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Rating: 7.1 Good
Players: 3-4 players
Playing time: 60 minutes

Official Site: official game page

Created by: Philip duBarry, Will Schoonover, Claus Stephan, Ben Williams

Published by: Pegasus Spiele, Revolution Games (I), Steve Jackson Games


The land bubbles with intrigue and unrest. The people clamor for change. Revolution is coming. When the old regime falls, who will the people support?

You're not going to start the revolution. You're just going to make sure you're on top when it's over. By any means necessary.

Will you bribe a magistrate? Print pamphlets to inflame the mob? Threaten a noble fop with a beating? Blackmail a respected priest? They can all help you if your persuasion is keen enough. But their loyalties shift with the wind. Your rivals are making their own bids for support.

Hire spies. Recruit officers. Persuade the shopkeepers their best interest lies with you. Long before the shooting starts, you can win the revolution.

Blackmail the printer. Threaten the innkeeper. Bribe the priest. Welcome to Revolution!

Secretly bid against your opponents to gain victory points, control territories (worth victory points at the end of the game) and collect more Gold, Blackmail, and Force tokens for the next round of bidding!

Will you try to control the tavern or the fortress? The harbor or the plantation? Knowing where to push for points - and where to back away and let your opponents fight - is the key to victory. Whoever has the most victory points at the end of the game wins. It's a game of bluff, counter-bluff, and surprise!

Bidding tokens have different shapes and colors for easy identification. Colorful cardstock shields keep your bids private, and also provide a handy rules reference during the auction. Brightly-colored wooden blocks allow players to see, at a glance, who controls which colonial-themed territories.

Revolution! is for three or four players. The rules can be taught in minutes, and a complete game takes less than an hour. Each new game lets players find new strategies and tactics.

Get ready for Revolution!

Retail Price:$33
New Characters (Fan Expansion for Revolution)
Revolution! Anarchy
Revolution! The Palace

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