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  • 1 gameboard
  • 1 Game Unit
  • 6 Monopoly bank cards
  • 6 movers
  • 30 Title Deed cards
  • 32 houses
  • 12 hotels
  • 2 dice
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

To be the only player left in the game after everyone else has gone bankrupt.

For a quicker game, play until the first player goes bankrupt Then all other players add up how much they're worth (taking money and properties into account). The richest player is the winner.


Play Monopoly the way you've always played it, but with 3 new twists!

  1. Sounds and Music

    Celebrate with a party tune as you pass Go, and listen to the sound of your fate when you land on a Zone space or take a Chance!

  2. Transport Zones

    The board is divided into 4 zones: Walking Zone, Cycle Zone, Car Zone and Rocket Zone.

    Go, Free Parking, Go to Jail and Jail are not included in the zones.

    When you land on a Zone space, it's decision time! Either choose a zone and give all players in that zone a Chance, or go to the next unowned property and put it up for auction. Will it work in your favor or mess up your plans? It's time to find out!

    If every property is owned, you can force a deal and swap one of your properties with another player's!

  3. Gameboard

    It's just like a square MONOPOLY board, but round!

    Move clockwise around the track.

    You'll also notice that there are 4 utilities instead of 2. Even better for raking in the cash!


Choose someone to be the banker. The banker is in charge of:

  • Title Deed cards
  • Auctions
  • Houses and hotels

Follow the numbers to set up your game.

You're ready to play Monopoly Revolution!

Game Play

All roll both dice. The highest roller starts and play continues clockwise.

On Your Turn:

Did you get a chance?: Follow The Instructions On The Screen!

I Landed on:

Unowned Property

Buy it or auction it.

Another Player's Property

Pay the rent.

My Own Property

Don't do anything.

A Tax Space

Pay the bank the amount shown.

Free Parking

Don't do anything.

At least you've escaped paying rent for this turn!

A Zone Space

Choose a Chance, or auction an unowned property!

Go to Jail

Go straight to jail! Don't collect money if you pass GO.

Keep playing until only one player is left in the game. That player wins!

The Game Unit

Press any button to turn the game unit on! Press and hold 'C' to clear balances from previous games.


When you pass or land on GO, put your card into the green slot and press this button to get your M2m wages!

(You don't need to key in the amount).


When you land on a Zone space, either:

  • Choose a zone on the board and give all players in that zone a Chance! (You can choose the zone you're in, if you want) Press the Zone button. When the matching picture shows on the screen, press it again. The Zone song will play and the Chance instructions scroll across the screen. OR

  • Move to the next unowned property on the board and put it up for auction. (See page 12). If all the properties are owned, it's time to Force a Deal!

M and K

To pay or receive money, key in the amount followed by M (millions) or K (thousands) to enter it.

Decimal Point/volume Control

To change the volume, press and hold this button until you reach the volume you want, then let go. To set the unit to beep only (with no music or other sound effects), choose the lowest volume setting.

C (clear)

Use C to delete mistakes. To clear balances from previous games, press and hold the C button.

How to use the Game Unit

Receiving Money from the Bank

To receive money:

  1. Put your card in the green slot
  2. Enter the amount, e.g. to receive M260k, press .
  3. Wait for your balance to go up. Take your card out.
Paying Money to the Bank

To pay money:

  1. Put your card in the red slot.
  2. Enter the amount you're paying, e.g. to pay M1 .5m, press .
  3. Wait for your balance to go down. Take your card out.
Paying Money to another Player

When you owe another player money:

  1. Put your card in the red slot and the other player's card in the green slot.
  2. Enter the amount you owe. Your balance will go down.
  3. Wait for the other player's balance to go up. Take both cards out.

To auction a property, the Banker must:

  1. Press the Deal button to start the timer.
  2. The beeps tell you when time's almost up!

(If the auction ends before the time runs out, press the Deal button to stop the timer).


Chances scroll across the screen:

  • when a player lands on a black Zone space and chooses a Chance And
  • randomly during the game. Listen out for the Chance sound and watch for a ? symbol to appear on the screen. The Chance applies to the player who has just taken their card out of the Game Unit.

If a Chance comes up when you're in the middle of a move or transaction, follow the instructions on the screen immediately! If you lose out, too bad!

If a Chance sends more than one player to an unowned property, auction it.

Buying Property

You can buy:

If you land on an unowned property and you want to buy it:

  1. Pay the price shown on the space.

  2. Take the matching Title Deed card from the banker. Keep it face-up in front of you.

If you don't want it, the Banker must auction it.

When you own a property, you can collect rent from any players who land on that space. Once you own all of the properties in one color group (a monopoly), you can build houses and hotels on them and collect more rent!

Deals & Selling Property

You can sell undeveloped properties, stations and utilities to another player on your turn or in between other players' turns.

If you want to sell something:

  1. Sell all the buildings on those properties to the banker (see opposite). You can't sell a property if there are any buildings on any of the properties in that color group.

  2. Agree a price with the other player and collect your money (see page 9).

  3. Once they've paid, hand over the Title Deed card.



Once you own all properties in a color group, you can buy houses to put on any of those spaces. The price of a house is shown on its Title Deed card.


To buy a hotel, you must first have four houses on each property of a complete color group. Swap the four houses for a hotel and pay the banker the hotel price shown on the Title Deed card. You can only build one hotel on each property.

Rules for Building
  • You can buy houses or hotels on your turn or in between other players' turns.

  • You must build evenly: you cannot build a second house on a property until you have built a house on every property in that group.

  • You can buy as many buildings as you want, as long as you can afford them!

  • You can't build houses on a property if any property in that color group is mortgaged.

Selling Buildings

Sell houses and hotels back to the banker for half their original purchase price (shown on the Title Deed card). You can sell on your turn or in between other players' turns.

Selling Houses

You must sell houses evenly, in the same way as you bought them.

Selling Hotels

Sell hotels for half their original price, plus half the price of the four houses that you swapped for the hotel.

You can break hotels backdown into houses to raise money. To do this, sell a hotel for half its cost and receive four houses in exchange.

Running Out of Buildings

If there are no houses left, you must wait for other players to return theirs before you can buy any.

If there are a limited number of houses or hotels left and two or more players want to buy more than the banker has, the banker auctions them off one at a time to the highest bidder, starting at the lowest price shown on each property's Title Deed card(s).


If you decide not to buy a property after landing on it or move to the next unowned property after landing on a Zone space, the banker must immediately auction it to the highest bidder, starting at M1 Ok. You can join in the bidding too.

  1. Start the auction by pressing the Deal button.
  2. Any player can call out a bid at any time during the auction (including the player who didn't want to buy it initially).
  3. You'll hear a warning when time's running out!
  4. Whoever makes the highest offer before the time runs out wins the property and pays the winning bid.


There is one set of 4 utilities in Monopoly Revolution. Buy and auction them in the same way as properties. If you land on an owned utility, pay rent according to how many utilities that player owns. The rent amount is shown on the Title Deed card.


Buy and auction stations in the same way as properties. If you land on an owned station, pay the owner the amount shown on the Title Deed card. The amount you owe is shown on the Title Deed card and depends on the number of other stations that player owns.

Forcing Deals

When you land on a Zone space and every property on the board is owned, you can force a deal with another player! (This replaces the option to put the next unowned property up for auction).

To force a deal, you must own a property that isn't part of a completed set. If you only have completed sets, you can't force a deal.

Choose another player's property that isn't part of a complete set and swap your Title Deed card with theirs. They can't say no!

Rent & Bankruptcy

If you land on an unmortgaged property owned by another player, you must pay rent. The owner of the property must ask you for rent before the next player rolls the dice. Pay the amount shown on the Title Deed card depending on the number of buildings on the site.

If you own a whole color group, double the rent on any undeveloped property in that group (i.e. a property without houses or hotels).

Even if you've mortgaged a property in that color group, you can still collect double rent on any unmortgaged properties of that color.

Running Out of Money

If you are low on funds, you can raise more money by:

  • Selling buildings
  • Mortgaging property
  • Selling property, utilities or stations to another player for any agreed sum (even if the property is mortgaged).

If you owe more money than you can raise from selling what you own, you are declared bankrupt and are out of the game.

Owing the Banker

If you owe money to the bank when you go bankrupt, return your Title Deed cards to the banker, who auctions off each property to the highest bidder.

Owing Another Player

Sell any houses and hotels you have left back to the bank at half the price printed on their Title Deed cards. Give the other player any money you have left and your Title Deed cards.


Mortgaging Property
  1. Sell any buildings on that property.
  2. Turn the property's Title Deed card face down.
  3. Collect the mortgage amount shown on the back of the card.

You can't collect rent on mortgaged property, but you can still collect rent for other properties in that color group.

Once you own a full color set, you can collect double rent on any unmortgaged properties in that set even if others in the set are mortgaged.

Receiving Mortgaged Properties as Payment

If another player owes you money and goes bankrupt, they must give you all of their properties. Mortgaged properties must stay that way, until you decide to repay the mortgage.

Repaying a Mortgage

You must pay the original mortgage amount plus 10% interest (rounded up to the nearest 10,000). Once repaid, turn the Title Deed card face-up.

Selling Mortgaged Property

You can sell mortgaged property to other players for an agreed price. The buyer can then either immediately repay the mortgage or pay 10% interest (rounded up to the nearest 10,000) but keep the property mortgaged.

To start collecting rent on the property again, they must pay the mortgage amount and turn the card over.

When all properties in a color group are mortgage-free, the owner can buy back houses and hotels at full price.


Going to Jail

You will be sent to jail if:

  • You land on the "Go to jail" space
  • You get a Chance which tells you to "Go to jail"
  • You roll a double three times in a row on your turn.

Your turn ends when you are sent to jail. Move onto the colored-circle on the jail space and do not collect A2M, regardless of where you were on the board.

While in jail you can bid in auctions and collect rent on unmortgaged properties.

How to get out of Jail

Stay in jail for 3 turns, but still roll the dice when it comes to your turn.

There are 3 ways to get out of jail more quickly:

  1. Wait until your next turn, then pay a A500K fine before you roll the dice. Use what you rolled to start moving around the board again.
  2. Roll a double on your turn and move that number of spaces.
  3. If the Game Unit displays a Chance which frees everyone from jail.

If you haven't rolled a double after 3 turns, pay the banker A500K before moving.

Just Visiting Jail

If you are not sent to jail but land on the jail space, you are "Just visiting".

Free Parking

This is a free resting place. You don't win or lose money by landing here. You can still collect rent, build on properties you own, etc.

Passing Go Twice in one Turn

You can collect A2M wages twice in one turn. For example, if you get a Chance immediately after passing GO that tells you to "Advance to GO".

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