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  • 90 cubes, 15 each of 6 colors.
  • one draw bag
  • one instruction booklet

Object of the Game

Build lines of color and shape strategically in order to score the most points.


You need a paper and pencil to keep the score.

Place all the cubes in the bag.

Each player draws 6 cubes and rolls them to create their deck.

Everyone plays open-handed with all of their cubes showing at all times.

Game Play

The oldest player opens the game.

On his first turn (after rolling), the first player is required to place the maximum cubes he can.

If the player can't place more than one cube, he must re-roll all his cubes until he is able to do it.

On your turn you can do one of the 4 actions:

  • Choose which cubes to re-roll and roll them.

  • Add cubes to the grid. Remember that the cubes must share a single attribute (color or shape) and form a line with existing cubes. Not all added cubes have to touch each other.

  • Record your score.

  • Draw new cubes to bring your deck up to six. Roll also these new cubes.

The play continues clockwise.

Tutorial Video

Rolling Cubes

Each time you re-roll, you have the potential to change the shapes of your cubes.

Rolling can never change the color of your cubes.

Adding Cubes

The cubes must connect the grid orthogonally, so diagonal connections are forbidden.

Two or more cubes that touch, create a line and this line is in either one shape or one color.

Cubes that are added to a line must share the same attribute as the cubes that were already in that line.


When you create a line, you score one point for each cube in that line (including the cubes that already existed on the grid).

When a cube is part of two different lines, it will score 2 points.

You score 6 bonus points whenever you complete a line of 6 cube, which is called a Qwirkle.

Lines of more than 6 cubes are not allowed.

End of the Game

When there are no more cubes left, the play continues as before but players don't replenish their decks.

The first player who uses all of his cubes ends the game and gets a 6 points bonus.

The player with the highest score is the winner of the game.

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