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Event Cards are drawn during the Updates Phase each time the Time Keeper enters a space with a Draw Event Icon. After resolving the Event, place it in a discard pile next to the Event Deck.

If the Event Deck is exhausted, add the "Krakcn" card (which was set aside during setup) to the discard pile. Then, reshuffle and form a new Event Deck.

Disaster Track Events

Some events move the Disaster Track Marker on one of the Disaster Tracks forward by one or two spaces.

The Asphyxiation Track advances with each "Fire" Event Card. The Pressure Track advances with each "Descent" and "Fast Descent" Event Card.

The Heat Track advances with each "Reactor Warmup" and "Reactor Malfunction" Event Card.

Variuos events can push the Disaster Track Markers closer to disaster. If any marker reaches the end of its Disaster Track, the game ends immediately and the sub is lost!

Disaster Tracks

The three Disaster Tracks each correspond to a particular room:

  • The Asphyxiation Track (green) matches the Oxygen Pumps ( room 2).
  • The Heat Track (red) matches the Reactor (room 4).
  • The Pressure Track (blue) matches the Engine Room (room 1).

Timed Destruction Events

Some events represent major catastrophes that will destroy the sub in a matter of minutes. When one of these events is drawn, the matching Destruction token is placed on the Time Track.

The Event Card states whether the token is placed 10 or 15 minutes ahead. Count from the Draw Event Icon that caused the event to be drawn. For example, if an "Oxygen Pumps Down'' card is drawn when the Time Keeper is on the "45" space, place the "Asphyxiated!" token on the "35" space.

If the Destruction token should be placed after the "Rescued!" space, the token is not placed and the disaster is avoided - hurray!

There can only be one of each Destruction token on the Time Track. If an event calls for a token that is already there, the event has no effect.

If all players' Time Keepers pass the Destruction token on the Time Track, the catastrophe occurs and the submarine is destroyed. The players lose the game!

Discard the Event Card after the Destruction token is placed.

Fire Events

There are two types of fire events: "Fire" and "Fire Spreads".

A "Fire" card starts a new fire in a random room. Roll the die to determine which room.

If the selected room is flooded (at any level), there is no new fire. Dis- card the event without effect.

If the selected room is not flooded, advance the Asphyxiation Track Marker one space (even if there is already a fire in that room!), and then add a Fire token to the room (if there isn't one there already).

The "Fire Spreads" event is different. The active player must choose one room that is adjacent to a room that already has a Fire token (i.e., connected by a hatch - even a blocked one). He cannot choose any room that is already on fire, or which has any level of flooding.

Add a Fire token to the selected room and increase the Asphyxiation Track Marker by one.

If there is no legal room to choose, then this event has no effect and is discarded. Do not increase the Asphyxiation level in that case.

Flooding Events

There are also two kinds of flooding events. The "Leak'' card increases the water level in a random room. Roll the die to determine which room.

Place a high-water Flood token in the selected room (or flip a low- water Flood token to the high-water side if one is there). If the room was on fire, remove the Fire token.

"Underwater Current'' causes all rooms with a low-water Flood token to flood to high water. Flip over all low-water Flood tokens.

Blocked Hatch Events

When a "Blocked Hatch" card is drawn, one of the interior hatches attached to a random room becomes blocked. Roll the die to determine which room.

The active player chooses any one non-blocked interior hatch in this room and places a Blocked Hatch token on it. Exterior hatches never become blocked and cannot be chosen.

If all hatches connected to this room are already blocked, the event has no effect.

Hand Limit Events

"Turbulence " forces all players to discard Item Cards until they each have no more than four cards. The "Stumble" event affects only the active player, who must discard all but one Item Card.

Other Events

"Friendly Fire" is a combination of fire, flood, and hand limit event. Simply follow those three steps in order.

When the "Overheated" event comes up, all gnomes who hold at least one Grog card must drink one (they're really thirsty!). They receive no benefits, but their intoxication levels increase normally. Do not make a Faint Check because of this event.

From time to time, a "Respite" Event Card will appear. This represents a rare moment when nothing goes wrong. The gnomes can breathe a sigh of relief, and discard the event.

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