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  • Gameboard
  • 6 Tokens
  • 16 Destination Cards
  • 16 Chance Cards
  • 16 Community Chest Cards
  • 64 Expenence Chips
  • Money pacl
  • 2 Dice

Object of the Game

Travel around the board racking up Experiences by discovering and visiting cool places to eat, shop, and relax.

The game ends when all of the Destinations on the board have been discovered. The player with the most Experience at the end of the game wins!

What's different in this game

  • Experience is everything!

    Money can't always buy you a great time, but experiences-good or weird-last forever! Gain Experience by discovering Destinations.

    Instead of paying rent, your friends will visit, and you'll experience a Destination together, earning them and you more Experience!

  • It's less about the money and you have less!

    Each player starts with M1OO, so make the most of it!

  • Interact with other players via chance and community chest cards!

    These Chance and Community chest cards might be a little too relatable. (Remember that time you posted a selfie at the farmers' market when you should have been at work?

    Oops. Or that time you and a friend tried that new thing and your new motto became hashtag nope?)


  1. Choose someone to be the Banker. (Responsibility, gross!) The Bankers in charge of the Bank's money. The Banker can play too but must keep their money separate from the Bank. Banker, give each player M100. Keep the rest of the money in the box as the Bank.

  2. Shuffle the Community Chest cards, and place them facedown on the game board.

  3. Shuffle the Chance cards, and place them facedown on the game board.

  4. Place the Destination cards next to their matching board spaces.

    If you don't have room, keep them as a stack, and choose someone to be in charge of them.

  5. Place the experience chips on the board facedown where all players can reach them.

  6. Each player chooses a token and places it on GO.

  7. Put the dice by the gameboard.

Game Play

Move around the board collecting as much Experience as you can by discovering Destinations or picking up Experience Chips. The game ends when all of the Destinations have been discovered. The player with the most Experience at the end of the game wins!

The player with the most student loan debt goes first, and play moves to the left.

On your turn:

  1. Roll both dice.

  2. Move your token clockwise that number of spaces.

  3. Where did you land? Carry out the rules of that board space.

    • Did you roll a double? Roll the dice again, and take another turn.
    • Watch out!++ If you roll a double 3 times in a row, you must immediately Go To Jail!

    Do not complete your third turn.

  4. Your turn ends. Pass the dice to your left.

That's all you need to know, so get going. Look up the spaces as you land on them.

The Board Spaces

A. Destination

Undiscovered Destinations

When you land on a Destination no one has discovered, you can either discover it or pass on it.

Want to discover it? Pay the price on the board space, then take the Destination card.

Don't want to discover it? You don't have to. Your turn ends. There are no auctions.

Collect Color Sets!

When you collect a complete color set, each Destination card in that set is worth more Experience at the end of the game! The value is shown on the card.

Discovered Destinations

When you land on a Destination that someone else already discovered, pay them the Visit cost shown on the Destination card. Then you and that player each take 1 Experience Chip from the pile.

You can peek, but don't let anyone see it! You'll count up Experience Chips at the end of the game. You'll notice some are worth points, and some subtract points (not all experiences in life are epic).

If you don't have the money to visit, nothing happens. Nobody collects any Experience this time. Aw.

B. Action Spaces


When you pass or land on the GO space, collect M20 from the Bank.

Chance and community chest

Take the top card from the matching deck, and immediately do what it says. Return it to the bottom of the deck when done.

Some cards say you may keep them until you're ready to use them. In that case, get good and ready, and once you've used the card, place it at the bottom of the appropriate deck.

Free Parking

It's FREE? That never happens! Chill out, do nothing.

Bike Share

You may pay to travel to any space on the board. Pay M10 to move to any space before the next Bike Share, and pay an additional M10 for each Bike Share space you pass.

If you pass GO while using Bike Share, you do not collect M20.

For example, you are here and want to move to the Tarot Shop. The total cost is M20. (M10 + M10)

Just Visiting

Don't worry. If you land here, put your token in the Just Visiting section.

Go to Jail

Move your token to the In Jail space immediately! Do not collect M20 for passing GO. Your turn is then over. You can still collect money from players who land on your Destinations, but you cannot collect Experience Chips. (You're not going anywhere!)

How do I get out of jail

You have 3 options:

  1. Pay M15 at the start of your next turn,- then, roll and move as normal.

  2. Use a Get Out of Jail Free card at the start of your next turn if you have one (or buy one from another player). Put the card at the bottom of the appropriate deck,- then, roll and move.

  3. Roll a double on your next turn. If you do, you're free! Use the roll to move, and that's the end of your turn. You can use up to three turns to try for a double. If you don't roll a double by your third turn In Jail, pay M15, and use your last roll to move.

No matter how you get out of Jail, collect 1 Experience Chip-because, hey, you survived! If the game ends and you're still In Jail, make sure to collect 1 Experience Chip.

Deals and Trades

You can buy, sell, or swap Destinations with other players at any time.

Destinations can be traded for cash and/or other Destinations. The amount is decided by the players making the deal.

You can never buy, trade, or sell Experience Chips.

Help, I can't pay

If you can't afford a Chance or Community Chest card fee, you must pay what you can and then sell Destinations you own back to the Bank for face value or to other players for an agreed-upon price. Then pay the rest of your debt.

If you have no money and no Destinations to sell, do nothing. You've got it bad enough already!

End of the Game

The game ends when all of the Destinations have been discovered.

The player with the most Experience wins! If the Experience Chips on the board run out before all of the Destinations have been discovered, this also ends the game because it means you've experienced it all-what a life!

To add up your score:

  1. Flip over your Experience Chips! Some are worth points, and some subtract points (not all experiences in life are epic). Count your total.

  2. Count up the Experience on your Destination cards, and add that number to your Chip points. Remember, if you have a complete set, those Destinations are worth more points!

In the case of a tie, the player with the most money left wins!

Here's an example:

  • Tarot Shop: 2 Exp
  • 3-Day Music Festival: 7 Exp when part of a set
  • Week-Long Meditation Retreat: 7 Exp when part of a set
  • Experience Chips: 11 Exp

Total: 27 exp.

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