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  • 2 Instruction Symbol Summary Cards (double-sided)
  • 2 Cross-Sell Cards
  • 24 "Ticking Time Bomb" Cards (with explosions on back)
  • 10 Hold
  • 20 Five
  • 20 Ten
  • 6 Reverse
  • 6 Skip
  • 4 Up to 60 Seconds (:60)
  • 4 Go to 30 Seconds (:30)
  • 3 Reset to Zero (:0)
  • 2 Everybody Draw 1 (+1)
  • 2 Everybody Draw 2 (+2)
  • 2 Trade Hands
  • 2 Double Play
  • 3 Bomb

Please remove all contents from package, and compare them to the list above. If any items are missing, please call 1-800-524-TOYS.

Object of the Game

To be the last player with at least one of 3 of your "Ticking Time Bombs" that hasn't gone Boom-O!


  • Place three "Ticking Time Bomb" cards in front of each player. Set aside unused "Ticking Time Bomb" cards and keep them separate for the whole game.

  • Shuffle the deck.

  • Deal out 7 cards to each player.

  • Place the remainder of the deck face down as a Draw pile. Next to it will be the Discard pile.

  • Play goes clockwise, starting left of the dealer.


Players take turns placing a card onto the Discard pile. The goal is not to push the total card count over 60 seconds. Otherwise you'll have to turn over one of your 3 "Ticking Time Bomb" cards which go Boom-O!

You may play a NUMBER card (e.g., 5, 10) and add it to the running total, trying to keep it below 60 seconds. You may also play a COMMAND card (e.g., Skip, Double Play) and follow its instructions.

Once a player plays his last card, that player wins that round, which then ends. All the other players flip over a "Ticking Time Bomb" card. A new round begins only when a player plays all his cards. After each round, each player who still has "Ticking Time Bomb" cards face up draws to re-stock his hand to 7 cards. The total resets to 0 for each new round.

If you run out of cards in the Draw pile, re-shuffle them.

Game Play

  • The game begins at 0. First player places a card to start the Discard pile next to the Draw pile. Play continues clockwise.

  • If the card placed is a number card, the number value is added to the current running total. If it's a command card, the total depends on the command.

  • If the only card you can play takes the total over 60 seconds, you must flip over a "Ticking Time Bomb" card. Whoever still has "Ticking Time Bomb" cards remaining and has less than 7 cards, should re-stock to 7 cards. The total resets to 0 for a new round.

  • Once a player plays his last card, that round is over. All the other players flip over a "Ticking Time Bomb" card. Total resets to 0 for the new round, regardless of the last card played in the Discard pile.

  • If all 3 of your "Ticking Time Bomb" cards are turned over, you are eliminated, and you must immediately discard any cards you might still have in your hand to the bottom of the Draw pile.

  • If you run out of cards in the Draw pile, re-shuffle them.

One of your "Ticking Time Bomb" card is turned over in the following circumstances:

  • If you cannot play a card without taking the running total over 60 seconds
  • If you do not have a HOLD card when the BOMB card is played
  • If you have at least 1 card in your hand when a player gets rid of his last card
  • If, during a Double Play, you don't have any Number card to play

Command Cards

Playing a COMMAND card is a good way to avoid going "BOOM-O!" On your turn, play a command card when you like, not just when the total reaches 60 seconds.

Draw 1

Going in the direction of play, all other players must pick up 1 card from the Draw pile.

Running total stays the same. The next player goes.

Draw 2

Going in the direction of play, all other players must pick 2 cards from the Draw pile.

Running total stays the same. The next player goes.


Play reverses direction. If played when only 2 players are left, this card has no effect.

Running total stays the same.


The next player is skipped and play proceeds to the following player.

If played with only two players, the player of the card would get an immediate new turn. Running total stays the same.

Double Play

If you play a double play card, the next player must play 2 cards from his hand. Follow the cards' directions sequentially.

The first card played must be a card that affects the running total: 5, 10, :0, :30 or :60. (If you push the total over 60 or if you don't have any Number card to play, Boom-O! Flip over one of your "Ticking Time Bomb" cards!) The second card played will affect gameplay as it continues with the next player.


No matter what it was, the total is now 60 seconds.

If the total was already 60, it has no effect, but avoids a penalty.


The Running Total is now 30 seconds.


The running total is now 0.

Trade Hands

If you play a TRADE HANDS card you can choose with whom you will trade hands.

Play continues, and running total stays the same. If this card is the last card played from a player's hand, the round is over.


Boom-O! When this card is played, all other players, following the direction of play, must immediately discard a HOLD card to stay alive. If they don't have a HOLD, they must flip a "Ticking Time Bomb" card. Running total resets to 0.

However, if you discard a BOMB card and all players play HOLD cards, you must flip over one of your own "Ticking Time Bomb" cards. Use those BOMBS wisely!


If you play a HOLD card, the running total holds.

Remember: your HOLD cards are very valuable when someone plays a BOMB; the HOLD card will keep your "Ticking Time Bombs" ticking!

End of the Game

The last player left with a "Ticking Time Bomb" card face up is the winner!

Alternative Shorter Gameplay

  • As soon as one player flips all "Ticking Time Bomb" cards, the game ends. The player with the most "Ticking Time Bomb" cards remaining is the winner.

  • If there is a tie, the tied players add the total value of the cards remaining in their hands. Count the number cards' values and count the command cards as 1 point. The player with the lowest total wins.

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