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Have the most money when any other player goes bankrupt (hasn't got the cash to pay rent, buy a property they land on, or pay a Chance card fee).


  • 1 Gameboard
  • 4 Tokens
  • 20 Chance Cards
  • 48 Sold Signs
  • 90 x M1 Banknotes
  • 4 Who's Your Token?
  • Character Cards
  • 1 Die

Object of the Game

Zoom around the board, buy every property you land on, collect money and pick up Chance cards. When one player runs out of money, the others count their cash.

The player with the most money wins!


  1. Open the gameboard and put it in the center of the players.

  2. Pick up the Chance cards and remove the 4 token character cards. These are not used in the game, just read them and choose!

    The 4 token character cards:

  3. Place your token on GO!

  4. Find the 12 sold signs that match your token and keep them in front of you.

  5. Shuffle the 20 Chance cards and place them facedown on the Chance space on the board.

  6. Pick one player to be Banker. The Banker looks after the money. It's time to deal out the cash:

    • 2-player game: give each player M20
    • 3-player game: give each player M18
    • 4- player game: give each player M16

Game Play

  1. The youngest player starts! Play continues to the left.

  2. Roll the die and move your token that number of spaces clockwise from GO.

    • Always move forward, never backward
    • Every time you pass or land on the GO space, collect A2!
  3. Where did you land?

    Read about all the different spaces before you start. If you land on:

    An Unowned Space

    If no one owns it, you must buy it!

    • Pay the Bank the amount written on the space.
    • Put one of your sold signs on the colored band at the top of the space so everyone knows you own it!

    An Owned Space

    If another player owns it, pay them rent. Rent is the amount written on the board space. If you own it, do nothing.

    A Pair = Double Rent!

    If a player owns both properties of the same color, rent is double the amount shown on the space.

  4. Turn over for info on the other board spaces and how to win!

  5. That's it! Now it's the next player's turn.

The Board Spaces


Every time you pass or land on GO, collect A2 from the Bank.


  • Take the top Chance card, read it out loud and follow the instructions.

  • Return used cards to the bottom of the pile.

Go to Jail

Go straight to jail! Do not pass GO. Do not collect A2. At the start of your next turn, pay A1 or use the Get Out of Jail Free card if you have it. Then roll and move as normal. You can collect rent while In Jail.

Just Visiting

You are Just Visiting if you land here on your roll!

Free Parking

Do nothing, just take a break.

End of the Game

If you don't have enough money to pay rent, buy a property you land on, or pay a Chance card fee, you're bankrupt! And that's the end of the game.

The other players all count their money, and the player with the most money WINS!

Tie? Count how much your properties are worth and add it on to your wealth!

Advanced Game

Once you've mastered the standard rules, try playing the following way and see who wins!

  1. If you don't have enough money to pay rent or a Chance card fine, complete the debt with property you own.

  2. If you owe another player, your property becomes theirs. If you owe the Bank, your property goes back on the market.

  3. If you still can't pay, then you are bankrupt and the game ends. Everybody counts their cash to see who has won!

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