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Rating: 6.8 Good
Players: 3-5 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by: Martin Wallace, John Austin, Jared Blando, Craig Hamilton, Christopher Moeller

Published by: Mayfair Games, Devir, Edge Entertainment

Alternate Names: Martin Wallace's Totally Renamed Train Game, Raíles: Millonarios del Vapor, Steam. Железнодорожный магнат, Steam: Auf Schienen zum Ruhm, Steam: Les voies de la richesse


In Steam you build railroads and deliver goods along an ever changing network of tracks and stations. You build the tracks, upgrade towns, improve your train, and grab the right goods to make the longest, most profitable deliveries.

Score your deliveries and add to your income or victory points, balancing your need to invest against your quest to win the game.

Steam contains a beautiful, double-sided game board. The map on each side depicts terrain, towns, and cities at the start of the railway age. The map of the northeastern USA and neighboring Canada is ideal for 3 or 4 players.

Use the map of Europe's lower Rhine and Ruhr region when playing a 4 or 5 player game. You can play Steam on any number of current and future variant and expansion maps, so we include pieces for 6 players.

The game plays very similarly to Age of Steam but with modifications to some of its mechanics and artwork. Tracks for income, train level, etc. are all printed on the board around the map such that alternate maps can be overlaid on the board and the necessary tracks will still be able to be used.

Retail Price:$45
Age of Steam Expansion: 1830's Pennsylvania / Northern California
Age of Steam Expansion: 1867 Georgia Reconstruction, South Carolina & Oklahoma Land Rush
Age of Steam Expansion: African Diamond Mines & Taiwan Cube Factories
Age of Steam Expansion: Alabama Railways, Antebellum Louisiana & Four Corners
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Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee 2010
Lys Passioné Winner 2010
Lys Passioné Finalist 2010
Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee 2010
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