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Rating: 7.6 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Official Site: Official Grizzled english site

Created by: Fabien Riffaud, Juan Rodriguez, Tignous

Published by: Cool Mini Or Not, Ludonova, Oliphante

Alternate Names: Los Inseparables, Les Poilus, Ta-Pum!, Ta-Pum!, Wiarusi


August 2nd 1914 - In the village square, the group of inseparable friends contemplate, stunned, the General Mobilization order plastered to the town hall. For many weeks now, the papers had become worrisome, but the brutality of the announcement surprises everyone.

Without having any idea of the hell in which they'll be plunged, they promise each other that they'll survive to come back all together no matter what happens. Unfortunately, the reality they'll have to face will be much worse than their deepest fears.

Intention Note

At the same level as literature and cinema, games are a cultural medium which is undeniably participative. There are no subjects it can't broach, though some are more delicate than others. The life of the Grizzled is one of those.

Guided by the deepest respect that the suffering endured by these men has inspired in us, we've designed and tweaked this game with this constant concern.

In this earnest endeavor we've chosen to focus on the individual, with his preoccupations and his daily fears. The only escape for the men we've portrayed is to use their solidarity, their brotherhood, and mutual assistance to save one another.

Without ever touching on the warlike aspect, "The Grizzled" offers each player the chance to feel some of the difficulties suffered by the soldiers in the trenches. Thus the emotions around the table will often be intense.

The path to victory may seem difficult, but don't get discouraged - persist and survive the Great War!

The Grizzled is a cooperative game about survival in the trenches during the first World War where players win or lose together.

Each round, the current team leader will choose how many cards every player draws. Then, going around the table, players must either play a card in their hand or back out of the mission. Each card represents either threats to the team (such as mortar shells and weather conditions) or negative personality traits (such as frightened or obsessive).

At the end of the round, more cards are added to the draw deck. The game ends only if the players can deplete the draw deck as well as their hands without letting time run out.

If one threat shows up too many times, the team fails the mission. The team must play their threats correctly in order to gain any progress. However, most of the information in a players hand remains secret throughout the game.

Planning, teamwork, and a little luck are the tools you'll need to win this cooperative game for two to five players.

Retail Price:$20
The Grizzled: At Your Orders!
Meeples' Choice Nominee 2015
Golden Geek Best Thematic Board Game Nominee 2015
Golden Geek Best Innovative Board Game Nominee 2015
Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee 2015
Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee 2015

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