Rating: 4.9 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-8 players
Playing time: 60-180 minutes

Created by: Charles Darrow, Frantz Rey

Published by: (Unknown), Åhlén & Åkerlund, Alga

Alternate Names: Ålborg på spil, Banco Imobiliário, Banco Imobiliário Brasil, Banco Imobiliário: Luxo, Beuru Mabeul


Monopoly is a real estate-themed game with a roll-and-move and set collection mechanic. Players take the part of land owners, attempting to buy and then develop their land.

Income is gained by other players visiting their properties and money is spent when they visit properties belonging to other players.

The goal of the game is to force all of the other players into bankruptcy by buying real estate, building houses and hotels and charging rent.

While there's a strong element of luck involved, there's still enough strategy left so skilled players will win more often in Monopoly.

Monopoly has a complex history. It was based on The Landlord's Game (1904), designed and patented by Elizabeth Magie.

Today, the game has been been published in 26 languages and more than 200 million games have been sold worldwide.

By my estimation, around 500 million people have played Monopoly. The game is also the most copied (both authorized and unauthorized) one. Clones pop up all the time and are widely available.

Official Recognized Monopoly Records:

Longest Game Ever Played1,680 hours (70 days)
In a bathtub99 hours (4 days 3 hours)
Underwater1,200 hours (50 days)
Largest outdoor game938 x 765 feet
Largest indoor game122 x 122 feet
Smallest game1 square inch. for 30 hrs.

Read here more about the fun facts and history of Monopoly.

The site is also available in Dutch Language.

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Beyond Boardwalk and Park Place
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