If you want the game to feel a little more like the first edition, we recommend that you play with at least the first two variants here.

Costly Placement

If you would like the citizen placement to feel tighter, use this rules:

  • If a player places a citizen on an action space that already has a citizen with a higher skill number, the player must pay coins equal to the difference in skill (instead of the normal one coin).

  • If the player cannot pay coins, then they cannot place their citizen there. …

Team Play Rules

This is a 4-player game variant. First, the players form two teams of two. Next, sit at the table so you are across from your partner. When playing a pair match, you should always consider what cards your partner is drafting.

The game is played as normal except for calculating scores (stage 9). Your team wins if the total score for your team is higher than that of your opponent's team.

Richard Garfield's Team Play Rules

Play just as in the Team Rules above except all Shadow cards have this additional effect, "Exchange one of your cards in play for one of your partner's cards in play". …

Game Components

  • 110 Card
  • Rules


From the set of 110 cards remove the 30 cards with the Expert Rules icon () in the bottom right corner of the card. Shuffle the remaining 80 cards and place the deck in the middle of the table where every player can reach it.

Object of the Game

Collect cards to score as many points as you can.

Game Play

The game proceeds in the following order:

  • Stage 1) 1st draft Stage 2) Play cards in hand
  • Stage 3) 2nd draft Stage 4) Play cards in hand
  • Stage 5) 3rd draft Stage 6) Play cards in hand
  • Stage 7) 4th draft Stage 8) Play cards in hand
  • Stage 9) Calculate points


Drafting follows these five steps: …

Once you've become familiar with the base game, you can play with powers. At the beginning of the game, deal a Power card face-up to each player. Powers remain active during all the game.

Go around the table so that each player can explain their power.

The Collector

This power is considered to be a painting. It is added to your collection at the end of the game.

The Cunning

This player is allowed to change his Bullet card at the end of the hold-up (step 3). …

Preset Fossil Fuel Power Plant Setups

For your usual games, we suggest that you place the fossil fuel power plants at random during setup. But, you may also want to begin the game with a pre-configured setup. These are our suggestions:

  1. Beginner (Green) - 4 gas, 1 oil, and 1 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 150 ppm.

  2. Normal (Recycler) - 2 gas, 2 oil, and 2 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 180 ppm.

  3. Expert (Industrialist) - 1 gas, 1 oil, 4 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 210 ppm.

  4. Extreme (Lobbyist) - 6 coal; global CO2 pollution starts at 240 ppm. Take 6 gas power plant tiles out of the game. …

Game Components

  • The game rules
  • 8 Foam guns
  • 18 Wound tokens
  • 9 Plastic stands
  • 8 Characters
  • 1 New Godfather, first player token
  • 1 Godfather's desk
  • 1 Diamond Bonus card
  • 16 Power cards
  • 64 Bullet cards
  • 64 Loot Share cards


Each player takes 1 Foam gun, 5 Click cards, 3 Bang! cards, and 1 Character, which they stand in front of them.

Shuffle all of the Loot cards and divide them into 8 piles of 8 cards.

Put the New Godfather token in the middle of the table, next to the Loot cards.

Place the Wound tokens nearby. …

Merchants can join forces with others to form teams when playing with 4 players. This reduces downtime and greatly improves gameplay. We recommend using team rules after a couple of games with normal rules, which familiarizes you with the game's core mechanisms.

Changes to the normal rules

There are two teams with both containing two players. Two of the players sit opposite to each other and are in the same team. The other two players, who also sit facing each other, are in the other team. Thus, each player has an opponent on both sides and a teammate across the table. …

Alliance Version

For 4 Players Playing in Competing Alliances

Box of Ultimate Stratego board game

Your army is camped on a great battlefield. Across from you is your ally's army. Opposing you both are the armies of your opponents. When the battle begins, your goal is simple: advance your flag until it is adjacent to your teammate's flag.

If you can "unite" your flags, you win the game. Of course the two opposing armies are trying to beat you by uniting their own flags. (You can also win by capturing both of their flags). …

Recruit Draft

At the beginning of the game, draft recruits instead of drawing 4 and keeping 2. Deal 4 cards to each player, pick one, and pass the rest. Do the same until you're out of cards, then pick your 2 recruits and discard the rest.

Doubles House Rule

If you begin your turn with more than 1 available worker of the same knowledge, in order to place more than 1 of those workers on the same turn, you must lose 1 morale for each worker you place beyond the first before you place it. …

Game Components

  • 48 unique recruit cards
  • 36 artifact cards
  • 6 ethical dilemma cards
  • 1 game board
  • 24 worker dice
  • 6 heart-shaped morale tokens
  • 6 face-shaped knowledge tokens
  • 45 resource tokens
  • 72 commodity tokens
  • 4 progress tokens
  • 3 miner meeples
  • 60 star-shaped authority tokens
  • 16 unavailable territory markers
  • 18 unique square market tiles
  • 6 multiplier markers
  • 8 circular allegiance bonus markers
  • 3 unavailable action space markers
  • Rulebook


Unavailable Territory Tokens: Place the unavailable territory tokens on each territory star so that the remaining spaces equals the number of players. Thus for a 4-player game, 2 tokens would be placed on each territory. …