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The ability of the non-specialized Workers (White) is always the same for all the actions: Promote 1 Worker.

The ability of the specialized Workers (Purple, Orange, Grey, Turquoise) varies according to the performed action (see below).

Reminder: You can always use any specialized Worker as if it were a non-specialized Worker.

Therefore, when you place a specialized Worker on your Player Board, you can use it for its own special ability, OR you can use it as a non-specialized Worker and perform a Promotion.


  • Purple: Pay $100 to flip one of your Train tiles following the usual rules.

  • Grey: Receive the First Station bonus, paying its cost, if any. This is in addition to receiving the bonus if you were the first to build a Station in that City.

  • Orange: Do not pay the cost depicted above the City for building the Station. All other rules apply.

  • Turquoise: Pay $300 to take the primary reward of the City again.


  • Purple: Pay $300 to take a Train tile, following the usual rules.

  • Grey: Gain 2 Telegraph Shares.

  • Orange: Gain $100, plus an extra $50 for each 'Difficult terrain' icon next to the spaces you build in with this action. Effectively, this acts as a discount to the cost of the main action.

  • Turquoise: Place 3 rails (instead of the usual 2) following the usual rules (paying a total of $400 and $100 for any 'Difficult terrain' icons).


  • Purple: Exchange one of your Workers (from your Player Board or your supply) with a Worker of your choice from the common supply.

  • Grey: You receive the First Office bonus. This is in addition to receiving the bonus if you were the first to build an Office in that section.

  • Orange: Gain $100 for each Telegraph Share you just took, including any that come from having placed your Office in the 'First Office' slot.

  • Turquoise: Pay $400 to take the bonus shown on the Telegraph tile. This may be done in addition to, or instead of, taking the bonus by discarding a Worker.


  • Purple: Advance up to a total of 3 steps on the Performance Tracks.

  • Grey: Accept one of the two Deals of the face-up Deal tile. If you do, also gain 1 Share (In effect, this acts as a discount to the cost of the Deal).

    This Deal is offered to you only, so the other players do not participate. The tile is then discarded and a new Deal tile revealed.

  • Orange: Gain $100 for each Train tile you have (count both face-up and face-down tiles).

  • Turquoise: Flip a Train tile following the usual rules. Since the main action itself also allows you to flip a Train tile, you may re-flip the same tile.

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