As the head of an ancient monastery, you strive to provide the people with Over several rounds, you compete with your opponents for resource tiles and monk tiles to improve your cloister's garden. You must balance buying new tiles and taking the scoring discs that let you reap the rewards of those tiles.

This is no easy task, as you all compete for the same tiles and the same, very limited, scoring discs. The player who plans her cloister's garden most carefully, developing the most synergies among her resource, monk and shed tiles, has a good chance of winning. …

In Lorenzo il Magnifico, each player takes the role of a head of a noble family in Florence during the Renaissance. You must accumulate prestige and fame to gain more Victory Points than the others. To do so, you will send your family members to different areas of the city where they can attain various achievements. In some areas, you will get useful resources.

In others, you will get development cards representing new territories, sponsored buildings, influenced characters or encouraged ventures. Elsewhere, you can activate the effects of these cards. Family members are not identical. At the beginning of each round, 3 dice are rolled to determine the family members' value. You must carefully choose where to send your family members with a higher value. …

Trivial Pursuit Team is played in four rounds. During each round of play, six question cards will be dealt face down alongside the board. Teams take turns choosing a question card, answering and trying to score as many points as possible. The team with the most points, once all question cards have been played, wins.


  • Gameboard
  • 2 movers
  • card holder with stand
  • 12 game packs (360 cards)
  • 30 customizable cards.

Object of the Game

Move the farthest along the path by earning points for answering questions correctly. …

In Majesty: For the Realm , you are competing for the crown by establishing the wealthiest realm. To do so, you must enlist the help of your citizens, who bring special skills with them. But you must act with prudence, for your opponents will always be working to snatch the most valuable citizens before you can, and some of your rivals may even be planning to march against your borders...


1A. Location cards have a number and a letter in the bottom-left corner. There are eight locations, each of which has both a side A and a side B. …

Object of the Game

Aeon's End is a cooperative deck building game where your deck is never shuffled. Your goal is to defeat the nemesis before your home, Gravehold, is overrun or the players are exhausted.

Each round, the players and the nemesis will take turns in a random order. During a player's turn, they will be able to cast spells, acquire additional gems, relics and spells from the supply, manipulate their spell casting breaches and use their unique abilities. All four of the different nemeses included in the game are unique in the actions taken during their turns, and will require a different strategy to defeat. …


  • 1 Yahtzee Dice cup
  • 5 Dice
  • 10 Bonus Chips
  • 80 Score Cards.


Roll a die to see who starts. Play continues clockwise.

Write each player's name on the score card, in the order of play (pen not included).

Object of the Game

Roll dice to get the highest score after all 13 rounds.

Game Play

In Short:

  1. Roll up to 3 times each turn to rack up the best possible score.
  2. Decide which dice combo you're going for.
  3. After each turn, write your score in one empty box on the score card.

Each player in turn places all 5 dice in the cup, shakes the cup and rolls out the dice. Each turn consists of a maximum of three rolls. …

In The Grimm Forest , you are a niece or nephew of one of the 3 Little Pigs of legendary fame, competing to build a set of three houses quickly out of Straw, Wood, or Brick. Players make secret plans to travel to certain areas of the Grimm Forest to gather limited amounts of resources that are available there.

If more than one Pig goes to the same location, you must share the resources found there, but if you end up alone, you get all the resources from that site. Fable cards allow you to trick and deceive the other Pigs as you all scramble to gather enough resources to build your houses. …

Everyone has a green thumb when playing Herbaceous. Relax while enjoying this beautiful and elegant game of picking and potting herbs. Pot the best collection of herbs in your containers, but don't wait too long or your friend might grab them first.

Object of the Game

Players try to score the most victory points by collecting and potting herbs from the Community Garden and their Private Garden.


  • Container Cards Herb Cards
  • 4 Garden Markers in 4 player colors
  • 63 Herb Cards
  • 9 Special Herb Cards
  • 16 Container Cards
  • 1 Herb Biscuit Card
  • 4 Quick Reference Cards


1 Each player receives 4 Container Cards , the back of the card is the player's color. …


  • 2 Screens
  • 110 Keyword cards (440 words)
  • 4 Interception Tokens
  • 4 Miscommunication Tokens
  • 48 Code cards
  • 50 Note Sheets
  • 1 Sand Timer
  • 1 Rulebook

A Word About Keyword Cards

Do not look at or shuffle the Keyword cards before playing. These cards have a color key to differentiate the front side from the back side. This way, you can play with all the blue keywords before flipping the cards, and avoid playing with the same keyword twice.

Also note that the scrambling effect on the words makes sure you don't accidentally read the other words on the card when you set up your screen. …

In Ex are a collector of rare and valuable books in a thriving fantasy town. The Mayor has just announced a new seat in the Village Council: that of The prestigious (and lucrative) position will be a warned to the citizen with the most extraordinary library! Unfortunately, several of your book collector colleagues (more like acquaintances, really) are also candidates.

To outshine your competition, you'll need to expand your personal bookshelf by sending your trusty assistants out into the village to find the most impressive tomes. Sources for the finest books are scarce, so you'll need to beat your opponents to them when they pop up - especially if they match your library's secret focus! …