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Rating: 7.7 Very Good
Players: 1-5 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Official Site: Official page from Czech Games

Created by: Vlaada Chvátil, Radim Pech, Milan Vavroň

Published by: Czech Games Edition, Devir, Heidelberger Spieleverlag

Alternate Names: スペース・アラート, スペース・アラート, 太空警報


Space Alert is a real-time co-operative team survival board game. Players become crew members of a spaceship exploring the uncharted dangerous galaxy.

In, Space Alert, the missions takes about 10 minutes to play. It's the task of the players to protect the ship until the mission is completed. During play, the central computer will announce the presence of various threats and players must together coordinate actions (moving around the ship, firing weapons, distributing energy, using battlebots,...) to take care of each task and threat.

After the 10 minutes are up, you move into the resolution round and see how you actually did. Points are calculated based on the number of threats handled and the amount of damage their ship sustained. Only a well working team can win this game.

Retail Price:$46
Little Duckling (fan expansion for Space Alert)
Space Alert: The New Frontier
Spiel des Jahres "New Worlds Game" Winner 2009
Spiel der Spiele Hit mit Freunden Recommended 2009
JoTa Highlights of the Year Nominee 2009
JoTa Highlights of the Year Critic Award 2009
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Game Components

I. Setup

Choose a difficulty level for common threats: lower (white-symboled cards), higher (yellow-symboled cards), or random (both types mixed together). Prepare an external common threat deck and an internal common threat deck with this difficulty level.

Choose a difficulty level for serious threats and prepare external and internal serious threat decks. The difficulty level for serious threats can be different from that chosen for common threats, but in each case, the internal and external threat deck should be at the same level. …

An Exploration Campaign consists of up to three consecutive missions. Your goal is to score as many points as possible. Damage to your ship is cumulative throughout the campaign, but you can make a few repairs. You get to choose a difficulty level before each mission, and you can even decide to quit the campaign and score points for only one or two missions. If you lose on any mission, you lose the entire campaign.

When choosing a difficulty level for normal and for serious threats or deciding whether to continue, you should all agree. If not, the most careful proposal wins. …

Unstable Warheads

The malfunction has 1 hit point for each rocket still on the ship, so it may be possible to reduce its hit points by launching rockets before it appears. (Once the malfunction appears, it is not possible to launch rockets until it is repaired). If there are no rockets left on the ship when the threat appears, the threat is immediately destroyed. The card is given to the captain. Rockets on the rocket track do not count toward the malfunction's hit points. …

Stealth Fighter, Phantom Fighter

Until they perform their X action, all weapons systems ignore them.

If the Phantom Fighter is targeted by a rocket (after it has revealed itself) the rocket is destroyed with no effect.

Cryoshield Fighter, Cryoshield Frigate

The cryoshield absorbs all damage the first time the threat is targeted. In the first Compute Damage step in which the threat is targeted by at least one weapon, the threat is not damaged, regardless of its shield points and the total strength of your weapons. Instead, put a black block on its cryoshield icon to denote that the cryoshield has been destroyed. In later turns, the threat can be targeted and damaged as normal. …

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