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Rating: 7 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 3-10 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Created by: Fréderic Moyersoen, Andrea Boekhoff

Published by: AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH, 999 Games, Asmodee

Alternate Names: Aranyásók, Sabotażysta, Sabotér, Σαμποτέρ, Гномы-вредители


Saboteur is a hand management card game where players take on the secret role of a gold-digging dwarf or a saboteur who wants to hinder exploration.

The miners must try get as many gold nuggets as possible during the three rounds of the game. But when you are a saboteur, you must try to prevent the miners to get the treasure.

On your turn, you must use on a card from your hand and place a path card or play an action card (sabotage, repair, map, rock fall) or pass. The path cards must be placed to build an uninterrupted path from the start card to a goal card.

The player with the most gold nuggets after round three wins.

Retail Price:$11
Saboteur 2 (expansion-only editions)
Saboteur: Rock Gold
Saboteur: Selfish Dwarf
Japan Boardgame Prize Best Foreign Game for Beginners Nominee 2004

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Game Components

  • 44 Path Cards
  • 27 Action Cards
  • 28 Gold Nugget Cards
  • 7 Gold Miners
  • 4 Saboteurs


Separate the cards into path, action, nugget, and dwarf cards.

The number of gold miner and saboteur cards used depends on the number of players (put the remaining dwarf cards back in the box-they will not be needed for the rest of the game):

  • 3 players: 1 saboteur and 3 gold miners
  • 4 players: 1 saboteur and 4 gold miners
  • 5 players: 2 saboteurs and 4 gold miners
  • 6 players: 2 saboteurs and 5 gold miners
  • 7 players: 3 saboteurs and 5 gold miners
  • 8 players: 3 saboteurs and 6 gold miners
  • 9 players: 3 saboteurs and 7 gold miners
  • 10 players: all dwarf cards

Shuffle the required numbers of gold miners and saboteurs together. Deal one card to each player, who looks at it and puts it face down in front of him without revealing his role to the other players. The last card is set aside (also face down) until the end of the round. …

In this expansion, there are new roles for the dwarves to take as well as new action and path cards that await the players. There are the usual gold-digging dwarves, but now they are split in two teams: the Green Team and the Blue Team. As before, the gold diggers want to drive a mine towards the treasure. But this time, they're not on their own, but have to co-operate with their team mates in order to succeed.

One of the new characters is The Boss. He wins whenever the Green or the Blue Team wins, but always gets one Gold Piece less than them. …


  • 36 path cards (18 normal, 5 with 1 gold, 2 with a ladder, 6 with a door, 3 with a troll, 2 start cards with a ladder)
  • 18 action cards (2 collapse cards, 2 key cards, 2 map cards, and repair and sabotage cards for lamps, carts and, pickaxe)
  • 2 role cards (1 blue , 1 green ) and 2 dwarf miniatures (you only need the cards or the miniatures)
  • 18 gold cards (with 0, 1, 2 or 3, gold, and/or doors on them)
  • 8 dwarf markers ( blue side/ green side)
  • 2 key markers

Saboteur The Duel For 2 Players


Remove the 2 start path cards from the deck ( blue or green ladder and a hat) and then shuffle the path cards and action cards together. …

You are a saboteur

Try to be helpfull in the beginning to avoid being a suspect.

When you have a helpfull path card, try to discard it, but don't do this too much. Else you will look like a suspect.

Try to create some chaos while not revealing yourself.

Lie about your goal card if you get caught by another player and accuse this player for being a saboteur. Now block him or her.

Near the end of the game, you must sabotage. Using a rock fall card on an important tunnel is a good plan. You can also block all other players (except suspect-saboteurs). …


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Saboteur Map Swap

Saboteur Rock Gold

Other Variations

Greedy Dwarf

If good dwarves reach the treasure, only those dwarves who have unbroken equipment can share in the treasure cards. We ALWAYS use this variant to spice things up. In this way, there is also a competition among the gold diggers.

Middle Treasure

The middle treasure is placed 1 space further away from the start space (8 away instead of 7), not only making it take longer to reach it, but also making it two spaces away from the treasure spaces on each side. …

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