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Rating: 6.4 Fair
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 90-389 minutes

Official Site: Railroad Revolution Official Page

Created by: Marco Canetta, Stefania Niccolini, Mariano Iannelli

Published by: What's Your Game?,, Pegasus Spiele


America in the 19th Century. By passing the Pacific Railroad Acts through Congress, the US government opened up the interior of the continent to a number of railroad companies. The race was on to cross the Great Plains and the Continental

Divide and create a truly united United States of America. Settlement of the west, encouraged by the Homestead Acts, provided further incentives to extend the rail network across all parts of the country.

With faster travel came the need for even faster communications, and telegraph companies were quick to take advantage of the provisions made in the Acts, allowing them to connect their lines to the railroad companies' telegraph lines as they were built.

The rapid growth of the telegraph companies made their shares very attractive to entrepreneurs, who flocked to the railheads and the newly connected cities in order to get a slice of the action.

You are the head of a small railroad company on the East Coast, competing with rival companies to expand your rail network to the west and develop your business.

You will build train stations in cities that you connect to and contribute to the development of the first transcontinental telegraph.

You must also manage your workforce carefully, using workers with the right skills at the right time.

The Railroad Revolution has begun!

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Railroad Revolution: Railroad Evolution
Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee 2016

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  • 1 Game Board
  • 48 Telegraph Shares
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 64 Workers
  • 6 Telegraph tiles
  • 13 City tiles
  • 24 Train tiles
  • 52 Buildings
  • 68 Rails
  • 38 Milestone tiles
  • 9 Deal tiles
  • 4 Setup tiles
  • 12 Performance markers
  • 1 First Player tile
  • 52 Banknotes
  • Instructions


All the rules are explained for a 4-player game. Any rule exceptions for a 2- or 3-player game will appear in blue boxes. If the game has fewer than 4 players, put any unused components in the game box.

  1. The Game Board

    Place the Game Board on the table. The Game Board is divided into several areas. …

Setup Tiles

  • Advance a total of 3 steps on the Performance Tracks.

  • Place your setup rail (the one next to the Game Board) in an available rail space of your choice at no cost. Ignore the effect of any Deal or 'Difficult terrain' icons.

  • Gain 3 Shares.

  • Place your setup building (the one next to the Game Board at the start of the game) in one of the two Telegraph sections with the Deal icon. Place it in the 'First Office' slot. Do not gain any Shares, and do not resolve the Deal. …

The ability of the non-specialized Workers (White) is always the same for all the actions: Promote 1 Worker.

The ability of the specialized Workers (Purple, Orange, Grey, Turquoise) varies according to the performed action (see below).

Reminder: You can always use any specialized Worker as if it were a non-specialized Worker.

Therefore, when you place a specialized Worker on your Player Board, you can use it for its own special ability, OR you can use it as a non-specialized Worker and perform a Promotion. …

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