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  • One-time Bombs

    Bombs blow up for good after the initial explosion.

  • Attacker Advantage #1

    When pieces of equal rank battle, the attacking piece wins.

  • Attacker Advantage #2

    The attacking piece Is always increased In strength by one rank.

  • Reduce the number of pieces in the game

    Start the game with a reduced army.

  • Open-faced Stratego

    During the game, the identity of every piece is known to both players. Alternately, pieces remain face-up once their identity is revealed.

  • Change The Playing Field

    Play on a board which has hexagons, or pentagons, instead of squares.

  • Moveable Bombs

    The Bombs can move, just like your officers.

  • Resurrection / Rescue

    Advancing to your opponent's back row rescues an officer.

  • Pieces can only advance... They cannot retreat!

    Like a chess pawn, pieces can only advance.

  • Use dice to determine the victor when two pieces "strike"

    The outcome of each battle is never a sure-thing.

  • Diagonal Movement

    Pieces are able to move diagonally.

  • Mercenary Stratego

    One must first purchase the army you wish to use, with a fixed amount of money. The pieces are either purchased outright or both players bid on the pieces they would like to use.

  • Unknown Victor

    The identity of the higher-ranking piece remains a secret.

  • Bring The Flag Home

    A little twist on the capture-the-Flag theme.

  • Silent Offense / Defense

    Just one of the two players reveal the rank of their piece.

  • Swapping Places

    After the initial setup, three of your pieces swap places with three of your opponent's pieces.

  • Rearranging your opponent's men

    You and your opponent rearrange x number of each others men.

  • Random Setup

    Your entire piece setup is completely random! A dice roll determines how many changes you can make after the random setup is complete.

  • "Cheating" is allowed

    You and your opponent may lie about the identity of your pieces... but only at the cost of a penalty if your opponent calls you on it.

  • The All-powerful And Yet All-weak Spy

    The Spy defeats any officer it attacks!

  • Random-secret

    Pieces are randomly placed face down and then only revealed to both players when two pieces come in contact.

  • Random-open Faced

    Pieces are randomly placed face down but then turned face up before play begins.

  • Turn The Board Sideways

    The board is turned sideways.

  • Two Set Grab Bag

    A random configuration of two sets is used.

  • Unlimited Spy Movement

    The movement powers of the Spy is now identical to that of the Scout.

  • Teleports

    Two squares on the playing board are designated as teleports.

  • Scouts can strike from Afar

    When playing with the rule that states the winning piece is moved immediately into the empty square formerly occupied by the losing piece, the Scout may attack from afar, thus allowing the Scout to "drag" enemy pieces across the board.

  • Bughouse Stratego

    As in Bughouse Chess, the pieces you capture your partner can use on his board as his pieces.

  • Shogi Stratego

    You can use captured pieces as your own.

  • Advanced Scouting

    Scouts can move and pass through the eight 'water' squares.

  • Kinging Pieces

    Pieces can only move forward and cannot retreat, but when they reach their opponent's back row, they are 'kinged' and now have backward and forward movement.

  • Jumping Pieces

    Like checkers, to eliminate enemy pieces you must 'jump' them.

  • Moveable Flag

    In this variation, the Flag can move like any other piece.

  • The Agile Captain

    The Captain can move either one or two squares.

  • Change the starting position

    Each player begins with 32 pieces, in two 4x4 sections, positioned diagonally from each other.

  • Diagonally moving sergeants

    Each Sergeant can move an unlimited number of squares diagonally!

  • Hidden Land Mines

    Prior to play, each player secretly designates two squares on his or her side of the board that contain a hidden land mine.

  • Dice determine the number of officers who move

    Prior to moving, roll dice to determine how many officers you are allowed to move.

  • Taste of blood

    A predetermined officer can continue attacking until dead!

  • Wrap-around Board

    There are no edges... the board wraps around.

  • Striking Is Mandatory

    Similar to the game of checkers, striking an opposing piece, if possible, is mandatory.

  • The Sly Spy

    The Spy has the power to defeat the current highest-ranking piece on the board, whatever that piece might be.

  • Rock-paper-scissors Stratego

    A variation on the game Rock-Paper-Scissors.

  • The Sly Flag

    Not only can the Flag move, but if it reaches your opponent's back row, you win.

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