each delivery attempt, players should retrieve any used direction tokens.

Note: These tokens are only needed DURING a flight. Players may feel free to speak their mind after the good has landed, especially if it landed someplace they didn't want it to go.

After the captain has taken as many flights as there are players, the goods tokens are then returned to the compass island. Money that is sitting next to islands will remain there for the next round.

The only way to remove these coins is if a plane lands there and the Captain picks it up. Any Tourists played are discarded at the end of this round.

After the last good is dropped, all players can talk again! Feel free to comment on your Captain's flying skills, or lack-there-of.

Phase 5: Collect Contracts

If any player has less than 3 cards, they now draw until they have 3 cards in their hand. Players may discard 1 card from their hand and this card should be put on the bottom of the contract deck NOT the discard pile.

This is done in clockwise order, starting with the captain. Players pick their cards from the faceup cards, or draw blind from the top of the deck. After a player is done picking, refill the faceup tableau with any cards from the top of the deck.

In the event there are not enough contract cards to refill everyone's hand, the game ends immediately.

End of the Game

When the final round is finished, or there are not enough cards in the Contract deck, it is time to count up how much money everybody has. Players get money in two ways:

  1. The money they earned.

  2. Players are awarded bonuses for collecting sets of like symbols from their completed contracts. Players will collect $5 for a set of 3 plus an additional $5 for each symbol thereafter. So a set of 5 is worth $15 and a set of 8 is worth $30, etc.

Note: The cards remaining in your hand are worth nothing and should be discarded.

The player with the most money wins. If there is a tie, the tied player with the most contracts delivered wins.

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