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Having appropriate Items will often make the difference between life and death for a Character. Items may be obtained in a few different ways:

  • Each Character starts the game with 1 dedicated Item card ( Weapon).

  • Each Character starts the game with 2 Quest Items. These 2 cards are placed face down on their horizontal side. Once their requirements are fulfilled, the cards are flipped face up on their verti- cal side and become normal Item cards.

  • During the game, a Character may also find various Items in the Rooms, using the Search Action card.

  • During the game, a Character may also create special Crafted Items by assembling other Items in their possession using the Craft Basic action.

  • The Characters may also discover Heavy Objects during the game (Character Corpse, Intruder Carcass and Eggs), which are not represented by cards but by special tokens or miniatures. They can be carried around by the Characters.

    These Objects don't have their own rules and they are used at specific times - when an Action card, Room Action or Event calls for it (for example, the Laboratory Room Action).

Important: Some Items are marked as One Use Only: after using such an Item, its card is discarded.

Example of an Item Card:

  1. Blue Component icon - means that this card can be used during a Craft Action as a component for the Molotov Cocktail.

  2. "Out of Combat Only" icon - this icon indicates if this item can only be used in Combat, out of Combat or anytime (in the latter case, there is no icon in the upper right corner of the card).

  3. One Use Only - as indicated by the yellow text, Bandages are discarded after use. After performing the Bandages Item Action, the card is discarded in the appropriate discard pile.

  4. Action Cost - You must discard 1 Action card to perform this Action.

  5. Action effect - Describes the different effects of the Action. Bandages can be used to either dress 1 Serious Wound or to Heal all Light Wounds.

  6. Or - Indicates that you must choose between the two possible effects of the Action.

Character Hands and Inventory

There are two types of Item cards: Heavy Items (kept in the Character 's Hands) and normal Items (kept in the Inventory). Characters may also carry Heavy Objects tokens.


All normal Items may be kept secret from the other players - put them in your Inventory (plastic card holder), so the other players can only see the card backs.

The other players can see the color of the Items in your Inventory, but they do not know exactly what you have there. However, when any Item card is used, it must be shown to all the other players.

There is no limit to the number of Items that can be placed in your Inventory.

Hand icon and heavy items and objects

Heavy Items (as Weapons) are indicated by the Hand icon. They can never be kept secret from the other players and can- not be put in the Inventory.

When you find/gain a Heavy Item (or pick up a Heavy Object) you want to keep, it must be placed in one of the two Hand slots of the Character, meaning that a Character may carry up to 2 Heavy Items/Objects.

If both of the Character's Hand slots are already taken and you want to take another Heavy Item / Object, you must Drop 1 of the carried Heavy Items/Objects.

Each Weapon acquired by Searching comes into play loaded with 1 AMMO token. A Weapon can never exceed its Ammo capacity, shown on the Weapon card.

Sometimes, you can Add an Item card to another Item card (like the Extended Magazine or the Autoloader). It means that the added item is placed next to the indicated Item card. From now on, both cards are treated as one.

Important: The Duct Tape Item card allows you to combine 2 Heavy Items, so they take up only 1 Hand slot - but it doesn't apply to Objects!

Important: A Weapon can never exceed its Ammo capacity, shown on the Weapon card.

Heavy Items are Item cards showing the Hand icon. Heavy Objects are tokens: Intruder Eggs (they are most often found in the Nest Room), Character Corpse (the Character Corpse token, representing either a dead Character or the body found in the Hibernatorium at the start of the game), Intruder Carcass (a Carcass token is placed after the death of any Intruder - with the exception of Larvae).


A Character may freely Drop any Item / Object from their Hands / Inventory any time during their turn without using an Action.

  • Objects remain in the Room where they are dropped.
  • Items are lost - discard their card.

This ship is full of useful stuff. Sometimes you just have to look around the room for a few moments. This Fire Extinguisher might come in handy, those Chemicals with a Zippo will do as a Flamethrower.


Apart from the Character-dedicated Items (1 Weapon and 2 Quest Items ), there are 4 colors of Items in the game: Red (Military), Yellow (Technical), Green (Medical), Blue (Crafted).

Three of these decks (Red, Yellow, Green) contain Items which can be found in Rooms when using a Search Action.

The color of any Item found during a Search Action should match the color of the searched Room (yellow Items in yellow Room etc).. A Room's color is the background color under its name and rule text.When searching in a white Room, the player can choose to draw from any of these 3 decks.

Each time a Character performs a Search Action in a Room , the Item Counter of that Room is reduced by 1. When the Item Counter reaches 0, the Room has been emptied and cannot be searched anymore.

There are some exceptions to this rule, like the Scout's Scavenging Action.

Search Example:

The Scout performs a Search Action in the Cabins. She discards a Search Action card and decreases the Item Counter by one.

As the Cabins are a white Room, the Scout can draw 2 Item cards from any one Item deck. She decides to look for weapons and ammunition and draws from the Red Item deck.

The player decides (in secret from the other players) to keep the Energy Charge and discards (face-down) the Grenade back into the Red Item deck. The Energy Charge is placed into the Scout's Inventory, showing only the back of the card to the other players.


The fourth (Blue) deck of Item cards contains Crafted Items. These Items cannot be found by searching the Rooms. They can be assembled with a Craft Item Basic Action, using other Items in your possession.

You may look through the Crafting deck at any moment of the game. Cards from it are never drawn during the game, instead, when Crafting an Item, look for corresponding Crafted Item card and take it.

Crafted Item cards display 2 grey Component icons representing the Components required to build this Item.

The Item cards that can be used as components for Crafted Items display a blue Component icon , representing a specific Component that can be used (by discarding the card) to build a Crafted Item.

To build a Crafted Item, you must perform a Craft Item Basic Action and discard two Item cards showing the blue Component icons corresponding to the grey Components icons of the Crafted Item you want to build (the first Item card corresponding to the first required Component icon, and the second Item card corresponding to the second required Component icon).

You can build four different Crafted Items during the game:

A Crafted Item cannot be built if its card is not available, even if you have the required blue components.

Quest Items

Quest Items are NOT available for you to use from the start. Each of them has a special condition you must meet to unlock this Item during the game (specified on the horizontal side of their cards).

When you manage to activate a Quest item, you can flip it and treat it as a standard Item (it can occupy a Hand slot, might be dis- carded, given away, etc).

Attacking Players

Years of accumulated knowledge of space travels suggest that placing a small group of people in a cramped metal can flying through the unknown for an extended period generates undesirable tensions.

To prevent serious conflict among ship crews, space corporations spend billions of dollars equipping their crews with implants which create a strong psychic barrier and inhibit direct violence against Humans. This is why crew members cannot directly attack one another.

Characters cannot directly attack other Characters, but they may (accidentally or intentionally ) harm other Characters as a side effect of their actions. Cutting someone off in a room on fire, activating self-destruct with people still on board, throwing a grenade at an Intruder in a room with other crew members are just a few of the many possibilities...

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