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Below you will find a detailed description of the special effect of each Planet card. Remember that each turn, only the Leader uses the special effect of the Planet card they played.

  • Once during the turn, the Leader can change the value of any die just before it reaches the Cataclysm icon.

    Although this card is revealed during step 2, the leader applies the effect right before any Cataclysm phase.

    If the Leader doesn't use this bonus effect before the end of the turn, the effect is lost.

    If the Leader wishes to change the die value and the Active Player also wishes to do so by using a Fate Control token at this moment, the Leader takes precedence and the Active player cannot use the Fate Control token.

  • The Leader MUST name a resource when Planet cards are revealed during step 2.

    Until the end of the turn, any player producing the named resource will produce twice the amount of this resource each time.

  • Although this card is revealed during step 2, the Leader applies the effect during the Action phase when they are the Active Player. The Leader can use it at any time during their Action phase like a Free action.

    If the Leader does not use it during their Action phase, the special effect is lost.

    The Leader can place a new Scientist on the Spaceport they control without having to pay the Mycelium resource. The Spaceport has to be empty of all Units prior to this Free action.

  • Although this card is revealed during step 2, the Leader applies the effect during the Action phase when they are the Active Player and only when performing a Trade action.

    The Leader first draws the number of Stock Market cards indicated by their die. Then the Leader can choose any resource on the Stock Market and raise or lower its value by 2. This could trigger a Stock Market Crash.

    Afterwards, the Leader proceeds with their Trade action normally by choosing a Stock Market card effect to be applied and discarding all cards with the chosen one on top.

  • The Leader MUST remove a resource from the resource pool when Planet cards are revealed.

    The chosen resource does not go on the planet's exhaustion track but is removed from this game instead.

  • When Planet cards are revealed, the Leader retrieves all their face-up Planet cards from their discard pile and secretly picks one to place behind their screen.

    Then the Leader places all the other cards back in a face-up discard pile, with the #6 card value on top visible to all players( so the Leader cannot pick the #6 card they just played).

    If the Leader played this card and there is no other card than the #6 in their discard pile, then they lose the special effect provided by the #6 Planet card.

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