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Rating: 5.8 Fair
Players: 1-5 players
Playing time: 20-45 minutes

Official Site: Multiuniversum at Board and Dice

Created by: Manuel Correia, Piotr Uzdowski

Published by: Board&Dice


You're part of a team of brilliant scientists working on the super secret lab: CERN. While experimenting with teletransportation your team came across a wonderful discovery: portals to new dimensions!

The Multiuniversum Project is a top secret endeavor undertaken by scientists employed by CERN, the Swiss research facility.

Among those experts, a group of true visionaries was selected in order to fulfill one task: build a time machine. As a member of this team, it is your sole responsibility to succeed in this nigh-impossible scientific challenge.

After months of arduous research and innumerable tests you have managed to build a highly sophisticated device. You are planning to use it to make a hole in space-time that will allow you to move back in time exactly one day.

Unfortunately, a theory and its practical application are close to each other only on pages of science logs... During the experiment with the machine - the first, actual run of all five pillars of this contraption - your team makes a real breakthrough: you realize you have managed to open over a dozen portals to other dimensions - to some strange, alternative forms of reality!

This could be a history-changing discovery! All the portals are unveiling one by one in front of your eyes and your team is but a step from exploring the alternative reality.

However, there is one problem left to solve. Hundreds of terrifying monsters are starting to escape through the portals from their home dimensions into our world.

This cannot happen! You immediately command your fellow scientists: Overload the transformers! Close the portals!

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Multiuniversum: Project Cthulhu

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  • 5 Scientist Markers
  • 5 Lab Cards
  • 5 Transformer Cards
  • 20 Portal Cards
  • 50 Action Cards
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

Close as many portals to alternative realities as possible and overload the transformers in order to gain the most Discovery Points (DP).

The winner of Multiuniversum is the player who gains the most DP. DP are gained for closing portals that appear above five transformers of the machine.


  1. Playing Area

    Place five transformer cards in the center of the table, in equal distance from one another, so that they form a virtual circle. …

Basic Scoring

During your first game or when playing with younger players, it is advised to use the basic scoring rules. They are very similar to standard scoring rules, with the exception of additional DP for sets of dimension icons:

  • Each player counts DP for his sealed portals (numbers shown inside the bulbs).

  • Then, each player 1 DP for each unused tool!

The player with the highest score wins!

Deadly Portals

Now, horrible creatures from parallel realities are crawling out to steal your research results. This game variant makes the game a little more risky and chaotic during the final scoring. …

If you want to play Multiuniversum by yourself, feel free to try the solo play variant. It may be a great way to learn the game rules before explaining them to your friends.

When playing solo, perform the game setup normally. Choose a scientist marker for yourself and another one for the virtual player. Place the proper lab cards on the table and the scientists on their corresponding transformer cards (the cards matching the color of a given player's marker).

Don't draw a hand of cards for the A.I., he doesn't have one. Just the scientist and the lab. …

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