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You unlock asset tiles when

  • Every time you increase Notoriety and cross the threshold lines on Notoriety track.

  • By paying $3k at the beginning of the 2nd and 3rd day, during the Income phase ifyou have Notoriety below the first threshold line.

  • Visiting the Church or the Clinic.

  • Using the Spy card.

  • Visiting any one of the groups of buildings.

You can get extra actions when

  • You visit a completed group of business

  • You visit all 3 Safe Houses

  • Getting the ID Card Fixer tile

  • Using the Setup Asset tile

  • Using the Fixer Contact Card

  • Crossing the last threshold line.

You lose notoriety when

  • You visit a Safe House - ''You are safe, you think''

  • You use the service of an Informer card - "That guy will blame another"

  • You use a Gang - "Send the gang to do the dirty job"

  • You visit the Church - "You seem to be a good fellow"

  • You visit a completed group of business - ''You are just a businessman minding your own business"

You gain notoriety when

  • You pay for a service on a card with the red star. - "Getting help this way call the cops attention".

  • You visit a Location with 1 or more other players. -"Too much noise to be unnoticed".

  • You visit the Hospital.- "It's the law. You are wounded, doctors have to warn the police".

  • You replace a card or a tile in your Player board.- "No mob likes to be replaced. Leaving equipment behind leave clues".

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