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Rating: 6.7 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 3-10 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Created by: Kuraki Mura, Wee Yee Chong, Xuanzi Lin, Idgie Lo

Published by: IELLO, Swan Panasia Co., Ltd.

Alternate Names: Taiwan Snackbar, Taiwan Snackbar 2, Wa-Chat-Bi, 小吃大胃王


The theme of the game is an eating contest in a Taiwanese Snackbar.

"In this competition you will eat more than you can imagine as your competitors continually challenge you to shove even more in. Play your cards cleverly or the servers will serve you food until you fall from your seat.

Let the competitors be the ones to fill up until they drop and the snack bar throne will be yours!"

The players add "dish"-cards or special cards to a common "order"-pile until one of them can´t (or won´t) add any more cards.

Then that player has to "eat" the whole order by drawing the appropriate amount of cards from a draw pile. If he draws one (or more) of the "No More!"-cards, he accrues negative points and the round ends.

The played cards are then set aside and new "No More"-cards are shuffled into the (now smaller) draw pile, making for an ever more tense experience as the contest goes into the later stages.

When one player has collected 3 negative points the game ends and the player with the smallest amount of negative points wins the game.

Retail Price:$14

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