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Disney's best loved heroes take on Disney's most booed villains. Secretly set up Peter Pan, Snow White, Simba and Robin Hood. Will they be strong enough to get the better of Captain Hook, Scar, Ursula and The Wicked Queen?


  • Game board
  • 2 big dice
  • 16 small red castles
  • 3 big red castles
  • Cardboard screen with a red border and 19 illustrations
  • 16 small blue castles
  • 3 big blue castles
  • Cardboard screen with a blue border and 19 illustrations
  • Instructions

The First Time you Play:

Carefully attach the 19 blue illustrations to the blue castles as follows: first, find the pictures of the Treasure Chest, The Genie and the Dalmatian on the blue background and slide each into one of the three big blue castles.

Take the remaining 16 blue pictures and slide them into the 16 small castles. Make sure you don't end up with any characters upside down in their castle!

When you've done the blue castles, do the same with the red. This time, look for the Treasure Chest, Cruella De VII and the Hyena on the red background and place these in the three big red castles.

Slide the remaining 16 red pictures, the right way up, into the remaining small red castles.

Object of the Game

The object of the game is the same for Stratego Quest as it is for Stratego Triumph: the first player to reach the last row and capture their opponent's Treasure Chest is the winner.

Stratego Quest

(for Players 4 Years And Up)


Decide who will play with the red pieces and who with the blue. Open the game board with the red side nearest the red player and the blue side nearest the blue player.

Each player secretly sets out their castle pieces as follows: place your three big castles on the three castle towers shown on your side of the board. You can decide which piece goes on which of the three towers.

Then place your 16 small castles on the four rows in front. You'll see that the four spaces in the middle of the board, either side of the lakes, stay empty. Make sure you place all of your castles so that you can see the picture on the back and your opponent cannot.

Have a look at the photo on the box base. This is how your board should look when you're ready to play. Each player takes the dice with the pictures of your opponent 's cast of characters on it.

Game Play

All the castles will stay on the spaces where you put them throughout the game. You cannot move your castles or your opponent' s castles from space to space.

The red player goes first. On your turn, roll your dice (the one with the opponent's characters on it). Now choose one of your opponent's castles in the front row, pick it up, turn it around and have a look at the hidden character.

If it's the same one you rolled with your dice, remove that castle piece from the board. If it' s not the one you rolled, place the castle piece back on the board, as you found it.

Try to remember which character it was and on which space, as later in the game, you may roll that character with your dice! If you do, you'll be able to pick that castle piece and remove it from the board. Remember, you can only roll the dice once on a turn and only look at one castle piece. The blue player goes next and the game continues with players taking turns.

So, on your turn, always roll the dice and try to pick a castle with the matching character. Be careful! You cannot pick up any castle! You can only turn around castle pieces which are not blocked from your side of the board by other castles.

At the start of the game, you can pick any one of the four castles in your opponent's front row (II)*, then, as soon as you have removed one of these from the board, you will be able to reach the castle piece that stands in the second row.

You don't have to pick the one straight in front of you, it could be the castle to the left or to the right (III)*. You cannot pick up pieces that lie at a diagonal in front of you. As you go on playing, try to open up a clear path that leads to the three big castles at the back (IV)*.

If a player meets The Beast or Maleficent the dragon, their path will be blocked. These two characters do not appear on the dice. A castle piece with The Beast or Maleficent the dragon can never be removed from the board. Keep that in mind when you set up your next game! Think of a clever place to hide them!

Capturing the Treasure Chest

As soon as you have removed any castle from your opponent's back row (Row 4), you can choose to pick up and look at one of the big castles on your next turn. It doesn't matter where your path finished on the back row; you can pick any one of the three big castles (IV)*.

If you pick the Hyena or the Dalmatian, you can remove that castle from the board and on your next turn, you can pick one of the two remaining big castles. If you pick Cruella De Vil or The Genie, bad luck!

Your opponent can take all the castles you have already removed from the board and place them back on the board! He or she can choose where they go.

You'll have to start all over again! However, Cruella or the Genie do get taken off the board, and are not put back on. If you pick the Treasure Chest, you win the game!

Stratego Triumph

(for Players 6 Years And Up)

Stratego Triumph is ideal for players who have already played Stratego Quest. The rules are closer to the Classic Stratego rules. Stratego Triumph is an ideal stepping stone towards learning how to play Classic Stratego.

You will play Stratego Triumph using the same pieces as Stratego Quest, except for the dice which are not required. In this game, you get to move your pieces around.

You mission is to outflank your enemy in battle and reach the back row. Once there, try to discover where the Treasure Chest is hidden, just as you did in the Stratego Quest game.

The first time you play

Preparation and set up are the same for the Stratego Quest.

Game Play

You can move your playing pieces around (all except The Beast and Maleficent the dragon which must stay on the spaces where they were placed at the start).

On your turn, move one of your castle pieces to an adjacent free space. You can move forwards, backwards or sideways. You cannot move diagonally forwards or backwards.

You can attack one of your opponent's pieces. Here's how: look carefully at the illustrations on your playing pieces. You'll see that most of them have a number.

This tells you their battle strength. Peter Pan and Captain Hook are the strongest with a '5'. Next up are Simba and Scar with a '4'. Prince Philip and Ursula are worth 3, Snow White and The Wicked Queen 2, Kaa and Mickey 1.

Only the characters that occupy the big castle pieces plus, The Beast and Maleficent the dragon do not have a battle value.

The object is to knock your opponent's castles out of the game: when you are on a space adjacent to one of your opponent's castles, you can attack it (but you don't have to).

Compare the two castles and see which is the strongest. The one with the lowest value number of it loses the encounter, and is removed from the game board.

If the attacking castle wins, it moves onto the space left free by the defeated castle. If both battle values on the castles are the same, both are removed from the game.

Remember: you can attack a castle on a space next to you, in front of you or behind you.

Some Castles have special features

Maleficent the dragon and The Beast

They cannot be moved. They must stay on the space where they were placed at the beginning of the game. Of course, they are dangerous creatures.

As you can see, they do not have a battle value, but any piece that tries to attack either of them will lose and be removed from the game. Maleficent the dragon and The Beast stay where they are on the game board.

There are just two exceptions - Prince Philip and Ursula who have magical powers. If either of them encounters Maleficent the dragon or the Beast, they win and the creature is taken off the board.

Try to remember where Maleficent the dragon and The Beast are on the board, and storm them with Prince Philip or Ursula if you can.

Prince Philip and Ursula

They are not that strong but they are the only ones who can defeat Maleficent the dragon and The Beast thanks to their magical powers (see above).

Mickey and Kaa

They have the lowest battle value. That's why they will lose almost any encounter. But they do have one special power: they can beat those with the highest battle value!

Mickey and Kaa will lose at the hands of any castle, but win against Captain Hook or Peter Pan. If Mickey or Kaa attack Captain Hook or Peter Pan (or are attacked by them), Captain Hook or Peter Pan will be taken off the board.

You cannot move the same castle repeatedly back and forth

Imagine this situation: you make a move. On your next turn, you move back to the space you started from. The turn after that, you will not be able to repeat the same move.

So for example, if you move a castle to a space ahead of you and on the next turn you move back to the space you came from, you will not be able to move that castle forward on your next turn. Try moving in another direction if you can, or move another playing piece.

Reaching the Last Row

If you reach the last row of your opponent's half of the board after a long battle, then on your next turn, you can take on one of the big castles: if you uncover the Hyena or the Dalmatian, remove that castle from the board.

Have another go on your next turn. If you discover Cruella De Vil or The Genie, too bad! They get taken off, but so does your castle piece. You will have to reach your opponent's last row with another one of your castles and try again.

If you find the Treasure Chest, you've displayed great gallantry and skill and you win the game!

Important Tip:

It's important to start Stratego Triumph with a good set up. You don't want your opponent to immediately cut right through your lines and reach your back row with Peter Pan or Captain Hook (the strongest pieces).

Maleficent the dragon or The Beast, Mickey or Kaa can stop them. It's important therefore to choose a smart spot for those pieces.

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