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Rating: 7.8 Very Good
Players: 1-2 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Created by: Shadi Torbey, Élise Plessis

Published by: Filosofia Éditions, Z-Man Games


The mad Fire Elemental lord is out to burn down the dream forest. Attacking in waves using Fire Elementals, your only defense are trees and fountains and those animals brave enough to offer aid before scurrying away to safety.

Using a unique drafting system and combining it with a tower defense game, will you be able to keep your forest green?

Sylvion is a tower-defense type game in which attacks come down four rows and in waves. You build a deck using a unique drafting process and play cards from your hand by paying with other cards in your hand.

You can play cards to the rows like fountains and trees or play animals for instant effects or to manipulate the enemy decks of cards. When all the waves have finished, you must have kept the heart of the Sylvion verdant, or else the whole forest of the Oniverse will be destroyed.

This game can be played in an introductory style, advanced mode, and includes two expansions and an appendix for further challenges and complexity.

Retail Price:$22
Sylvion: Below Ground
Golden Geek Best Solo Board Game Nominee 2015

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  • 16 Fountain Cards
  • 16 Tree Cards
  • 32 Animal Cards
  • 32 Elemental Cards
  • 32 Support Cards
  • 16 Blazing Elemental Cards
  • 12 Edge Cards
  • 32 Expansion Cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Sylvion is a solo/cooperative game for one or two players in which you must first prevent the Ravage cards from inflicting too much damage, for if the forest's vitality falls below 0, you immediately lose the game.

Then, once all Ravage cards have been played (at the end of the Final Assault), you must ensure that the vitality of the forest must be at its maximum. …

  1. Two new Ravage cards (Demobilization and Desiccation) are added to the stacks. These cards are presented on page 19. Since this adds 16 cards to the stacks, the battle will last 4 more turns (16 instead of 12).

  2. Four new Sylvan cards are also added to your options (Stag, Squirrels, Doves, and Fish).

  3. Before the Battle phase, there is a Mobilization phase. It is during this phase that you will need to assemble, as best you can, your Defender deck from the 64 Sylvan cards. This is the Defender deck you will use during the Battle phase, and as such, the deck you assemble each game will be different. …

Ravage Cards

There are two types of Ravage cards: Elemental cards and Support cards.

Elemental Cards

These cards represent the Blazing entities the Ravage has sent to raze the forest.

The Elementals stay on the battlefield until they reach the forest, or until they are destroyed. Each turn, they move one space to the left during step 2.

If an Elemental card must move onto a space occupied by another card (Fountain or Tree), combat occurs.

If an Elemental card reaches the fifth space of its row (the forest), it inflicts a number of damage equal to its strength (flip that number of Edge cards to their Desolated side), after which it is discarded. …

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