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Ravage Cards

There are two types of Ravage cards: Elemental cards and Support cards.

Elemental Cards

These cards represent the Blazing entities the Ravage has sent to raze the forest.

The Elementals stay on the battlefield until they reach the forest, or until they are destroyed. Each turn, they move one space to the left during step 2.

If an Elemental card must move onto a space occupied by another card (Fountain or Tree), combat occurs.

If an Elemental card reaches the fifth space of its row (the forest), it inflicts a number of damage equal to its strength (flip that number of Edge cards to their Desolated side), after which it is discarded.

There are 8 Elemental cards for each of the four strengths (0, 1, 2, and 3).

Note: One Elemental card of each strength (0, 1, 2, and 3) features this icon . This icon is important only if you play with the Ravage pawn. Otherwise, ignore it.

Support Cards

Introductory Game

Blaze Cards (C)

Replace each "standard" Elemental card on the battlefield (including those revealed this turn) with an appropriate Blazing Elemental card.

Elemental cards of strength 3, 2, and 1 are replaced by a card that is one point stronger (i.e. a strength-3 Elemental is replaced by a strength-4 Blazing Elemental, a strength-2 by a strength-3, and a strength-1 by a strength-2).

Exception: the strength-0 Elemental is replaced by a strength-4 Blazing Elemental!

All rules that apply to Elemental cards also apply to Blazing Elemental cards, except for the Blaze cards that only affect "standard" Elemental cards.

Discard the Blaze card after resolving its effect.

Simoon Cards (D)

Each Elemental card on the battlefield (including those revealed this turn) immediately moves one space to the left.

Discard the Simoon card after resolving its effect.

Advanced Game

Desiccation (A)

Discard a random card from your hand, OR choose two cards from your hand and discard them.

Discard the Desiccation card after resolving its effect.

Demobilization Cards (B)

Remove a random card from your discard pile from the game, OR choose two cards in your discard pile, and remove them from the game.

Discard the Demobilization card after resolving its effect.

General Rule:

  • When there are many Elemental cards on the battlefield, always move them starting with the top row and the leftmost Elemental card.

  • If more than one Support card with the same letter are revealed at the same time, apply their effects starting from top row and moving along to the bottom one.

  • If, for any reasons, the effect of a Support card cannot by resolved, simply discard it without effect.

Sylvan Cards

There are three types of Sylvan cards: Animals, Fountains, and Trees. At the top left of each Sylvan card is a cost show in a water drop.

Fountain Cards

These cards represent the aquatic ramparts the forest raises to neutralize the fearsome fire Elementals. A Fountain card must be played on an empty space of the battlefield and stays there until the end of the game, or until destroyed.

Each Fountain has two characteristics: its cost to place it on the battlefield, and its strength (depicted on the leaf), which is used when an Elemental moves onto the space occupied by the Fountain card.

  • Fountain of strength 1 - cost: 0
  • Fountain of strength 2 - cost: 1
  • Fountain of strength 3 - cost: 2
  • Fountain of strength 4 - cost: 3

Important: when a Fountain card is destroyed, immediately draw a card.

Tree Cards

These cards represent the fantastical flora that grows in the forest of the Oniverse. These cards are fragile - they all have a strength of 0. As such, they are destroyed by any Elemental card, and only the strength-0 Elemental is destroyed in combat (equal strength).

However, the trees that stand at the end of the game renew the forest (and can also improve the Stag card during the game): at the end of the game, after the Final Assault, count the number of vitality points on each

Tree card present on the battlefield. For each such vitality point, flip an Edge card to its Bloom side. If all Edge cards are on their Bloom side, you win the game.

  • Tree of vitality 1 - cost: 0
  • Tree of vitality 2 - cost: 1
  • Tree of vitality 3 - cost: 2
  • Tree of vitality 4 - cost: 3

Animal Cards

These cards represent the timely intervention of one or more animals. They are immediately discarded, and their effects are applied as soon as they are played.

Introductory Game

Whale Cards (Cost: 0)

Move an Elemental up to 3 spaces in the direction of your choice. You may not move an Elemental diagonally. You may move an Elemental from one row to another. An Elemental may not move onto a space occupied by another Elemental. You may move an Elemental onto the last space (in which case it inflicts its damage as usual).

Elephant Cards (Cost: 1)

Destroy an Elemental by removing it from the battlefield.

Hedgehogs Cards (Cost: 0)

This is the only Sylvan card that may be played during step 1 "Reveal Ravage cards". It allows you to immediately discard a Ravage card that was revealed this turn (Elemental or Support) without applying its effects.

Note: a Hedgehogs card must be played at beginning of step 1, before the first Ravage card is resolved this turn.

Owl Cards (Cost: 1)

Draw 3 cards (or have your partner draw 3 cards in a 2-player game).

Note: if your Defender deck runs out when drawing the 3 cards, a Demobilization occurs, after which you draw the missing cards.

In such cases, since the Owl is discarded before applying its effects, it is shuffled back into the deck (and may be drawn during the same action).

Advanced Game

  • Stag Cards (Cost: 0)

    Choose one of the following two effects: flip up to two Edge cards to their Bloom side OR for each Tree card you have on the battlefield, flip one Edge card to its Bloom side.

  • Doves Cards (Cost: 1)

    Discard the top card from each Ravage stack, without applying its effects.

  • Squirrels Cards (Cost: 1)

    Reveal the top 2 cards of each Ravage stack. Return them to their original stacks in the order of your choice.

  • Fish Cards (Cost: 1)

    This card gives you 3 points to pay for other Sylvan card(s). In other words, when you play this card (i.e. after paying its cost), it counts as if you had discarded three cards from your hand.

    You may pay for one or more cards with these points. Any unspent points are lost at the end of the turn; therefore, it is not possible to save them for a following turn.

    You may, of course, discard a Fish card without paying its cost to get 1 point, as with any other Sylvan card.

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