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Rating: 7 Good
Players: 3-8 players
Playing time: 60-120 minutes

Official Site: Publisher's dedicated website

Created by: Bruno Faidutti, Jef Gontier, Bruno Faidutti, Jef Gontier, Christophe Madura

Published by: Arclight, Edge Entertainment, Fantasiapelit

Alternate Names: Czerwony Listopad, N*V3MBR3 R*UG3, Novembre Rosso, Novembre Rouge, Noviembre Rojo


Red November is a cooperative game in a gnomish attack submarine where everything is going wrong.

The sub is descending and the water pressure increasing, the nuclear reactor is overheating, the nuclear missile launchers are pre-igniting, fires and water leaks are everywhere, there's a giant Kraken looming nearby and there's very little oxygen and vodka left.

While the storyline feels more and more like a disaster movie, the players must get organized to solve the problems, divide the tasks among themselves to minimize the risks, and sometimes accept to sacrifice themselves for the common cause.

The game is played on the map of the submarine. The conditions in the submarine are represented by three disaster tracks: Asphyxiation, Heat and Pressure.

During the game, these conditions get worse, and if anyone of them reaches its maximum value, the submarine is lost. In addition, various emergencies can occur which have to be dealt with swiftly, or they'll also lead to the loss of the submarine.

Each turn, a player can move to a new location, and perform some action there. Such an action can be repairs (which will improve conditions on the sub and/or fix emergencies), removing obstacles (unblocking hatches, removing flooding or extinguishing fires) or stocking up on equipment (which will help with later actions). Each action is paid for with time.

The more time a player spends on an action, the greater the chance of success. After each player's turn, a number of events will happen; the more time was spent, the more events will occur. Such events will be the worsening of conditions in the submarine, or the triggering of emergencies.

If the Gnomes can keep alive long enough, rescue will arrive and the game is won.

Retail Price:$42
Golden Geek Best Party Board Game Nominee 2009
Golden Geek Best Innovative Board Game Nominee 2009
Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game Nominee 2009

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Bad times have hit the experimental gnomish submarine BFGS Red November. The sub has gone crazy, and everything is going wrong all at once.

Fires are burning, the sub is leaking, and critical systems keep failing. Help is on the way, but the gnomish sailors must work together to survive until the rescuers arrive.

Red November is a cooperative survival game for 3-8 players playable in 1-2 hours. Players control desperate gnomish sailors who must work together to fix malfunctioning equipment, extinguish fires, and solve other deadly problems. …

There are three types of actions: fix-it actions, item actions, and special actions.

Fix-it Actions

Most of the actions taken by gnomes during the game revolve around trying to fix something that has gone horribly wrong. All fix-it actions follow these steps:

  1. The player decides how many minutes to spend attempting the repair. He can spend between 1 and 10 minutes.

  2. He adds any bonuses from Item Cards used that turn, if they help fix this particular problem.

  3. He rolls the action die: if the roll is less than or equal to the sum of time plus bonuses, the gnome succeeds in his task! Otherwise, he fails. …

Event Cards are drawn during the Updates Phase each time the Time Keeper enters a space with a Draw Event Icon. After resolving the Event, place it in a discard pile next to the Event Deck.

If the Event Deck is exhausted, add the "Krakcn" card (which was set aside during setup) to the discard pile. Then, reshuffle and form a new Event Deck.

Disaster Track Events

Some events move the Disaster Track Marker on one of the Disaster Tracks forward by one or two spaces. …

Don't lose hope! All is not lost on the Red November. The sub is stocked with a variety of equipment that could be just what the gnomes need to save the sub, or at least make their demise more pleasant.

Here is a list of all the different types of Item Cards a gnome may find on the Red November.


The active gnome gains a +3 bonus to a Fix Engine, Fix Oxygen Pumps, or Fix Reactor action this turn.

Engine Manual

The active gnome gains a +4 bonus to a Fix Engine action this turn. …

There are three types of environmental hazards: fire, flood, and blocked hatches.


Fire is caused by certain events. It has the following effects:

  • A gnome cannot enter a room that is on fire unless he uses a Grog or Fire Extinguisher during his turn.

  • The only action a gnome can take in a room on fire is Extinguish Fire. If a gnome fails to extinguish the fire, he must immediately leave the room (at normal time cost) if possible.

  • Any fainted gnome in a room on fire is killed. If the active gnome begins his Updates Phase in a room on fire, he is killed. …

Once you are familiar with Red November, you can try one or more of the following optional rules. Just make sure that all players agree on which optional rules (if any) will be used before the game begins.

Greater Challenge

To make the game more challenging, instead of placing the "Respite" Event Cards in the discard pile when drawn, remove them from play. The second time through, the Event Deck will be even more disaster-packed.

To make the game even more challenging, draw and resolve a number of Event Cards equal to the number of players before the first turn. …

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