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Rating: 6.6 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45 minutes

Official Site: Game page (English) - Alderac Entertainment Group

Created by: Paul Peterson, Dave Allsop, Bruno Balixa, Conceptopolis, Francisco Rico Torres

Published by: Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), Arclight, Edge Entertainment

Alternate Names: Замес, スマッシュアップ


The "shufflebuilding" game Smash Up starts with a simple premise: Take the twenty-card decks of two factions, shuffle them into a forty-card deck, then compete to smash more Bases than your opponents!

Each faction brings a different game mechanism into play - pirates move cards, zombies bring cards back from the discard pile, dinosaurs have huge power - and every combination of factions brings a different play experience.

During play, Base cards (each with their own difficulties and abilities) are in play. You attempt to have the most power on the Base from your minions when the Base is smashed.

Sounds easy? How easy is it when an opponent's Alien-Ninja decides to Beam Up your minions to other Bases - flat out Assassinate them? What about when the Pirate-Dinosaur player Full Sails in and releases King Rex to stomp your minions into the ground, or when the Wizard-Zombies use their Mystic Power to create an Outbreak, suddenly flooding minions onto the Base from the discard pile?

Or what if you faced a Zombie-Dinosaur player instead and he created an Outbreak of massive beasts all at once?!?

When a Base is smashed, each player in first, second and third place scores points. Fourth place? Sorry, bro - try harder next time.

With eight different factions, Smash Up includes dozens of combinations to try. Pirate-Aliens play different than Ninja-Aliens, for instance. Which will you use to smash up your opponents?

And did we mention the dinosaurs have laser beams?

Integrates with:

  • Smash Up: Munchkin
  • Smash Up: Pretty Pretty Smash Up
  • Smash Up: The Big Geeky Box
  • Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature
  • Smash Up: Monster Smash
  • Smash Up: The Obligatory Cthulhu Set
  • Smash Up: Awesome Level 9000
Retail Price:$23
Smash Up: The Big Geeky Box
UK Games Expo Awards Best General Card Game Winner 2013
Origins Awards Best Traditional Card Game Nominee 2013
Golden Geek Best Card Game Nominee 2013

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  • 160 Minion and Action cards
  • 16 Base cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Your goal is nothing short of total global domination! Use your minions to crush enemy bases.

The first player to score 15 victory points (VP) wins!


Each player selects two different factions to play with. For gameplay purposes, each player is considered the owner of the factions they chose. Shuffle together your two factions to make a 40-card deck. If your factions have any titans, place them near your deck. …

This section is where you get into the sinew and gristle of the rules. Okay, that sounds kind of gross. How about... um_ this is where we explain how to resolve corner cases and special situations.

Calculating Values for Breakpoints or Power

  1. The printed value is the number printed on it, unless an ability specifically changes it (e.g. Matrix of Bossiness, Let's Finish This).

  2. The starting value is the printed value, unless an ability resets it to a specific number (e.g. Overgrowth, Mimic). If more than one ability tries to reset the same number, the current player chooses one and the others are ignored. …

We do our best to use the words in the rules and card abilities carefully; specific words are not synonymous no matter how similar they seem. For example, destroy, discard, move, place, play, and return are all different things done with or to cards.

This means that a card that cannot be destroyed can still be returned or discarded. In this section we clarify what the specific words mean.

  • A Minion: Any minion in play, unless stated otherwise.

    Exception: "Play a minion" means one from the hand. …

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