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Rating: 7.7 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45 minutes

Created by: Susan McKinley Ross

Published by: MindWare, 999 Games, ADC Blackfire Entertainment

Alternate Names: Qwirkle édition voyage, Qwirkle Travel, Qwirkle: Micky Mouse & Friends, Qwirkle: The Simpsons, Star Wars Qwirkle


Qwirkle is an elegant tile game, easy to learn and understand, visually inviting, and increasingly challenging as the game progresses. The game can be played by 2 up to 4 players and an average game takes about 45 minutes to play.

The game consists of 108 wooden blocks and they display one of six shapes (circle, square, diamond, starburst, clover and "x") in one of six colors (blue, red, yellow, green, purple and orange). There is no board, players simply use an available flat surface.

Players begin the game with 6 blocks which they hide from other players. All other tiles go into a big bag that's shaken up to mix everything together. Players take turns, adding to an increasingly complex grid of blocks. To place a block, it must be either of the same color or shape as the adjacent blocks. You can place several blocks, as long as they are in one line without duplicates.

If you are fortunate enough to complete a six tile row, which is called a Qwirkle, you receive 6 extra points.

Players score one point for each block played plus all blocks adjacent. It is possible for a block to score in more than one direction.

The player then refills his hand to 6 blocks and the next player continues.

The game ends when the draw bag is depleted and one player plays all of his remaining blocks, earning a 6 point bonus. The player with the high score wins.

Tactical maneuvers and well-planned strategy is required to win a game. As more tiles are placed, there are more choices, so the search for the high scoring play becomes more and more complex.

The game offers a risk-award concept. You could get a bunch of points creating a line of five, but lines of five are susceptible for another player to add the sixth tile for a Qwirkle while simultaneously making a new line for even more points of top of the 12 points they're already going to get for the Qwirkle.

The challenge is both visual and logical and complex enough for serious adult competition. The strategy is deep, but accessible.

And there is also enough luck involved that inexperienced players can keep it close with more experienced players.

Another strength of Qwirkle lies in its familiar look. The shapes and colors are easily recognizable and the rules are very simple and quick to learn.

Qwirkle will satisfy anyone who enjoys games like Scrabble, Carcassonne or Ticket To Ride.

The site is also available in Dutch Language.

Retail Price:$27
Qwirkle: Erweiterung 1
Qwirkle: Erweiterung 2
Gouden Ludo Nominee 2015
Guldbrikken Best Family Game Nominee 2013
Hungarian Board Game Award Nominee 2012
Spiel des Jahres Winner 2011
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  • 108 blocks, in 6 colors and with 6 different shapes.
  • one bag
  • one instruction booklet

Object of the Game

Create and expand lines of color and shape strategically in order to score the most points.


You need a paper and pencil to keep the score.

Place all the tiles in the bag.

Each player draws 6 tiles and places them that no other player can see them. This is your deck.

Find the player with the most tiles sharing one characteristic. That player plays those tiles in a row or column and the number of tiles is the score for that first turn. …

  1. Try to add a tile that forms more than one line to score double points.

  2. Avoid creating lines that have 5 tiles because your opponents will add the 6th tile to score a Qwirkle.

  3. Count the tiles to make sure that your needed tile is still available in the bag.

  4. You should score at a minimum of 7 points per turn.

    If you can envisage any situation where you can set an opponent for a score more than 3.5 points above you, find something else. …


  • 108 cards (3 of each symbol in 6 colors).

Object of the Game

Players try to form as many Qwirkles as possible with their cards.

A qwirkle is a series of 6 cards which are:

  • The same color but different symbols, OR
  • The same symbol, but of different colors.

The one who succeeds in forming the most Qwirkles wins the game.


Shuffle the cards well. Each player is dealt 9 cards, face down. Place the rest of the cards face down in the middle of the table, to form the draw pile. …

Qwirkle Connect adds bonus point opportunities to Qwirkle. You will need a keen eye - and the right tiles - to get the bonuses and maximize your score. Qwirkle Connect is a part of Qwirkle Trio.


  • 108 Qwirkle tiles
  • 1 bag
  • 4 game board quadrants
  • 1 scoring track
  • 4 scoring markers


Use the green side of the boards. Arrange the game board quadrants to make one large square board. The board quadrants can be combined in many ways. The illustration below shows the recommended set up for your first game. …


  • 90 cubes, 15 each of 6 colors.
  • one draw bag
  • one instruction booklet

Object of the Game

Build lines of color and shape strategically in order to score the most points.


You need a paper and pencil to keep the score.

Place all the cubes in the bag.

Each player draws 6 cubes and rolls them to create their deck.

Everyone plays open-handed with all of their cubes showing at all times.

Game Play

The oldest player opens the game.

On his first turn (after rolling), the first player is required to place the maximum cubes he can. …

Qwirkle Select adds an extra element of strategy to Qwirkle with powerful star tokens that allow you to take a tile off the board and add it to your hand Qwirkle Select is a part of Qwirkle Trio.


  • 108 Qwirkle tiles
  • 1 bag
  • 4 game board quadrants
  • 12 star tokens
  • 1 scoring track
  • 4 scoring markers


Use the blue side of the boards. Arrange the game board quadrants to make one large square playing board.

Put the quadrants together so the four thickbordered squares are in the center of the board. …


  • 108 playing cards: 3 of each of the thirty-six cards shown at right
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to make the most Qwirkles.

A Qwirkle is a run of 6 cards that are either all the same shape or all the same color, without any duplicates.


Shuffle the cards thoroughly. Deal 9 cards to each player. Put the remainder of the deck to one side of the play area. The player with the largest set of cards that are all one shape or all one color, without duplicates, goes first. If there is a …

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