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The brawnen are an industrious, ambitious race of giants.

The only thing outstripping their desire for additional supplies of Source is the rate at which they're burning through what they already have.

A race with a martial history dating back to their defeat of their island's dominant predator species, the brawnen put their all into every battle, led by their unpredictable, destructive forsaken units - oversized brawnen whose enhanced fighting abilities correspond to their reduced intelligence.


The grovetenders were once an introverted, serene race, cousin to plant life and possibly created by the Source itself.

Though grovetenders count culture,

harmony and peace among their greatest values, they have been forced into The Joining War after several attacks on their home island of Yrtel made it clear that neutrality is not an option.

While fighting is not their first nature, the grovetenders' creative minds and ability to shape fearsome constructs from surrounding plant life make them a formidable foe on the battlefield.

The Heirs

The heirs believe controlling all of Ankar's islands is their birthright.

The bird-like race holds itself to a strict caste system, but every heir keeps one principle close to their heart: the lowest heir is still superior to any other being.

Lacking the strength of their opponents, the heirs have compensated with intensive training and quick-strike tactics.

They also make the most of their aerial advantage, with elite flying squadrons dispatching terror from above.


The narora believe controlling the Source is their calling. Even before the Joining, the narora were eyed askance by the other nation-states due to their fanatical ways.

While grovetenders respect the Source and honor its power in their day-to-day lives, the narora worship it, bathe in it, consume it and ultimately wish to become one with it - leading to their appearance as mildly unstable lifeforms with a glow that matches the purest pools of Source energy.

Core to their reverence of Source is a belief that other races are using the energy heretically, and the narora seek control over the islands in order to dictate a "pure" Source consumption among all peoples.

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